I read that $ceMgCl2$ and also $ceCaCl2$ are an ext soluble than $ceNaCl$ in water. Solubility of $ceMgCl2$ is $pu543 g/L$ and that of $ceNaCl$ is $pu360 g/L$ (both in ~ $20^circ puC$).

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I think that $ceNaCl$ must be an ext soluble because of its greater ionic nature. $ceMg^2+$ and $ceCa^2+$ are more polarizing and also have more covalent nature and thus should be less soluble.

I desire to understand the factor for why the opposite is happening.



I don"t think over there is any basic answer.There room some rules of thumb, every one of which have actually exceptions. Many chlorides room soluble. That has both MgCl2 and also CaCl2.

Solubility is the an outcome of the balance between competing interactions: in between the ions in the salt and between those ions and also the water.

Many factors add to the solubility the a link in water. In this case, the key difference in between the compounds is the bonds’ strength.

The much longer answer is to carry out with something referred to as the "enthalpy that solvation"."

you can think the this way that the lattice enthalpy in MgCl2 and CaCl2 will be less and can be quickly be overpowered by hydration enthalpy

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$ceMgCl2$ and also $ceCaCl2$ are much more soluble 보다 $ceNaCl$ because In $ceMgCl2$ and also $ceCaCl2$ the ionic fee is +2 hence it can communicate with much more number the $ceH2O$ molecules, together the variety of interactions increases much more amount of power is liberated i m sorry is a hydration energy which is sufficient enough to overcome the lattice power of the compound.Even solubility boosts with boost in fee on ion.

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Priyanka PriyadarshanPriyanka Priyadarshan
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