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The traction drive Belt on my GT245 broke yesterday (Part # M127523). Ns need any kind of help obtainable in instead of it. Could someone please help me.

View attachment 16548The finish parts magazine is easily accessible at kind in your design number to check out the belt routing and part numbers, if that will assist you.

I uncovered it much less complicated to take it the fender body...and the deck off.Remove the seat and then just 4 screws to give you almost complete access.

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If that device is anything prefer a GX, it makes it simpler (and the hand-operated calls for it) to take off the infection fan. Girlfriend will also need to manage the belt tension pulley. MAKE certain that you have actually a great handle on keeping the spring/idler under control while friend thread the belt on it. It"s a nice honkin" spring!
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I agree, if you have the right to pull the fenders climate its a good idea. Makes the belt change easy and good time to clean debris native the peak of hydro my old 345 was favor a zipper in that process for me. I could have the pedals loose, deck knob pulled and a few bolts out and also fender off in a few minutes.Pretty sure the 245 is the same setup.
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