Tuesday,September2,2008 – country singer and actor Jerry Reed died Monday in ~ 71 that emphysema. Reed was finest known for his fight song, once You"re hot You"re warm for which he obtained a Grammy for best male nation vocal power in 1972. Reed likewise sang the theme tune from the very first "Smokey and also the Bandit" movie, east Bound and also Down.Jerry Reed ha was born march 20, 1937 in Atlanta. That wrote and also sang by the moment he was in high school. While a couple of singles of Reed"s obtained little notice while recording because that Capitol Records, he did once Gene Vincent spanned Reed"s Crazy foot in 1958. The year, Reed signed to national Recording Co. After 2 years in the military, Reed moved to Nashville in 1961. He continued writing and also recording, charting with Goodnight Irene and also Hully Gully Guitar.Reed completed his first hit on the charts v Guitar male in 1967, which Elvis Presley tape-recorded in 1967. Reed played guitar for the session through Presley. Reed later completed a hit with an Elvis tribute Tupelo Mississippi Flash.Reed released 2 albums with Chet Atkins, "Me and Jerry" and "Me and Chet." during this period, he likewise had his first number one with when You"re warm You"re Hot. Reed had a second number with Lord, Mr. Ford.He shortly got associated in movies, starring v friend Burt Reynolds in "W. W. And also the Dixie Dancekings" in 1974. 2 years later, he remained in "Gator," also with Reynolds. Reed also co-starred in all three of the "Smokey" films.Reed continued charting though. "She obtained the Goldmine (I acquired the Shaft)" was a hit because that Reed in 1982, complied with by The Bird, which fight number two. His critical chart hit, I"m a slave charted in 1983. He ongoing acting and also recording, appearing in Adam Sandler"s "The Waterboy" together Red Beaulieu, a football coach. He additionally joined v Waylon Jennings, Mel Tilllis and also Bobby bare to form the team the Old Dogs, which videotaped one album in 1998.

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Jerry Reed"s first album in 6 years is a 10-song live collection issued top top his son-in-law"s newly produced label. Back time has taken an audible toll, the 68- year-old singer/songwriter and guitarist nonpareil imbues concert renditions the his classic hits and also a few strong new numbers v palpable crowd-pleasing humor.At his best, Reed growls with trademark sass top top such classics as "Amos Moses" (number 8, pop, 1970), "Lord, Mr.

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Ford" (number 1, c&w, 1973), and his Smokey & the Bandit-inspired...