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A tiny while back I stumbled throughout an unfinished flash game called "The Legend of Krystal". The writer challenged everyone who liked it come rip the sprites & do their very own game. This is mine attempt.

I"m posting this here at historicsweetsballroom.com due to the fact that without their pages of flash tutorials, i would have actually never to be able to make this. So, thanks historicsweetsballroom.com. :)-Dirty C 101

.Update: just wanted come say a vast thank girlfriend for all the prayer & feedback. Please save the comment coming, also the negative ones (hell, I probably learn an ext from the poor ones...). Will certainly there it is in a sequel? Possibly. Ns did have a ton of fun composing this. Game might use a the majority of polish as many of you room aware, however hey, Adobe"s cost-free trial only lasts 1 month. That"s not a lot of time come both teach you yourself flash & compose a game. Still, really happy so countless of you prefer it. Please store the comments coming, i promise I"m reading all of them (and even agreeing with many of them).-Dirty C 101

.Update#2 - video game Updated!Well, ns seem to have stumbled into one more copy of speed after all. =D exactly how awesome is that? so anyway, ns promised myself that ns wouldn"t do anything else with this version, and instead move on to a full sequel. I"m going back on that promise. There"s a few BIG problems with the game as is. So, here, I addressed them. :)-Wolves now have actually much less health. Being double-teamed is no much longer a guaranteed game over (although tho possible).-Playing with the whole game without continuing unlocks infinite health and wellness mode. Keep in mind that you will should unlock virtually every mystery & kill practically every monster to acquire this bonus. *THERE IS NO CHEAT code FOR THIS ONE.* You need to actually beat the game to unlock this. -Fixed several small bugs the were annoying me.

Now for the poor news. The factor I"m posting this is due to the fact that I won"t be beginning on a sequel immediately. I"d absolutely like to carry out one, yet to do it right requires that i either learn to draw or Playshapes comes the end of retirement. I don"t check out either that those happening quickly. So I"m going to work-related on my art for a bit, and see if it comes together into something decent. Or, If you take place to it is in a an excellent artist who desires to perform a the majority of work, consider this an advertisement. ;)-DirtyC101

Update #3Hey again everyone. :) I"m just posting to announce the my brand-new game is done, & it"s posted right here on historicsweetsballroom.com. Please go check it out.

I"m a tiny disapointed K. Fox never ever got advocated to the adult games collection right here on NG. (If you haven"t voted for it, please do!). In fairness, looks favor they haven"t update in a year, so maybe I made the cut & simply don"t know? Anyway, the game has been the end for a while, therefore I assumed I"d walk ahead & post all the cheat codes here.

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It"ll conserve ya the trouble of browsing the comments for them.


stimulates - grapples critical longerprincess - max health & armorehonda - Punches do 2x dmg, Kicks perform 1/2chunli - Kicks carry out 2x dmg, Punches execute 1/2baddoggie - clears the 2 most annoying wolvesfishsticks - begin at Zora"s hideout