In regards come music, the phrase; Blood ~ above the run Floor, is something that plenty of fans of will certainly associate with him. However, because that those who are into electronica and also Crunkcore, it method something completely different together it is the name of an digital music band the comprises of the duo – Jayy Von Monroe and also Dahvie Vanity. Monroe has since left the group and has been changed by Fallon Vendetta.

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Jayy Von Monroe, who is a guitarist and also singer, an initial made his name v his previous band before leaving to go after a solo career. Except music, that is additionally a crossdresser who is recognized as The Dahli.


Jayy Von Monroe Biography

The former Blood on the run Floor member was born Jeremy Brian Griffis in Orlando, Florida on august 17, 1991. While there is no much information around his father, the is known that that is close to his mother, who is quite famous on Twitter return her name is not known.

While growing up, he was a an extremely rebellious boy who to be either obtaining into one problem or getting out of another. During this time, however, he had always collection his eye on having actually a music career. This triggered him come cut brief his education when he remained in high institution to go after his music career.

Later ~ dropping out of school, Jayy Von Monroe joined Blood top top the run Floor in 2009. The band was first started through Dahvie Vanity (Jesus David Torres), Christopher Mongillo, and Rebecca Fugate as Love the Fashion in 2006. By 2008, just Dahive Vanity to be still through the team as the other two had actually left. In their place, Garrett Ecstasy was the male that later on joined, adhered to by Matty M for a quick while before they both left to be replaced by Monroe as the vocalist and guitarist.

On his part, Monroe stayed with the group as its only member except Dahvie Vanity till 2016 when he dubbed it quits. Nonetheless, over there were likewise other touring members. As a component of the group, Monroe has released a variety of albums, including Epic (2010), All the Rage!! (2011), Evolution (2012), and Bad Blood (2013). Various other albums that released v the group are Bitchcraft (2014) and also Scissors (2016).

After leaving Blood on the run Floor, the group ongoing with Fallon Vendetta while Jayy Von Monroe began his career together a solo artist. He has actually thus far, released some singles consisting of “To Burn” and also “Uneasy”.


As regards his family life, there is very small that is known. The name of his father or even the relationship between the two has never been a thing disputed in the general public domain.

His mom is only recognized as “Mom Monroe” on different social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter where she is constantly giving him she unflinching support. Because the begin of his career, she has been among those come have constantly been on his side.

Also, that is said to have half-sisters, although your names, like that of everyone in his family, is no known. He when took come YouTube come drop a birthday message to someone he stated was his sister, Tabby. In the message, he apologized the he was unable to make it to her birthday.

As of 2019, Jayy Von Monroe to be still not married. The previous BOTDF member had come out years earlier as gay and also was in a gay connection in the past. In 2009, that was connected to his gay partner, Daniel Griffis. The 2 would stay together until 2012 as soon as they determined to finish the relationship.


Celebrity facts of The Singer

He is a Cross-dresser

Apart native his music, Jayy Von Monroe is a cross-dresser who supplies the persona, Dahli Delia (The Dahli). His attention in ending up being a traction queen began since he was 14, however it to be not till much later that the drag Supermonster emotion began. Today, he has an excellent followership on society media. On Instagram, he has actually over 66 thousand followers.

He left BOTDF since of abuse and also financial issues

According to Monroe, the left the band because he feeling abused by the band and also earlier, as soon as he began, Dahvie would refuse to salary him and so he can not go and also see his mother, something that impacted his relationships. Also, he is not happy through the lyrics of the band which he claimed are too sexual and also are fed to kids.

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Jayy Von Monroe is taller than the typical American male thanks to his elevation of ‎6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) and a load of ‎75 kg (165 pounds).

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