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Milk that magnesia or Philip’s milk of magnesia is largely taken as an antacid or a laxative.

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Table. The physical and chemical nature of milk that magnesia

Chemical name



Milky white

Natural mineral present


Available as

Suspension, chewable tablet

The onset of action

30 minutes to 6 hrs (as laxatives)

Milk that magnesia is provided as one antacid or a laxative. Milk the magnesia is alkaline, which way that it would neutralize any kind of acidic substance encountered. Hence, the is an excellent antacid. That neutralizes overfill stomach acid or hydrochloric acid. The hydroxide ion of the milk incorporate with the hydrogen ions in the stomach acid to alleviate excess mountain in the stomach.

The magnesium ions in the milk of magnesia retract water indigenous the neighboring tissues via osmosis. The extra water pooled in the intestines softens and also bulks up the feces that, in turn, stimulates that nerves. The magnesium ions boost the water and also electrolyte content in the intestine, resulting in intestinal motility.

Milk of magnesia is typically taken together a single daily dose, preferably at bedtime. It need to be take away by oral route only. Monitor the instructions discussed in the package and also take milk of magnesia simply as directed. Carry out not take an ext or much less than prescribed.

Be cautious while giving milk of magnesia come children. Closely read every the instructions to ensure the you are offering the ideal product for your child.

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Some of the instructions to monitor while acquisition milk the magnesia include:

Take milk that magnesia through a glass complete of waterAvoid taking milk the magnesia consistently for a weekShake the dental suspension well prior to useTake other medications 2 hours prior to or after taking milk the magnesiaAfter using, keep them in ~ room temperature far from heat and moisture

Some that the common brands of milk of magnesia available in the United says include:

Milk of MagnesiaPedia-LaxAlumox (containing aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, simethicone)ConRX AR (containing aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide)
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People through the following problems should no take milk that magnesia:

Fecal impaction (severe bowel problem in which the hard and dry stools it s okay stuck in the intestine)Rectal fissure (small tear in the lining of the anus)

Milk that magnesia may reason some unwanted side effects, which include:

Muscle weaknessSome of the major side effects indicating an overdose of milk of magnesia include:Drowsiness
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