A disreputable web site through a penchant for inventing celebrity estimates said the singer had dubbed Satan praise "a real trip."

Published18 January 2018

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Your brand-new Wire, notorious purveyor of fake news and inventor of ridiculous celebrity quotes, reported in January 2018 that singer Katy Perry had actually recommended human being pray come Satan to suffer “a whole extra level the amazing.” YourNewsWire reported the Perry do the comments at a fashion occasion in Los Angeles ~ above 16 January 2018:

Experiencing “Satan’s raw power” is miscellaneous everybody need to experience at least once in their lifetime, according to Katy Perry, who advised fans to “add praying come Satan to your bucket list.“

“People who say they’ll ‘try anything once’ room usually complete of shit. Just how do I know this? because if they tried praying to Satan simply once, they’d it is in doing it every day. Multiple times every day. That really that powerful. That a real trip.“

Speaking in ~ a Stella McCartney fashion occasion in Los Angeles top top Tuesday, Katy Perry denied rumors the she has actually undergone plastic surgery, and instead attributed she refreshed look to a new “spiritual outlook“.

Advising everybody come “add praying come Satan to her bucket list”, Katy Perry contrasted her first time praying to Satan come a mythical movie, ‘When Beckie Met Chad.’

There is no proof that the singer made these comments, although Perry did to visit the star-studded Stella McCartney “Stellabration” fashion event and also party in Los Angeles. She has frequently been the focus of ethical panic-tinged occult rumors perhaps sustained by her professional progression native Christian-themed musician to sometimes-risque pop singer who campaigned because that 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (who is also often the emphasis of satanism and occult hoaxes). 

Perry’s just on-the-record comment at the event that we might find was to the layout and culture publication The Cut:

is the meaning of great vibrations. Really, Stella, her occupational is for this reason phenomenal, yet she is together a great vibe. … It’s just always fun, that’s why us come, since it’s no work. The clothing are for this reason great, they’re simply so architecture this season, and it’s simply a big fat obtain together where we can be ourselves, conversate, and also meet again. Ns on the road so I’m not able to walk to a the majority of these things, so it’s fun for me tonight.

YourNewsWire frequently concocts false celebrity quotes, though in current days they’ve provided Perry special focus. Top top 10 January 2018 the website falsely declared that she, together with Meryl Streep and Chesea Clinton, to be members of an “elite” cannibal club. Lock also falsely reported in January 2018 the singer Dolly Parton blamed California’s current weather-related to catastrophes on Satan worship.

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One month previously they falsely asserted that actor Denzel Washington had actually referred to previous U.S. President Barack Obama as the “criminal-in-chief.”