John Deere LT160 Auto drive Belt Replacement

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#1. Overall view

Overall watch (#1) of the journey belt. Transmission is at the left, engine pulley at right.

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#2. Tie rods

Disconnect the tie rods (#2, red) indigenous the steering bellcrank. Lug the front loop of the belt over the brake column (#2, yellow), around both arms of the steering bellcrank, straddling the bellcrank tower (#2, white), and also over the engine ridge pulley.

#3. Engine pulley

Route the belt as shown past the belt overview (#3, white) near the engine pulley.

#4. Idler spring

Disengage parking brake come lessen spring tension. Eliminate the rear hook (#4, blue) the the idler tensioning spring wherein it attaches to the idler pivot arm. The front end of the feather is attached in ~ the former v-idler (#4, red).

#5. Engine pulley

Loosen v-idler near engine wheel (#5, green) to fit belt in between frame and also pulley. Front of belt tensioning feather is attached at this ar (#5, yellow).

#6. Idler bracket

Actuate the deck background pedal to offer clearance between the eight (#6, blue) that the deck lift rockshaft (#6, red) and the elevation adjustment stop. Carry the rear loop the the belt end the deck lift rockshaft and also arm, climate over the idler arm (#6, white) so that the belt straddles each.

#7. Transmission pulley

Run the belt earlier to the transmission sheave so that it is in between the belt travel guide (#7) at the tranny.

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#8. Idler pulleys

Set the parking brake to permit slack in the belt. Loosen the tensioning idlers and also their belt guides to install belt on the pulleys. V-idler (#8, white). Level idler (#8, pink). Belt must be within every belt travel guide (#8, yellow).