WASHINGTON (NNPA) - despite the considerable parameters the theWashington Convention Center’s expansive corridors, members ofAlpha Kappa Alpha Sorority permeated every recess that the meet in aflurry of cotton-candy-colored pink and also green attire. Whileattending the Centennial Public meeting on July 13, some laughedlightheartedly among friends through thick, southerly drawls, whileothers conversed through lilting Caribbean inflections.

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However, one word uttered fondly amongst these women, who rangedfrom second year college students to seniors in wheelchairs adornedwith the sorority’s insignias, cemented the bond between what was aseemingly disparate assemblage - “soror,” the Greek word forsister.

Yet, small did the sisters recognize that a brand-new member would certainly beintroduced to the heritages of service and friendship that havesustained Alpha Kappa Alpha because that the past 100 years.

Rounds of whispers inundated the audience of virtually 1,000 peopleas AKA president Barbara McKinzie read a congratulatory letter fromthe presumptive autonomous presidential nominee, Sen. Barack Obama,in respect of the centennial.

“Your toughness is clear,” Obama wrote. “I am i was sure thatthere space even better days ahead because that Alpha Kappa Alpha. Us thankyou for selecting Michelle together an honorary member.”

With those words, a collective gasp unravelled throughout thethrong as members stood and clapped, danced in the aisles andpointed your pinky fingers skyward.

“I was inspired…,” claimed Dorothy Wigglesworth, a NorthernVirginia resident who has actually been a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha formore 보다 25 years, after the announcement. “It’s wonderful. is the epitome of what the sorority standsfor.”

If Sen. Obama is chosen president in November, his wife will certainly bethe second very first lady inducted right into Alpha Kappa Alpha’s sisterhood.The organization also included Eleanor Roosevelt to your roster forher polite rights and also humanitarian initiatives assisting the Blackcommunity. Various other honorary inductees encompass Alicia Keys, CorettaScott King, Cathy Hughes and author Iyanla Vanzant.

Also initiated this year was Dr. Zoanne Clack, a medical professional andmedical consultant because that the TV show “Grey’s Anatomy”;Deborah-Stewart-Parker, president and also CEO of international BusinessSolutions; C. Vivian Stringer, Rutgers college head coach; CarolH. Williams, CEO and president of the Carol H. Williams AdvertisingAgency; and also Dr. Wangari Muta Mathaai, that was unable to attend theceremonial induction. These women are among hundreds who have actually beeninducted right into the organization based on their outstandingachievements in countless vocational areas.

“We space filled v pride come have five outstanding females of suchgreat stature sign up with our great society,” said McKinzie. “Theyrepresent the finest in your fields and also the ideal in character. Onthe occasion of our centennial celebration, we look forward toembracing them together members the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.”

The evening continued with great fanfare together Mattel’s Alpha KappaAlpha Barbie doll was unveiled. This is the first doll Mattel hascreated in that is flagship brand the honors a sorority or anypredominately black color institution. The collectible doll, i beg your pardon willbe sold at Wal-mart stores nationwide because that $50, is additionally asignificant business and also financial plume for the sorority whichwill get a portion profit from every toy sold.

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However, McKinzie noted that she had received an unfavorable backlashfrom some questioning the relationship of one AKA Barbie doll intoday’s society. She claimed the African-American doll, a product thatironically did not exist during Alpha Kappa Alpha’s founding in1908, would aid combat the notorious findings the the 1954 and 2005doll studies which break up that countless African-American youngsterspreferred White toys. She claimed the doll would certainly teach youngsters that“it doesn’t issue what the color of your skin is, yet your valueto society.”

The event finished as the women held hands and also sang the sorority’s100-year-old chant accompanied through a complete orchestra and choir. Yet,also ringing in their ear was an previously proclamation native D.C.Mayor Adrian Fenty, that augmented the momentum of the day because that AlphaKappa Alpha members while likewise creating history in theDistrict.

“The country is better off for every one of you and also your sister whopreceded you,” Fenty stated to thunderous applause. “As a testimonyto the vibrancy that the sorority, July 13, 2008 is officially AKASorority day in Washington, D.C.”