Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is polar in nature. The electronegativity difference between sulfur (2.58) and also oxygen (3.44) atoms provides it a polar molecule. In addition, as result of the visibility of unbonded electron on the sulfur and also oxygen atoms, SO2 has actually a bend shape.

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Name of moleculeSulfur dioxide
Bond Angles119 degrees
Molecular Geometry that SO2Trigonal planar
Hybridization that SO2sp2 hybridization
No Valence electrons in the molecule18
SO2 Polar or NonpolarPolar
The dipole moment of SO21.61 debye

Polarity of SO2 molecule

In SO2 molecules, the electronegative potential of oxygen is higher than the of sulfur. Together a result, oxygen exerts a stronger pull on sulfur dioxide’s covalent bonds. The next of the molecule include both oxygen atoms is rather negatively charged. Whereas, the portion which has the sulfur atom has actually a slightly positive charge. This makes SO2 a polar molecule.In addition, the unbonded electron on the sulfur and oxygen create repulsion between atoms.This is another cause that the polarity that the sulfur dioxide molecule.


Molar mass of Sulfur dioxide

Molar massive of S =32.066 g/mol.O2 molar mass = 16.00 x 2 = 32.00 g/mol.Molar fixed of SO2 = 64.066g/mol

Key Points

The electron geometry ofSO2is formed in the form of a trigonal planner.The three pairs of bonding electrons arranged in the plane at an edge of 120-degree.The sulfur’s valence electron = 6valence electrons of oxygen = 6 (There space 2 oxygen atom in the compound)

Production of sulfur dioxide

Sulfur or steel pyrites are charred over the air to produce SO2.S + O2 (gas) —> SO2 (gas)4FeS2 + 11O2 –> 2Fe2O3 (solid) + 8SO2 (gas)

Similarities between Sulfur and Oxygen atoms

Both O and S have the exact same outer electric configuration the ns2 and np4
O and S room usually divalentBoth exhibits allopatric formO and also S space non-metalsIn reaction through metals, both react v the oxidation state that -2

Dissimilarities between oxygen and sulfur

Two allotropic forms3 allotropic forms
Gas at ordinary temperatureSolid at plain temperature
Sparingly soluble in waterNot soluble in water
Helps in combustionCombustible itself
Paramagnetic in naturediamagnetic in nature
Does no react v waterWhen steam is passed with boilingsulfur, a small hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide is formed.
Does no react v acidsIt is easily oxidized by focused sulfuric mountain or nitric acid.

Sulfur dioxide impacts on Humans

Sulfur dioxide is a gift gas the is hazardous to person health.It have the right to irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs’ skin and also mucous membranes.Its excessive quantities might irritate and also induce inflammation in the respiratory tract system.Sulfur dioxide emissions in the air deserve to lead come the development of various other sulfur oxides (SOx).SOxcan reaction with other compounds in the environment to type small particles.These small particles might penetrate deeply into the lungs and also their adequate quantity can add to health and wellness problems.


The molecular geometry that sulfur dioxide is a bend shape.Sulfur to the Oxygen ratio in Sulfur dioxide is 1:2.Sulfur dioxide molecule has actually two twin bonds between the Sulfur atom and also Oxygen atoms.There are 5 lone bag of electrons in the molecule that SO2.Molar massive of sulfur dioxide= 64.066g/mol.SO2 gives a mainly acid systems when dissolved in water.

Frequently Asked inquiries (FAQs)

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1. How many lone pairs of electron are current in SO2 lewis structure?

There are two double bonds between the sulfur and also oxygen atoms in the sulfur dioxide molecule geometry. Every Sulfur atom has one lone pair, while each Oxygen atom has two.

2. What is the biggest source of SO2?

burning fossil fuels are the largest source of SO2 in the atmosphere.

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So2 ionic or covalent ?

Because sulfur and oxygen are both non-metals, the development of sulfur dioxide is a covalent bonding process. Two oxygen atoms encircle the sulfur atom in the middle.