Alabama Power is just one of the most respected companies in Alabama. We worth our employees since we know they space our most necessary assets. We realize the every job and also every employee that performs that is vital to the all at once success of our company. There are lots of an excellent reasons to join our team.

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Our People

Diversity is important to us. Our client have diverse perspectives and experiences, and it’s essential that our employee do, too. Us value various outlooks, opinions and also ideas due to the fact that it is the mix of this ingredients the make a successful occupational environment. We sell an open and trusting work-related environment and also each day prove that Southern format – unquestionable trust, superior performance and also total appointment – is more than just a phrase, it renders us that we are today.

Our Promise

More 보다 100 year ago, one of our founding ethics was the the firm be developed for the company of Alabama. Today those words tho ring true, together our commitment to our state and also the customers us serve has actually grown. Plenty of of our employees serve in the Alabama Power service Organization (APSO) and also their philanthropic efforts don’t stop once they retire, due to the fact that many continue their commitment come the neighborhood with our Energizers group. In addition, the Alabama Power structure awards much more than 1,300 grants each year with non-ratepayer money.


Our Record

We are the 2nd largest subsidiary that Southern agency and provide the valuable combination of competitive prices, reliable electricity supply and unparalleled company to 1.4 million homes, businesses and also industries in the southern two-thirds that Alabama. For years, we have actually consistently detailed electricity much more than 99.9 percent of the time while keeping our prices lower than the nationwide average. Our structure is solid, and we’re still farming to accomplish tomorrow’s demands.

Our Future

We are always looking for methods to meet brand-new challenges, and also we know that highly expert employees hold the key. Us are devoted to giving our employees opportunities to learn, flourish and advance in their careers in stimulate to satisfy the difficulties of the future. We require innovative employees that are thrust to help us fulfill today’s goals for a brighter tomorrow.

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Employment trial and error Video

Watch this employment video to discover out much more about our pre-employment physical abilities test.

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