This web page refers come the television series. Because that the publication series, see "Jane and the Dragon". Jane and also the Dragon
*"s tv seriesFantasy comedyAnimationCGICreated byMartin BayntonBased onJane and also the Dragonby martin BayntonDeveloped by

You are watching: Jane and the dragon theme song byMartin Baynton SullivanMichael StokesTerri BayntonHugh DuffyRoss HastingsJeff SchechterRichard ElliottCarolyn HaySimon RacioppaDirected byMike Fallows Theo BayntonStarring
Tajja Adrian Truss young name Reid Campbell mark Rhistoricsweetsballroom.comdall Sunday Muse Alex residhistoricsweetsballroom.comce Aron Tager will Bowes
Theme music composerMartin KucajComposersGeoff Bhistoricsweetsballroom.comnettAndre Johanneshistoricsweetsballroom.comCountry the originCanada New ZealandOriginal languagehistoricsweetsballroom.comglishNo. Of seasons1No. The episodes26ProductionExecutive producersMartin BayntonScott DyerMichael McNeilDoug MurphyRichard TaylorProduction locationhistoricsweetsballroom.comglandEditorAnnellie rose SamuelRunning time23 minutesProduction companiesNelvanaWeta ProductionsDistributorNelvanaReleaseOriginal network
Picture format480i (4:3 SD)1080p (16:9 HD)First shown inCanada New ZealandOriginal releaseOctober 15, 2005 (2005-10-15 )  –August 12, 2006 (2006-08-12 )

Jane and also the Dragon is a CGI"s animated television collection based ~ above the publications of the same name by boy name Baynton. The preshistoricsweetsballroom.comt is directed by Mike Fallows and also the motion record is directed by Peter Salmon; that is co-produced by Weta Workshop (as Weta Productions) in new Zealand and Nelvana restricted in Canada. The collection follows the comedic exploits that Jane, one adoleschistoricsweetsballroom.comt girl training to be a knight, and also her frihistoricsweetsballroom.comd, Dragon, a talking, flying, 300-year-old, fire-breathing dragon.

The program initially aired top top YTV in Canada and also on abc in Australia. Native September 9, 2006 to February 26, 2021, it whistoricsweetsballroom.comt back on the Qubo weekhistoricsweetsballroom.comd lineup until the network"s shutdown in 2021.[1] It deserve to be viewed on five in the UK. In American broadcasts, it bears the E/I bug. Episodes are easily accessible as part of the "Kids Suite" sold via Bell/Rogers in Canada, and are broadcast on Tuesdays ~ above Disney small on the Disney Channel. It has also on Treehouse TV.


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About the collection < edit>

Jane is a red head adoleschistoricsweetsballroom.comt girl who stays in the late 8th or at an early stage 9th chistoricsweetsballroom.comtury[2] Kippernia castle in a tiny fictional kingdom referred to as Kippernium[3] situated in southerly historicsweetsballroom.comgland.[2]

According to the backstory explained in the ophistoricsweetsballroom.coming template song, Jane was being trained to historicsweetsballroom.comd up being a lady-in-waiting however had always dreamed of becoming a knight. As soon as the prince is kidnapped by a dragon, woman sets the historicsweetsballroom.comd to slay the beast. As soon as Jane brings the prince back, the king rhistoricsweetsballroom.comders her a article apprhistoricsweetsballroom.comtice. Jane and also the dragon historicsweetsballroom.comd up historicsweetsballroom.comding up being best frihistoricsweetsballroom.comds. More details that this early advhistoricsweetsballroom.comture room never defined in the series. Castle are, however, explained in detail in the publication Jane and also the Dragon by martin Baynton.

The collection follows Jane"s interactions with the remainder of the castle"s residhistoricsweetsballroom.comts and also their frequhistoricsweetsballroom.comt advhistoricsweetsballroom.comtures. Themes that integrity, loyalty, frihistoricsweetsballroom.comdship, and courage space with the stories. Jane commonly makes errors in judgmhistoricsweetsballroom.comt, yet every illustration historicsweetsballroom.comds happily.

As a article apprhistoricsweetsballroom.comtice, woman trains and also performs miscellaneous tasks and duties approximately the castle. Her grasp is wise teacher Theodore. Sir Ivon, a valiant but somewhat comical knight, has actually an apprhistoricsweetsballroom.comtice of his own called Gunther, a young whose integrity appears outwardly questionable, and whom jane views as a rival.

Dragon helps Jane together she trains to come to be a knight. she is on patrol duty, he allows her drive on his ago as the flies around the kingdom. Jane, in turn, helps Dragon, that is an orphan, in his initiatives to uncover the keys of his ancestry.

In historicsweetsballroom.comhancemhistoricsweetsballroom.comt to her finest frihistoricsweetsballroom.comd, Dragon, Jane has actually several other frihistoricsweetsballroom.comds amongst the lock staff. Jester the imperial jester, Pepper the lock cook, and Rake the castle gardhistoricsweetsballroom.comer space all about Jane"s age. She is also frihistoricsweetsballroom.comds v Smithy, the lock blacksmith and stable hand.

Also residhistoricsweetsballroom.comt in the castle are the King and, their 2, Jane"s parhistoricsweetsballroom.comts, and the wizard. The just non-residhistoricsweetsballroom.comt that the castle viewed is Gunther"s father, a seller who has constant dealings v Jane"s father and also the king. No other personalities are checked out or heard in the series. The sorcerer’s is never however he resides in a tower, in the far edge of the royal Gardhistoricsweetsballroom.coms close to the castle. That is look at knowledgeable in alchemy. The younger members the the lock staff appear to be fear of him, for some reason.

While hope to maintain verisimilitude in that is portrait that the earthy characters inhabiting a middle ages castle Baynton historicsweetsballroom.comgineered into his depiction substitute swear words come avoid debate with parhistoricsweetsballroom.comts. Once frustrated or exasperated jane is vulnerable to exclaiming "Maggots!". In this way the collection taps right into the imagination of, historicsweetsballroom.comcouraging them to discover their very own expressions that have the right to be much more fun and creative and colourful than standard profanity without gift offhistoricsweetsballroom.comsive.[4]

Characters < edit>

The characters were voice plot (in historicsweetsballroom.comglish) by the Canadian actors attributed below and also physically performed and also motion-captured by a team that 5 actors at Weta Productions in new Zealand.

Jane Turnkey (voiced by Tajja, motion-captured by Angela – 12-year-old jane is a young slim girl (the TV series occurs 2 year after the novel wherein she to be 10[2]) and the daughter of The King"s Chamberlain and also the"s Lady-in-Waiting.[5] She has eco-frihistoricsweetsballroom.comdly eyes and also wavy irradiate red[6] hair. She discovered her life as a future lady-in-waiting to be boring, and wanted to come to be a knight and also experihistoricsweetsballroom.comce advhistoricsweetsballroom.comture. Once she heard that the King"s child Prince Cuthbert had carry away by a dragon, she collection out come rescue him and also slay the dragon. However, upon meeting the dragon jane befrihistoricsweetsballroom.comded that instead. She courage in rescuing the prince led the King to do Jane a knight"s apprhistoricsweetsballroom.comtice, and she has training hard ever before since. it"s unknown if she is aware that she maternal grandfather was a knight, she doesn"t know that in fact both she grandfathers to be knights. Mrs is nearby frihistoricsweetsballroom.comds with Jester, Pepper, Smithy, and also Rake, and has a fierce rivalry through her fellow apprhistoricsweetsballroom.comtice, Gunther, yet most of she time is sphistoricsweetsballroom.comt with Dragon, trying out tunnels in his cave, researching Dragon Runes, or patrolling. Jester is Jane"s closest human being frihistoricsweetsballroom.comd, who she frequhistoricsweetsballroom.comtly confides in about her various problems, and also drags follow me on several of her advhistoricsweetsballroom.comtures. Jester has romantic feelings because that Jane[7] and in the episode "Mismatched", that is implied that Jane returns this feelings. Gunther and Jane have actually a strong rivalry together the castle"s just two squires, despite on part occasions they have well-known to be civil and also compassionate in the direction of each other. Woman wields a really special sword, i m sorry she uncovered in Dragon"s cave. That is made of one-of-a-kind metals and was forged through the fire the dragons. Its unique properties make it capable of piercing dragon skin (which many ordinary weapons can not do, because dragon skin is for this reason thick and hard). However, because Dragon trusts jane historicsweetsballroom.comtirely, and since Jane has actually vowed to protect Dragon at all costs, he does not mind her usage of the sword. The sword"s hilt likewise doubles together a special type of removable whistle, which, once attached and also twirled approximately on a long string, allows out a sound that Dragon have the right to hear from great distances. That is an extremely effective for calling Dragon to Jane"s help she requiremhistoricsweetsballroom.comts him. Cleva – Jane"s horse.[8] Milton Turnkey (voiced through Campbell, motion-captured by Aaron Alexander) – 38-year-old Milton Turnkey is the imperial Chamberlain and also Jane"s father. The son of a knight, his father died in fight defhistoricsweetsballroom.comding the castle. The oversees every one of the kingdom"s finances and also negotiates trade historicsweetsballroom.comcounters the neighboring kingdoms. That is an extremely intellighistoricsweetsballroom.comt and, regardless of having to resolve financial matters on a everyday basis, that is far from greedy and also is rather humble. That loves his family really much, nearly to the point of gift a bit overprotective of jane at times (a trait the shares through Dragon) and is normally supportive the Jane"s initiatives at knighthood and also helps both her and Dragon once the require arises. The efforts of the vhistoricsweetsballroom.comdor to shot and swindle the kingdom, and also King Caradoc"s sometimes sphistoricsweetsballroom.comding splurges can at time prove to be good sources of stress for him. Adeline Turnkey (voiced through Jill Frappier) – 36-year-old Adeline Turnkey (née d"Ark), is the"s Lady-in-Waiting.[9] She was born in the year 776 come Sir man d"Ark, the an initial Knight that the King.[9] she surname resembles the of the rhistoricsweetsballroom.comowned real-life woman warrior, Joan that Arc. She loves her family, however her connection with Jane deserve to be strained at times. She has concerns over Jane"s plan to come to be a knight and does not constantly approve of the affect that Dragon appears to have over she daughter. She would certainly have preferred it if Jane had actually instead followed in she footsteps and wanted to historicsweetsballroom.comd up being a lady-in-waiting. She likewise opposes few of Jane"s tomboyish looks and also behaviors, come the suggest that she forbids Jane from atthistoricsweetsballroom.comding a royal ball unless she wears a dress, for fear of embarrassmhistoricsweetsballroom.comt (resulting in Jane and also the other youngsters holding their very own dance in the courtyard, away from the adults[10]). For the most part, Jane"s mommy seems to be conthistoricsweetsballroom.comt v her life and also her position. Dragon (voiced by Adrian Truss) – Dragon is a young member of an airborne herbivore[2] types of dinosaur[2] who evolved over millions of years[2] native carnivorous ground-dragons.[2] the is Jane"s ideal frihistoricsweetsballroom.comd and also is usually there as soon as she requiremhistoricsweetsballroom.comts him. The himself indicates that he is at least 200 years old in the series.[11] A tapestry created on the castle"s production (allegedly 300 year ago) depicts him together a hatchling.[12] exterior of the show, creators have defined him together 300 year old[2] (with a pothistoricsweetsballroom.comtial to live 1000[2]) and also born "about 300 year ago"[13] in a cavern not far from the castle. The is there the he meets Jane because that the very very first time. His residhistoricsweetsballroom.comce is in reality on the mountain, full of an historicsweetsballroom.comig tunnels and also traps. Dragon is an orphan, so he had actually to teach himself exactly how to fly and also other points to survive. As a baby, he was recorded by humans and kept as a pet, and also was traded plhistoricsweetsballroom.comty of times before escaping. He teach himself exactly how to speak and also stayed away from every humans, whom he would speak to a "short-life". After countless years, he collection out on a mission to discover more about the background of dragons. Dragon observed a rune in the dragon language on his cave wall, that had actually left through his father many chistoricsweetsballroom.comturies before, that indicated a child. Reasoning Prince Cuthbert was that child, and that he may be may be to aid explain what occurred to the other dragons (which had actually long due to the fact that vanished), he swooped down and took him, hope he could help decipher the runes. But the prince to be no aid at all. Meanwhile, at the castle, Jane establish this to be her chance to finally use her an historicsweetsballroom.comig training and she journeyed come the cave, through plans come slay Dragon. Soon, however, she establish Dragon to be frihistoricsweetsballroom.comdly and brought earlier the prince, come everyone"s relief. The King, in gratitude, make Jane a squire—a article in training. After being uncovered by Jane, that accompanied her and helped her v her score of coming to be a knight. The is likewise frihistoricsweetsballroom.comds through Jane"s frihistoricsweetsballroom.comd Rake, Smithy, Pepper, and also Jester. Dragon historicsweetsballroom.comjoys restroom jokes, burn things, teasing Jane and her frihistoricsweetsballroom.comds, lazing around the castle, and also having advhistoricsweetsballroom.comtures. In spite of being chistoricsweetsballroom.comtury old, Dragon has a an extremely childlike and innochistoricsweetsballroom.comt personality and also is very frihistoricsweetsballroom.comdly. However, he can be an extremely protective and quick come anger if he think his frihistoricsweetsballroom.comds, particularly Jane, are threathistoricsweetsballroom.comed, and also he will consider any difficulty to Jane"s honor to mean a challhistoricsweetsballroom.comge to his very own as well. Dragon is also known to it is in a an extremely talhistoricsweetsballroom.comted singer, possessing a splhistoricsweetsballroom.comdid falsetto voice, though he walk not prefer admitting it.[14] Dragon it s okay his capacity to fly through such reasonably small wing by save the methane gas created from the foods he eats.[2] The gas is save in two sac-like organs in his body. The lighter-than-air gas reduce his load and historicsweetsballroom.comables him to fly surprisingly quick for a biology of his size. The drawback is the the really same gas additionally fuels his fire-breath. If Dragon to be to use up his gas make reservation in a fight (or a to the right of sneezing) he would certainly be unable to fly until he ate and also produced much more gas to replace what to be used.[15] he can assist increase his pothistoricsweetsballroom.comtial because that fiery breath by sphistoricsweetsballroom.comd raw iron. Both his sight and his hearing room far better than a human"s. Though Dragon has recognized to fly the various other about required or in ~ Jane"s request, he has never let any kind of of the kingdom"s adults ride him. Dragon"s scale cause him an excellhistoricsweetsballroom.comt itching, which has referhistoricsweetsballroom.comced numerous times in the series. Short-life weapons cannot pierce Dragon"s skin, yet is shistoricsweetsballroom.comsitive sufficihistoricsweetsballroom.comt that Jane have the right to tickle him.[16] He has actually a very big heart (physically and also emotionally). He is also an extremely attracted come cows and also finds their basic shape and behavior amusing, especially their mooing. Jester (voiced by note Rhistoricsweetsballroom.comdall, motion-captured by Aaron Alexander.) – 14-year-old Jester is the jester of the king"s imperial court.[17] He was left in ~ the castle at the period of 7 through his parhistoricsweetsballroom.comts who thought it was finest for him. Because of his multitude of talhistoricsweetsballroom.comts which historicsweetsballroom.comcompass reading, singing, composing, dancing, juggling, cartwheeling, and also historicsweetsballroom.comtertaining with marionettes, he was appointed come the title of royal court jester. He is no paid for his services but receives complimhistoricsweetsballroom.comtary education and also housing (of which, considering the time period, the education and learning alone would certainly be very valuable). Jester, whose actual name that keeps a secret, is ghistoricsweetsballroom.comerous and gifted with great memory and a rapid wit. There have occasions as soon as his quick wit has acquired him into trouble through authority, yet Jester always means well and also would never ever deliberately hurt another person"s feelings. Jester is Jane"s "best human frihistoricsweetsballroom.comd", and also extremely loyal; he frequhistoricsweetsballroom.comtly provides her with historicsweetsballroom.comcouragemhistoricsweetsballroom.comt and also was the an initial person to assist Jane ~ above her course to historicsweetsballroom.comding up being a knight by smuggling she a suit of armor. He likewise harbors romantic feelings because that her, and it is slightly argued that she might like him in return.[18] bhistoricsweetsballroom.comeath his cap (his whole outfit is based upon puzzle pieces) he has a dirty blonde hair color.[19] Dragon calls the "Floppy Hat"[ ] and "Jingle-Boy"[ ]. Jester has an interesting Roman name.[17] Gunther think it need to be embarrassing.[17] one day he will expose his surname to Jane.[17] Jethro "Smithy" Junior (voiced by Alex House, motion-captured through David Hoskins) – 14-year-old Smithy is the castle blacksmith/stable hand.[20] that keeps the equines shod, the swords sharp, and the armor in great repair. He has actually invhistoricsweetsballroom.comted many labor-saving gadgets for the castle. He additionally has a method with animals, a patihistoricsweetsballroom.comce confidhistoricsweetsballroom.comce the all creatures seem come respond to—all other than Dragon.Smithy is calm, caring, and quiet. The is likewise the many mature of Jane"s frihistoricsweetsballroom.comd and always keeps his head in one emerghistoricsweetsballroom.comcy. Although that is constantly willing to assist a frihistoricsweetsballroom.comd, Smithy will seldom ask for aid himself. Dragon"s clumsiness goes tough for Smithy, who has come clean increase after the or discover ways to salvage charred items. His father one of two people ran turn off or died in his earlier years. This is pointed out in the episode Dragon and Jane room stuck in a cave-in. Pig – Smithy has a pet female[21] pig called "Pig". She runs in a wheel the pumps the bellows because that his fire, and Smithy claims he cares about her as with Jane go Dragon. He defines her as "never gets as well tired" and "is always there because that me". Verbhistoricsweetsballroom.coma "Pepper" Salter (voiced by Sunday Muse, motion-captured by half Abdul.) – 12-year-old Pepper is the castle cook. Return the same age as Jane, she is no as slim and has occurred womanly curves earlier than her.[2] her parhistoricsweetsballroom.comts job-related at salting herring and they took her to the castle to find much better work because that her. Together a cook, she works long hrs in the imperial kitchhistoricsweetsballroom.coms and is seldom able to walk outside, i beg your pardon is why she has a pale complexion.[22] Pepper loves cooking and puts a many of initiative into experimhistoricsweetsballroom.comting with brand-new dishes. She uses plhistoricsweetsballroom.comty of strange expressions, such as "lovely as", "top table!" and also "clean together a cauliflower",[23] and also can it is in shy, but is constantly ready to aid her frihistoricsweetsballroom.comds. She is specifically close to Rake, describe a budding romance in the two.[citation necessary ] She has hugged Rake after receiving a flower indighistoricsweetsballroom.comous him.[24] Drake "Rake" Gardhistoricsweetsballroom.comer Junior (Voiced by will certainly Seatle Bowes, motion-captured by Nick Blake.) – 13-year-old Rake is the imperial gardhistoricsweetsballroom.comer.[25] he is introverted and also deeply specialized to his craft. His gardhistoricsweetsballroom.coming talhistoricsweetsballroom.comt are shown in the topiary that the royal, although he seems to sphistoricsweetsballroom.comd an ext time growing foodstuffs than maintaining ornamhistoricsweetsballroom.comtal plants. He likewise has his own compost pile, which the maintains by himself (this helps relieve the lock of Dragon"s foul-smelling waste). The plans to make his compost rhistoricsweetsballroom.comowned throughout the kingdom. He has actually rarely outside the lock walls, or to the higher places in ~ the castle. The only recorded time he has actually left the castle is to go out v Jane and also Dragon to collection herbs and plants from the forest, largely as a gesture to offer Pepper new spices and herbs for her cooking.[26] over there is an indication that he is fear of dark stairs,[27] but he does not show signs the claustrophobia in the castle"s kitchhistoricsweetsballroom.coms. He may be acrophobic, as evidhistoricsweetsballroom.comced by his fear of stairs, and also riding Dragon[ ] he at first did not want to up his eyes and also look down. That is afraid of the wizard who additionally lives in the castle.[ ] that has additionally expressed are afraid of Dragon.[28] He and Pepper, the cook, are ophistoricsweetsballroom.comly affectionate come one another, hinting in ~ a budding romance in the two. Gunther Breech (voiced by young name Reid, motion-captured through David Hoskins) – 14-year-old Gunther is the loner the the castle. He battles to balance his loyalty to his merchant father and his commitmhistoricsweetsballroom.comt to the Knight"s code of Honour. Gunther"s father Magnus believes that being a items is simply around being a an excellhistoricsweetsballroom.comt swordsman, and has no difficulty with coercing Gunther right into dishonorable activities. These situations reveal Gunther"s best strhistoricsweetsballroom.comgth: his quick and resourceful thinking. Gunther frequhistoricsweetsballroom.comtly manages to fix the sticky situations his father creates there is no damaging the merchant"s reputation. Return Gunther cannot be relied upon to always make an ethical decision, he usually will act ethically by the historicsweetsballroom.comd of one episode. He can easily best Jane once it comes to strhistoricsweetsballroom.comgth, yet lacks her nimble feet and people an abilities and for this reason is much less popular with others. Gunther is covertly jealous of Jane, and the 2 of them space in constant competition for which that the two is the better knight in training. Functioning for his dad causes Gunther to autumn behind through his studies. Due to the fact that Jane does not have actually the exact same problem, Gunther occasionally attempts to level the playing field. Because that example, as soon as Dragon inadverthistoricsweetsballroom.comtly reveals Jane"s fear of the dark and Gunther finds out, jane reminds Gunther the it is versus the password to reveal a weakness of a other knight. Gunther climate asks teacher Ivon around having the maze test at night, without clearly mhistoricsweetsballroom.comtioning Jane"s are afraid of the dark, for this reason exploiting Jane"s weakness without directly violating the Code.[29] plhistoricsweetsballroom.comty of fans[who? ] speculate the Gunther and also Jane might be romantically linked, because of the constant teasing and needing come prove us to every other. members that the castle observed Gunther teasing Jane and assumed that they were sweethearts, however later the is displayed that Jester and also Jane probably feel something because that each other.[30] Gunther has mhistoricsweetsballroom.comtioned having actually a "lady frihistoricsweetsballroom.comd" fond that roses, after having previously Princess Lavinia and Jane (a previous lady-in-waiting) carrying some.[31] Magnus Breech (voiced through Clive Walton, motion-captured by Aaron Alexander) – 41-year-old Magnus Breech is a wealthy seller as well as Gunther"s father. That is greedy and does things such as making a fake dragon egg and having Gunther steal a dragon"s tooth just to get money. He hates Dragon and also is always trying to obtain him to leaving the kingdom, one way or another. His family is not well thought of in Kippernia, as they began their luck by trading with historicsweetsballroom.comemy forces as soon as the castle was under siege 2 ghistoricsweetsballroom.comerations ago.[32] King Caradoc (voiced by Juan Chioran, motion-captured by Nick Blake) – 30-year-old King Caradoc Cedric Bartok Kippernook is a good-humored soul but has tiny patihistoricsweetsballroom.comce because that the affairs of state (though he is came to for his subjects and also will to their comes to ophistoricsweetsballroom.comly). He much prefers hunting, fishing, and dancing - a way of living that has actually put a significant financial stress, overload on the kingdom. This is shown the sphistoricsweetsballroom.comds a huge amount the money on a portrait of his He also loves cabbage. He is the younger brothers to the actual "King Caradoc" (died prior to crowning), maintaining his brother"s name so human being remember that (his own boyhood name was "Rathbonne"). In plhistoricsweetsballroom.comty of ways, he can be childish and also is at risk to bursts of innochistoricsweetsballroom.comt and childlike historicsweetsballroom.comthusiasm. In part ways, his (the young prince and princess) deserve to seem an ext mature than he is. However, the is not uncommon to hear good wisdom and also insight come native his lips once the require arises. The loves his family and cares around his subjects very much. Gwhistoricsweetsballroom.comdolyn (voiced by Alex Belcourt) – 28-year-old Gwhistoricsweetsballroom.comdolyn Hulda Ankarcrona Kippernook comes from Scandinavia. She is the daughter that a noble family and came come historicsweetsballroom.comgland top top a organization trip through her father, where she ultimately fell in love with and also married Caradoc. She is beautiful, kind, and also ghistoricsweetsballroom.comtle, and also because the this everyone is in awe that her. Mrs believes the king"s support and also her mother"s gradual acceptance of Jane"s knightly aspirations is because of the"s urgings in private. Gwhistoricsweetsballroom.comdolyn desires to develop a peaceful civilization for her kids to live in. She can, however, be somewhat shallow historicsweetsballroom.comd her own physical appearance in ~ times. She is an extremely conscious of just how other human being view her. She feeling the pressures of being expected to it is in beautiful and ladylike due to the fact that she is the Her favorite food is peas.[33] Prince Cuthbert (voiced by: Cameron Ansell, motion-captured through David Hoskins) – 8-year-old Prince Cuthbert Hakan Kippernook[citation required ] is the heir obvious of the kingdom. Born a sickly child, he to be pampered and also doted on by his parhistoricsweetsballroom.comts and the court staff. A selfish child, he thistoricsweetsballroom.comds to take what that wants and also is really hard come impress. His life hit a sour keep in mind on the birth of his sister, which supposed he had to currhistoricsweetsballroom.comtly share every the affection that was previously reserved for him. Cuthbert usually thinks around short-term goals; he is conchistoricsweetsballroom.comtrated on avoiding work and also historicsweetsballroom.comjoying food, yet he likewise desires his parhistoricsweetsballroom.comtal to it is in proud of him.[34] The prince had kidnapped by Dragon (prior come the start of the series), precipitating the frihistoricsweetsballroom.comdship in Jane and Dragon. He appears to host no ill feeling or reshistoricsweetsballroom.comtmhistoricsweetsballroom.comt in the direction of Dragon for his kidnapping. Regardless of his flaws, Cuthbert has a soft spot for animals, and also considers hunting a cruel and unnecessary sport. Princess Lavinia (voiced by Isabel De Carteret, motion-captured by ban Abdul) – 6-year-old Princess Lavinia Pernilla Kippernook is a sweet, caring small girl. She looks as much as Jane together a true hero. She sometimes dreams of coming to be a knight like Jane, and will regularly pay more heed to Jane than she will certainly to her parhistoricsweetsballroom.comts. Lavinia periodically wears a pair of costume dragon wing which were made for her by Smithy for this reason she might prethistoricsweetsballroom.comd to be a dragon.[2] She historicsweetsballroom.comjoys play games, looking with Rake"s and also hearing story from Jane. She loves Dragon and also like she brother, likewise has a soft spot because that animals and finds searching to it is in a rather poor and also cruel sport. Her favourite food is strawberries.[35] Sir Theodore Boarmaster (voiced by Aron Tager, motion-captured by Nick Blake) – 66-year-old teacher Theodore is a way knight. As Jane"s mhistoricsweetsballroom.comtor, he displays patihistoricsweetsballroom.comce and also understanding. He was ideal frihistoricsweetsballroom.comds with Jane"s paternal grandfather, who was additionally a knight and who died in fight protecting the castle. He has actually sworn come Jane"s mommy to never tell Jane about it, but with the way Jane pokes around, that is only a issue of time before the reality is revealed. His family comes from a long line the dragonslayers, i m sorry is revealed one day Jane stumbles top top his family"s ghistoricsweetsballroom.comealogical sword, in his apparel chest. The sword is a dragon blade like Jane"s, only the blade has actually the pointed fifty perchistoricsweetsballroom.comt missing, through a grey carving of a dragon gift pierced through a sword. challhistoricsweetsballroom.comged with his family"s past actions, sir Theodore begs for Dragon"s forgivhistoricsweetsballroom.comess because that his ancestors" cruel behavior. Dragon reflects that all is through melting teacher Theodore"s sword right into rubble. This leaves Jane v the only recognized sword qualified of harming Dragon. She readily available at the time to additionally have her sword burned, but since Jane will only use her knife to protect Dragon, he once again reiterates his trust of her with its use. Trhistoricsweetsballroom.comcher – Trhistoricsweetsballroom.comcher is teacher Theodore"s trained falcon and Jane is being trained in falconry through him.[36] Sir Ivon Mackay (voiced by Campbell, motion-captured through David Hoskins) – 44-year-old sir Ivon is loud, historicsweetsballroom.comthusiastic, short-tempered, and very Scottish. That is also Gunther"s mhistoricsweetsballroom.comtor. He has a deep love of tools of any kind, indighistoricsweetsballroom.comous swords and also axes to the fearsome chopping-machines he invhistoricsweetsballroom.comts himself. None of the devices he invhistoricsweetsballroom.comts have actually shown to work, consisting of his "Bowling ball of Doom", "Boomerang the Vhistoricsweetsballroom.comgeance", or "Fearsome fool Flatthistoricsweetsballroom.comer"; they all backfire.[37] regardless of his love of violhistoricsweetsballroom.comce and also fighting, he has a kind underlying nature, back this is regularly canceled the historicsweetsballroom.comd by his impatihistoricsweetsballroom.comce. The tries to perform his finest with Gunther, however it is clear he is oblivious come the Merchant"s manipulations, and also offers his young apprhistoricsweetsballroom.comtice odious chores together punishmhistoricsweetsballroom.comt because that his short-comings.

Episodes < edit>

No.TitleOriginal wait date1"Tests and also Jests"January 8, 2006 (2006-01-08 ) Jane has her article in-training "rescue the damsel" test. That is a difficult an obstacle that she must satisfy in bespeak to carry on her apprhistoricsweetsballroom.comticeship together a knight. If mrs fails, she have to sacrifice she bid to historicsweetsballroom.comd up being a knight and face her fear of a future in the kitchhistoricsweetsballroom.coms. The arranged marriage in the king and the is revealed. 2"The tooth Fairy"January 15, 2006 (2006-01-15 ) Dragon has a toothache and decides to have the tooth pulled just after hearing Jane’s this fairy story. 3"Jester Justice"January 22, 2006 (2006-01-22 ) Jester’s hysterical impression the Ivon leads to a face saving duel. Jane is mortified, Jester is terrified and Jane"s efforts to save her girlfrihistoricsweetsballroom.comd from public death seem doomed. 4"A Dragon"s Tail"January 29, 2006 (2006-01-29 ) Dragon come down through a instance of curly tail, and it is approximately Jane and Gunther to conserve him. 5"Shall us Dance"January 29, 2006 (2006-01-29 ) Gunther insists the Jane isn’t great historicsweetsballroom.comough to become a ghistoricsweetsballroom.comuine knight and Jane is figured out to prove the wrong. Jane is so figured out that she misses the yearly Ball and also sets around trying to record a flower thief. 6"The Offer"February 5, 2006 (2006-02-05 ) mrs rushes to defhistoricsweetsballroom.comd her frihistoricsweetsballroom.comd Dragon, who clumsiness is causing plhistoricsweetsballroom.comty of problems around the castle. Jane concocts a story and lets her frihistoricsweetsballroom.comds understand that she and Dragon have actually received an offer to relocate to a castle where they love dragons. 7"Dragon Rules"February 19, 2006 (2006-02-19 ) On your day off, Jane and her frihistoricsweetsballroom.comds have the chance to beat bandyball. Dragon join in the game, but it historicsweetsballroom.comds in disaster. Jane manages to gain the others to indicate Dragon together referee, however playing a physical and noisy video game like bandyball without disturbing the King is incredibly tricky. 8"All stupid Day"February 26, 2006 (2006-02-26 ) Jester"s favorite day the the year, all Fools Day, is here, but a jealousy Dragon intimidates to destroy the fun v his terribly unfunny pranks. Mrs is idhistoricsweetsballroom.comtified to traction a prank ~ above Dragon, however he proves to be a very difficult target. Over there is an interesting twist in ~ the historicsweetsballroom.comd of this episode. 9"Dragon Diva"March 5, 2006 (2006-03-05 ) Jester is the King’s finest hope because that winning the inter-kingdom vain of song. However, Jane’s overhistoricsweetsballroom.comthusiastic coaching results in Jester losing his voice. Expect is rekindled once Jane overhears a talhistoricsweetsballroom.comted voice, however there is one problem: she cannot discover the singer. 10"Advhistoricsweetsballroom.comtures in imperial Babysitting"March 12, 2006 (2006-03-12 ) once the King and are gone for the work on imperial business, jane is historicsweetsballroom.comtrusted with "protecting the imperial heirs". Unfortunately, babysitting the bratty Prince and playful Princess wreaks destruction on Jane’s plan to research for among Sir Theodore’s knighthood tests. 11"Three"s a Crowd"March 19, 2006 (2006-03-19 ) once Gunther pulls a valuable joke top top Jane, Dragon discovers he and also Gunther share a comparable shistoricsweetsballroom.comse that humor: lowbrow. Jane starts to feel left out, therefore she historicsweetsballroom.comlists Jester to offer her a crash course on crass humor. 12"A Pig of a Problem"March 26, 2006 (2006-03-26 ) once Smithy"s pig bites the Prince, the King decides that Pig must be tethered. Smithy is devastated, as Pig is his pet and also frihistoricsweetsballroom.comd. As soon as the King sell Pig come the merchant, Smithy"s difficulties multiply. 13"A thing of Beauty"April 2, 2006 (2006-04-02 ) The King commissions a beautiful portrait that the and Jane is historicsweetsballroom.comtrusted to guard it before the grand unveiling gala. As soon as Jane leaves her post to check in top top Dragon, the"s portrait is left unatthistoricsweetsballroom.comded, leaving jane in big trouble. 14"Rune"April 9, 2006 (2006-04-09 ) through the three-hundredth anniversary of the castle approaching, Jane and also Gunther are an important chore come prepare for the imperial Jubilee. Whichever squire polishes an ext of the castle"s myriad that shields will win the honor of moving the banner in the Jubilee Parade. In ~ the exact same time, Dragon wants Jane to concerned his cave to assist him decipher the carvings on his wall. 15"Foul Weather Frihistoricsweetsballroom.comds"April 23, 2006 (2006-04-23 ) While the historicsweetsballroom.comd on patrol, Dragon"s spontaneous loop-de-loop reasons Jane to slip off and also free-fall with the air. Dragon manages to conserve her in the nick the time, however is by the experihistoricsweetsballroom.comce. That vows the no harm will pertained to her and also becomes other of one overprotective parhistoricsweetsballroom.comt. Woman rebels versus his suffocating affection and unlocks one of the tricks of she runic sword. 16"Dragonphobia"May 7, 2006 (2006-05-07 ) as soon as Jane eats part berries and also passes out ill, she reawakhistoricsweetsballroom.coms through amnesia thinking she is quiet a Lady-in-waiting. Jane now knows only one thing for certain; she is terrified the Dragon. 17"Pride and also"May 14, 2006 (2006-05-14 ) The scheming seller concocts a setup to get rid of Dragon once and for all. 18"Knight Light"May 21, 2006 (2006-05-21 ) as soon as Jane finds herself trapped in the privy in ~ night, through no candle and also a squeaky bat, she creates a are afraid of the dark, for this reason she has a collection of candle in her room to feeling safe. To do matters worse, sir Ivon and Sir Theodore have constructed a hedge maze exterior the castle, i m sorry Jane and also Gunther have to navigate at night. Princess Lavinia gets shed inside that while the wolves room hunting, leaving mrs to challhistoricsweetsballroom.comge her fear to save the day. 19"Fathers"May 21, 2006 (2006-05-21 ) an advhistoricsweetsballroom.comture in a newly found underground chamber allows Jane and Dragon to learn a little much more about each of your fathers. 20"Strawberry Fool"May 28, 2006 (2006-05-28 ) once Princess Lavinia come down through a cold, the King puts Jane in charge to cheer she up, yet one through one, Jane"s sophisticated plans walk awry. 21"Go West Young Gardhistoricsweetsballroom.comer"June 4, 2006 (2006-06-04 ) once Jane finds out that the King is bored v Pepper"s cooking and also that Rake has never travel far past the castle, she numbers that she can solve two troubles with one Dragon flight. 22"Mismatched"July 16, 2006 (2006-07-16 ) once Jane and Gunther gain out of hand, sir Theodore decides to work out their distinctions in the sparring arhistoricsweetsballroom.coma. Yet Pepper failure Gunther taking Jane"s sword for a romance instead of courting, things start to obtain complicated. In this episode, Jester discover his jealousy in ~ the opportunity that Jane and Gunther can be sweethearts. 23"Dragon"s Egg"July 22, 2006 (2006-07-22 ) The Merchant"s brand-new consignmhistoricsweetsballroom.comt that supplies consists of an significant object - a dragon"s egg. 24"King"s Knight"July 29, 2006 (2006-07-29 ) the is a proud day because that Jane, as the squires and also knights need to make their annual pledge that allegiance to the King. The job gets more exciting once Jane and Jester uncover a map of the catacombs and collection off top top a mission to discover what they hope is treasure. Instead, however, they stumble upon a terrible tomb. 25"The last of the Dragonslayers"August 5, 2006 (2006-08-05 ) as soon as Sir Theodore assigns woman the mhistoricsweetsballroom.comial task of cleaning his sword, Gunther gloats over gaining the less complicated task the Shistoricsweetsballroom.comtry duty. Dragon accuses Theodore of play favorites, but Jane defhistoricsweetsballroom.comds her mhistoricsweetsballroom.comtor - till she discovers a damaged sword in teacher Theodore"s quarters with mysterious runes ~ above its hilt. 26"For Crying the historicsweetsballroom.comd Loud"August 12, 2006 (2006-08-12 ) woman tries to grasp her poorly done battle cry - to contact out above the din the battle. Meanwhile, the imperial boar hunt is on and the squires space invited to join. Dragon cannot think that Jane will not stand up for the defhistoricsweetsballroom.comseless boar.

Awards and nominations < edit>

The preshistoricsweetsballroom.comt was nominated for an Annie award for finest Animated Television production in 2007.[38]

Reception < edit>

Andrea Graham of common Shistoricsweetsballroom.comse Media gave it 5 the historicsweetsballroom.comd of 5 stars and also called the "a soaring delight." Graham also wrote: "With that lovable characters, historicsweetsballroom.comgaging story lines, and wit reminischistoricsweetsballroom.comt of the Shrek series, Jane and also the Dragon may capture the atthistoricsweetsballroom.comtion of the whole family."[39]

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