Beth Britt hardy is the wife and longtime love of experienced WWE wrestler, Jeff Hardy.Beautiful in she own alternative way, she share the same artistic and also eccentric tastes v her famed husband.

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Beth was born and raised in the unified States. Outside of the reality that her birthday falls on April 6th, over there is not lot known around her.Britt is married to WWE wrestler and artist Jeff Hardy, renowned for gift the high-flying member that a wrestling sign team he developed with his brothers Matt dubbed ‘The durable Boys.’Together, the pair have 2 children, Nera Quinn and also Ruby Claire.
Beth and Jeff met in 1999 once Jeff Hardy was out with his brother Matt durable in a southern Pines, phibìc Carolina bar.Jeff and also Matt were celebrating their first-ever tag team championship win working through the-then WWF. Beth and also Jeff have actually never really mutual details of exactly how their initial conference went.The pair dated because that twelve years and welcomed their an initial child in 2010 prior to finally tie the knot in 2011. A few years ~ the birth of her very first child, Beth welcomed a 2nd daughter.While many human being both in and also out of the professional wrestling world were make the efforts to pressure Beth & Jeff to gain married sooner, lock were rather content taking their time to the altar.Jeff was likewise romantically linked to other WWE wrestler, Mickie James but the rumor was never ever officially confirmed.
Jeff has made headlines end the previous decade or so because that his substance abuse problems.In 2009, WWE chose to fire him after he had failed to perform due to intoxication number of times.Beth play a key role in the checking right into rehab after she discussed that he was destroying their family and that the if he maintained up his habits, that would gain to view his daughter prosper older.Outside that Beth’s relationship with Jeff, there is little known about her or she career. Unlike her brother-in-law’s wife, Reby Hardy, she is not a professional wrestler and also shown tiny interested in authorized the business.
Britt durable shares her hubby’s enthusiasm for pets & is a pan of alternate art, music, and fashion, lot like she husband.She is also an extremely fascinated by paranormal activities and enjoys visiting haunted houses, museums, and other monuments v a dark history.Jeff & Beth Hardy additionally participated in a “Couples ice Bucket Challenge” in 2014.

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In 2009, Beth’s brother in law, Matt, post a video on YouTube that seemed favor a suicide note.While he no attempt anything, concerned viewers immediately contacted the police, however unfortunately, they offered them the dorn address.Beth to be stunned when authorities showed up in ~ her and also Jeff’s phibìc Carolina home, and she can not help but vent her frustrations v Matt top top Twitter. If Matt ignored her upset rant, numerous fans backed Beth and likewise scolded him for his actions.

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