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Judge Karen (Judge Karen Mills-Francis) is an American fact court-based arbitration regimen that premiered in first-run syndication and debuted in 48 the the optimal 50 U.S. Markets on September 8, 2008.

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Like in other court shows, such together The People’s Court and Judge Judy, small claims court proceedings room chaired by a previous real-life judge. “The judge on this display is Karen Mills-Francis, one African-American mrs twice elected judge the the Miami-Dade county Court, who believes that” righteousness is not both white and also black.

She was not wearing a standard black robe, however a burgundy one instead. With the announcer speak “She ‘s tough, she’s fair, and she cares,” the introduction sequence verified her presiding end cases. Sony images Television produced and broadcasted the show.

Judge Karen allowed litigants to cross-examine witnesses, with a ar at the finish in i m sorry Mills-Francis answers videotaped inquiries from viewers, to different herself from other shows in the liven space. This section was referred to as “Ask referee Karen”

On January 10, 2009, it to be revealed that Judge Karen would not be renewed because that a second season. In ~ present, BET and TV One network reruns room being televised.

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Judge Karen Facts

It is one American fact court-based arbitration programIt debuted ~ above September 8, 2008The show premiered ~ above Monday, September 20, 2010, and also replaced the Litto’s canceled Street CourtIt is connected to other court shows favor The People’s Court and also Judge JudyKaren Mills-Francis is the referee on this showKaren Mills-Francis is a real-life judge, she has actually been elected twice as the judge of the Miami-Dade ar CourtShe has practiced legislation for more than a decade both for the state in the Office of the public Defender, and also in personal practiceShe also became a traffic Magistrate in 1998, her job-related was hear non-criminal web traffic casesShe to be the second black mrs to serve on the bench in Miami-Dade county after overthrowing a longtime incumbentJudge Karen had full scholarship come the reputation Bowdoin college in Maine wherein she completed her undergraduate education. She likewise graduated indigenous the Levin college of legislation at the university of FloridaJudge Karen is 61 years old as of 2021She was born in Miami, Florida, the United states of America on 11 august 1960The series is filmed in Los Angeles and produced by Litto EntertainmentJudge Karen to be axed ~ one season also after good reviewsKaren Mills-Francis has been married onceShe has one promoted childKaren’s mommy is called Andrea MillsShe is the earliest in a household of fiveJudge Karen has a network worth in in between $5 million and also $10 million dollars together of 2020Karen believes that ” justice is not both white and also black

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Judge Karen Filming Location

The collection is filmed in Los Angeles. It is produced by Litto Entertainment; Litton revealed on November 16, 2009, the they would certainly return Mills-Francis to referee Karen’s Court on air. The present premiered top top Monday, September 20, 2010, and also replaced the canceled Street Court (which Litton had also produced) in numerous markets. Judge Karen’s Court, choose Judge Karen, to be axed ~ one season, amid claims that the present was act well and was renewed because that 2011.

Entertainment Studios announced in November 2012 the in fall 2013 they would certainly be launching their 4th court show, can be fried Justice through Judge Karen. The court shows America’s Court with Judge Ross, us the world With Gloria Allred, Justice for All v Judge Cristina Pérez and Justice v Judge Mablean, every one of which usage a non-traditional / dramatized court display format, additionally produced by movie Studios.

Judge Karen FAQs

What occurred to judge Karen?

Judge Karen to be axed after one season regardless of positive reviews, it was but broadcasted later.

What taken place to Shane on judge Karen?

Shane Sousa was a can be fried Justice with Judge Karen.

Where is referee Karen filmed?

The court display is filmed in Los Angeles

How old is referee Karen?

Judge Karen is 60 years of age as of 2020 having actually been born on 11 august 1960 in Miami, Florida, USA.

Is judge Karen Mills-Francis a genuine judge?

Judge Karen is a real-life judge, she has been chosen twice as the judge of the Miami-Dade ar Court

Do referee Karen participants get paid?

Yes, referee Karen pays each human an appearance fees of approximately $150 come $500 and pays for their flight, hotel and also meals.

Is judge Karen fake?

Though judge Karen is decorated and also run prefer a genuine courtroom, that is neither a real-life court nor component of any kind of judicial system, but instead a kind of binding arbitration.

Judge Karen Age

Judge Karen is 61 years old together of 2021, she was born on 11 respectable 1960 in Miami, Florida, USA. She is a real judge that was chosen twice the referee of the Miami-Dade ar Court

Judge Karen Husband

Karen Mills-Francis has actually been married once, she to be married to a Jamaican man who passed away years ago. Karen has not expose her existing status

Judge Karen net Worth

Judge Karen has actually an estimated net precious of $1.3 million. She has actually accrued her wide range from her career as a legit practitioner and also TV star.

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Judge Karen Family

Karen is the earliest in a household of 5 children. She was born to Andrea Mills and her grandmother is called Elvira McKinney.