Blue Bloods star will Estes plays Jamie Reagan top top the fight CBS series. One inquiry you could have around the gibbs is if he’s connected to previous Melrose Place star plunder Estes. Here’s whatever Showbiz Cheat paper knows.

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Rob Estes | Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney tv via Getty Images

Rob is probably best known because that his function as Kyle McBride ~ above MelrosePlace. The was component of the actors from 1993 to 1999. His various other acting rolesinclude appearances in Suddenly Susan, CSI: Miami, 90210,and When call the Heart.

Will Estes’ movies and TV shows

Will Estes do his tv acting debut ~ above the soap opera Santa Barbara. He played Brandon Capwell in a 1987 episode. Climate from 1988 come 1989, will certainly played the characters Samuel Hays and Louis in the television series Highway come Heaven. Will certainly made his movie debut in the 1991 movie Dutch, in i beg your pardon he play the function of Teddy.

Will got his huge break when he starred in The brand-new Lassie. That played will certainly McCollough native 1989 come 1992. His other acting roles include American Dreams, Reunion, and 7th Heaven. Will joined the Blue Bloods actors in 2010.

The hilarious story will Estes told about Rob Estes

Will Estes revealed that is not regarded Rob Estes during an interview with The Talk hosts. The told the story about he provided to joke when he went because that auditions and also tell people Rob Estes was his father.

“People offered to always ask me if i was concerned Rob Estes,”said Will. “And I used to shot to start to game myself. So, I provided to say, ‘He’smy dad but he doesn’t really identify me anymore.’ and everyone’s jaw . And I would certainly say, ‘Just kidding.’

Will ultimately ran right into Rob and had come tell him about the story he had been telling casting directors. “One time came right into the studio before an audition and also he satellite down alongside me,” stated Will. “He had actually a meeting. Ns said, ‘Rob, have actually you ever heard this story? because I’ve been saying that you’re mine dad and you won’t admit that I’m your kid.’ He thought it was really funny too, i was really glad.”