QWhy can"t a Muslim girl have a boyfriend? Why isn"t it permitted for her to love and also be in a relationship?

Short Answer:

Simply put, Islam very dignifies and protects women.Allah intends for females to be honored, respected and also protected. That doesn’t intend for the woman to be the topic of a man’s fleeting whims and also desires.Accordingly, in Islam, relationships exterior of marriage are not permitted given just how unfair castle are particularly to the woman.

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Why Can’t a Muslim Girl have a Boyfriend?

Simply put, Islam highly dignifies and protects women. Allah intends for women to it is in honored, respected and also protected. He doesn’t intend for the mrs to it is in the topic of a man’s fleeting whims and desires.

Accordingly, in Islam, relationships outside of marital relationship are not allowed given just how unfair lock are specifically to the woman. That’s why a boyfriend-girlfriend partnership are prohibition in Islam.

Marriage Contract


It is component of a woman’s honor and also rights to have a marriage contract. This is a testimony from that man prior to The Creator Himself and also all witnesses that this guy will it is in responsible because that taking treatment of the woman’s emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual and also financial needs. Any type of harm; emotionally, physically…..etc., the he afflicts on she is forbidden and also he will be account for that on the day of Judgement.

Alternatively, for a girl or a woman to submit she physical being and also her feelings come someone that doesn’t owe she anything and also can leave her in ~ any point without offering her with her complete rights, this is something that is unfair and also unbefitting of women who are meant to be much an ext elevated than that.

If you think about this instance honestly and also sincerely, the boyfriend have the right to leave his girlfriend and also chase after another girl easily as that pleases through no strings attached. This is abuse of girls’ rights. The is as though you open your house to a thief come come and also steal what he wants and also leave easily with no responsibilities or retributions whatsoever.

This whole case deprives females of their rights and also their sanctity. And also Allah intends for females dignity and respect and that if a man desires her, climate he needs to act prefer a man and also approach her family and announce that he wants to be through her and vow to safeguard her and also give her every her rights— not to merely come and go with the back-doors.

I encourage girlfriend to review this post as well insha’Allah for much more perspective on the subject:Sex before marriage?

Lawful Relationship

To prize the second component of her question, of food a woman have the right to love and be in a relationship. However this has to be a lawful connection that offers both parties their full rights, a relationship that contains commitment, patience and mercy not just fulfillment of short-term infatuations and physical desires.

So marital relationship is what allows two loving civilization to start a dignified connection together.

The Messenger of Allah (peace and also blessings top top him) said:

“There is nothing favor marriage, for two who love one another.”

And remember the Allah Almighty is The One who developed hearts and The One that controls hearts and also if that wills, He have the right to descend eternal love and also peace and mercy upon the hearts of two human being who great to unite for the appropriate intentions and also for His sake.

And Allah knows best

I expect this helps answer her question.

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