We decided the Kenmore due to the fact that our vault washer was additionally a Kenmore and we had actually had it because that 9 years and never had actually a problem. We would certainly have lugged it with us yet the buyers of our previous home requested that we leave it through the house, together they had likewise had an excellent experience through Kenmores. Our existing Kenmore washing device has been simply as reliable. It has actually never compelled service and is the solid and also consistent work equine it has always been. Our household does numerous rugged outdoor activity - rock climbing, hiking, and the guys love to play football in the mud. My husband provides pottery and also gets clay and dust top top his work shirts. Because that these loads, the extra hefty soil bicycle works an excellent to get even the grimiest clothing clean. But I also have an ext dainty clothing and also lingerie through lace and also other vulnerable details. I simply don"t have time (or interest) for hand washing, and also with this machine, ns don"t need to! i wash these making use of the machine"s breakable cycle. And delicate the is. Ns never have to worry about their care - this items come out clean without harm to their intricacy. The other thing i love around it is that it is relatively quiet. My mom"s Maytag washing maker is loud and also especially rumbly during the turn cycle. It likewise goes "off balance" frequently, which renders a according to buzzer sound off and requires manual treatment to rebalance the apparel so that the cycle deserve to complete. Ns don"t understand if my Kenmore has actually an "off balance" buzzer, however if it does, I have actually never heard it since I have never had actually that problem come up. The good thing around it is the this washing device was among the the very least expensive the those in its class when we were shopping for washing machines. Therefore not just did we acquire the quality and also reliability the was crucial to us, but we to be able to do it well within our spending plan without compromise.

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Oct 15, 2013 Rating
Lasted 14 years! by: Staci Note: not sure what "Rate This Page" is for, however I rated 5 Stars for the Washing Machine.--------------This worked great for united state for 14 years. The lid switch passed away after 12 years, so ns wedged a butter knife in there till DH electronic devices wiz bypassed the switch because that me. Two days ago, device started making awful motor or transmission noise and also stopped spinning. The siphoning the the water continued, thankfully! In a way, I"m okay v it break down since I would love to gain a much more water-efficient, energy efficient front loader. Every in all, I"m happy through the means my Kenmore series 70 heavy Duty washing maker performed all these years.

Feb 07, 2013 Rating
SHAME top top SEARS by: anonymous I have a Kenmore washer the is 21 month old. Just 2 human being live in our household. The washer requirements a transmission. I carry out not to buy the extended warrany on an appliance that should last at bare minimum 10 years. Sears claims too bad. Negative QUALITY horrible CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Jun 24, 2012 Rating
does the job and easy come service by: cotton our Kenmore(Whirlpool,I know)washers and also dryers always get the project done,without a many bells and also whistles.When the pump went out on ours washer(our fault)the instead of of the pump was easy,thanks come an internet video.Also net purchase the the replacement pump was around 10 bucks total=happy wife.Both to wash rooms have actually Kenmore combos due to the fact that they work.Other brands were trouble prone.Kenmore/Whirlpool dominate.Have a GE refrigerator that won"t offer us water or crushed ice.Wish we still had actually the Whirlpool fridge.Never settle what"s not broke.

Feb 26, 2012 Rating
How old is this washer? by: Annette I own a sears-Kenmore 70 series washer. It was right here when my so late husband and also I bought owr Mobile home in dec of 1999. It functions well. Al thou it shackes the mobile home. Have the right to anyone you re welcome tell me the age of this machine. Model 110.81878110.I have been debating instead of it.

jan 14, 2012 Rating
Sears washer 70 collection junk by: cotton purchase a brand-new kenmore since of exactly how long our critical one worked. An extremely soon after ~ buying this one us noticed holes in our clothes and rust stains. Dubbed the organization department and also they asked what color the drum was. Ours is grey. He told me over there was difficulty with the drum and also if it had actually been the white one lock would change it. Said it would certainly be cheaper to simply buy a new one than to pay because that shipping and also installation of a brand-new drum. I will be to buy a brand-new washer and also it won"t be a sears ken an ext product. Bad quality and service indigenous sears.

Nov 29, 2011 Rating
Kenmore 110.92273000 70 series has to be amazing! by: anonymous Ahhh, the wonderful Kenmore 70 "Heavy Duty" series. Ns bought a pair in spiffy almond color, along with a equivalent 20 cubic foot "side by side" frozen refrigerator in 1991/2. Almond to be a $20 "upcharge"... LOL!The refigerator still works wonderfully. Ice device rules. Look at funny to many of mine friends. I clean the coils around every three months or once I remember to.My dryer needed a "Thermal Cutoff Kit" kit once, and also it take it me about 15 minutes to download it.I bypassed the lid safety switch top top the washing an equipment today and may or may not bespeak a brand-new switch. Youngsters are grown and also I am always home when doing to wash anyway.20 year of wonderful service indigenous the trio and also still walking STRONG.Well done, Whirlpool/Kenmore.

Nov 06, 2011 Rating
Wonderful product by: Happy client ns purchased the heavy duty 70 series washer and also 80 series dryer in 1995. I had the dryer barings changed last year and also have never ever had any issues through either product. Unfortunately it is no enegery efficient any longer therefore it"s time to profession them in for a brand-new one. I sure acquired my moneys worth end the years. I have a family members of 4, a child who plays both football and also baseball for this reason nothing yet dirt and also grass stains. I mean 8-10 fill a week. The machine cleans well and dries well. All ns did was wipe it under weekly and also cleaned the softner dispenser top top the agitator. I will but another Kenmore.

Sep 15, 2011 Rating
Won"t drain out by: anonymous machine would fill, agitate and also then stopped at the drain cycle. The wouldn"t empty. Do the efforts it at all different cycle settings (Perm. Push etc) and also same thing.Ordered a new Switch v www.searspartsdirect.com --STILL didn"t work. Checked pump and motor-seemed ok.Give up! Sadly, will certainly say goodbye come it and will try a GE washer. I"ll miss her.

Apr 06, 2011 Rating
Reliable...Reliable...Reliable! by: Clean in Colorado I have actually a Sears Kenmore 70 series - design 110 Washer & corresponding Heavy Duty Dryer. Ns bought the collection in 1996 indigenous a pair living in my apartment facility in Atlanta, GA. They had actually just gotten married and both had washer/dryers already. This was an extremely fortuitous for me, due to the fact that I have actually NEVER had any type of problems from either of these machines! end the expectancy of the years I have actually owned them, I have actually averaged 2 - 3 tons per mainly (mainly top top weekends) together I to be an outdoors-oriented person who "plays in the dirt" (2-wheels as well as 4-wheels) a lot. I will also include that the only laundry detergent device I have ever used in the makers is a brand referred to as "SA8" produced by access Business Group and also only easily accessible from one Amway distributor. The selling suggest for me was that this details brand that detergent has a unique coating that protects the interior metal components of the washing maker from premature birth rust (I acquired a show of just how that works). I favor to think the it as "rust-proofing my washing machine" while ns wash my clothes. Every I recognize is that I have never had actually a problem with the maker since using the product (knock top top wood). I will certainly buy one more Kenmore (if/when that day comes) and I will continue to usage the same laundry care system in it.

Apr 06, 2011 Rating
Kenmores are not Kenmores by: cotton just a note to tell every the consumers who lament aoubt or complement the Kenmore washers and also dryers, over there is no such point as a Kenmore!! They are usually Whirlpools, ask your Sears Appliance Manager for knowledge on this subject!

Mar 10, 2011 Rating
water leaks in ~ bottom prior of washer kenmore 110 by: anonymous as soon as the an equipment is filling part water leaks onto the floor native the front appropriate of the maker . Only once it fills no while washing or emptying

Feb 11, 2011 Rating
reliable service by: anonymous large capacity, great price 8 year ago.Series 70 dryer is simply OK. First washer repair today cost 120 dollars. Washer is noisy and never cleaned to my criter unless ns soak the apparel first. Wash cycle is only 14 minutes.Reliable organization for the price.

january 07, 2011 Rating
agitator problem by: cypress vol come Mars PA: what space the "dogs" in the agitator? our agitator ends up twisting the clothes into long strands. The "cap" on it came off end a year ago, and I can"t figure out exactly how to acquire it to remain on again. Our collection 70 W/D room over 16 years old and running fine. Just in situation that last sentence jinxes me and also they give out, go anyone know which present model #"s space their equivalents? i tried looking Google by that and came up with info overload, but no actual answer to mine question. Thanks!

jan 05, 2011 Rating
Kenmore model110 20642990 by: david r the washer is just 4-5 yrs old and has overflowed and also flooded our entire very first floor -extensive water damages - repairman stated it was a fluke accident however can take place anytime to any kind of machine.He said the sensor pipe was blocked and caused the maker not to prevent the filling cycle as soon as it to be filled.MUst have actually ran for a fifty percent hour prior to my wife came downstairs to uncover the disaster.

Dec 19, 2010 Rating
Help by: Cookie my kenmore has stoped working. The timmer is simply humming and also it won"t carry out anything else. I require to understand if the timmer requirements replacing or if the is the motor or what execute I need to trouble shoot. I carry out not have actually a manual. I prefer to try to perform repairs myself to learn and save money. Have the right to anyone please help me???

Oct 20, 2010 Rating
NIGHTMARE by: cotton HAVE constantly OWNED WHIRLPOOL products & loved THEM. As soon as WE MOVED right into OUR new HOME, WE saw SEARS FOR new APPLIANCES. THE SALESMAN persuaded US that WHIRLPOOL currently MAKES KENMORE WASHERS & offered US ~ above THIS MACHINE. FROM job ONE, WE had actually NOTHING yet PROBLEMS. IT has SHREDDED A COUNTLESS number of TOWELS & despite THE reality THAT THE SEARS REPAIRMEN have actually BEEN HER many TIMES TO deal with IT, THE problem STILL EXISTS. NOW, we HAVE occurred A new PROBLEM, THE AGITATOR drops OFF as soon as IN THE midst OF one of THE rotate CYCLES. NO matter HOW countless TIMES WE have PUT IT back ON, it KEEPS fall OFF. NEEDLESS to SAY, WE would ABSOLUTELY never RECOMMEND THIS machine TO anyone NOR would certainly WE introduce PURCHASING indigenous SEARS that ALTHOUGH THESE troubles HAVE every BEEN DOCUMENTED, REFUSES TO change THE MACHINE.

Oct 05, 2010 Rating
Operating indict manual by: silverbullit41
Why can"t we obtain a hands-on from Sears top top the internet?....my maker quit spinning and also does no eject the water....so I"m thinking a brand-new pump demands to it is in replaced. If I had actually a manual I can troubleshoot the problem.....Can anyone assist ....thank you...

Sep 22, 2010 Rating
OOOPS by: Lucy ns forgot to say that ns purchased my Kenmore 70 series in 1982... And also it is a version C42776506... And also it has actually been trouble cost-free except because that a very few minor things. It"s to be a an excellent machine and also when I have to buy one more one, it will be a Kenmore. I simply hope it will certainly be as durable as this one.

Sep 22, 2010 Rating
Kenmore 72 series - Cold Water Inlet by: Lucy The cold water comes out in spurts. Come make certain I acquire a an excellent rinse, I simply go v the to wash cycle again. Any kind of ideas as to the cause? The Warm/Cold and also Hot/Cold cycles work just fine. Thanks.

Sep 08, 2010 Rating
110.91520100 by: cotton we bought ours in Sept. That 1994 and also have not had a trouble until recently. It has started to leak when filling up. We have actually been debating on getting a new washer or having the old one fixed. If we obtain a new one, you can bet it will be a Kenmore. The matching dryer gave out 6-1/2 year ago.I experienced one other human on Fixya.com the is having actually the very same problem.Any suggestions?

Sep 05, 2010 Rating
18 years and also works choose new by: anonymous had actually it 18 years and also going strong, had actually to change the lid security switch, the begin capacitor and just rust proof the edge of lid and top opened for the paint Baganda to fail and also rust appeared. Works choose new.

Aug 24, 2010 Rating
Model 110.82870810 by: Mars, PA purchased a Kenmore washer 110.82870810 and matching electrical dryer new in late 1988. End the past 14 years averaging 7-9 loads per week as result of kids. Never had actually a difficulty with either until late January 2010. Washer no longer would get in the turn cycle. Would drainpipe the water yet no spin. Searched the web for solutions, looked at brand-new models at Lowe"s and also Home Depot, ultimately chose the infection was gone. Fix folks stated to scrap as it would price $500 to fix. Various other than lacking the turn nothing ever wrong with the machine. Decided to fix myself. Brand-new transmission in excess of $300. Purchased a rebuilt unit for $125 total and delivered to my house, over there are also less high-quality rebuilds ~ above ebay. Tackled instead of the transmission on a Saturday, about 3 hours later back in business, no difficulties since. If her washer walk not enter spin and also sounds like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEuMpSUVV-o&feature=relatedYou need to replace your transmission. Mine youngest son aided me and it was really a funny time because that both. Also, while instead of the infection I took the time to replace the "dogs" in the agitator, now the agitator turns in both directions again. I think in utilizing "stuff" until truly worn out. With a brand-new transmission this maker might run an additional ten year or so.

Aug 23, 2010 Rating
Switch-Lid problem by: Al Sr. please help.. Anyone that has actually a Kenmore series to Washing Machine..can friend tell me how to obtain to the Switch-Lid switch (controls spinning)???Can you eliminate the peak of this series or carry out I have to remove the whole rear panel???HELP

Aug 16, 2010 Rating
PROBLEM by: anonymous We"ve also had ours Kenmore washer, design 110 for several years and also am having actually a difficulty with it now. If clothing are left in the for any kind of length that time adhering to a complete cycle, we"re gaining rust point out on our clothes. I"ve never experienced anything like this and was wondering if anyone else has with any kind of washing machine.

Aug 03, 2010 Rating
Great set!! by: Theresa we have had our 70 collection washer and dryer for 11 year now, we just replaced one 30dollar component last year(spinner quit spinning)but I had to look because that a new washer recently. The maching is quiet working yet I am tired of rust stains on mine clothes. The tub is rusting from exterior the bath tub to inside. After ~ a bunch of destroyed clothes and 8 months I"m deciding to obtain a new washer, no a full set, dryer is quiet in an excellent shape.

Jul 15, 2010 Rating
Kenmore 110 version Advice to last longer by: Happy Helen Yes, i agree this device is really rugged.I have used the on so plenty of washes...It is a great family washer.Just don"t put belts from robes in the machinewithout tying them in a couple knots.That helps through the spin cycle not gettingthe belt caught approximately the agitator...I learned the hard method on this one...

Jun 24, 2010 Rating
Great washer! by: Ken & Jackie us bought our Kenmore 70 collection model 110 in Omaha in 1991. Moved twice, and the washer keeps on running. The is the really best washer us have ever owned. It gets used around 6 lots a week.Ken & Jackie

Jun 13, 2010 Rating
to Cindy by: cotton Cindy, mine washer to be leaking like that and also after cleaning the display screens on the hoses it didn"t leak anymore.

Jun 12, 2010 Rating
The just washer I"ve had by: Cindy i bought mine Kenmore 70 series in 1986. This is now 2010. 25 y/o washer still going strong. Never ever had any repairs. Walking to acquire a new one just because it drip water right into the tub when not iengaged. I will certainly probablt go through the 80 series this time.

Jun 06, 2010 Rating
Sin problem by: cotton can anybody tell me why my 70 collection sometimes leaves apparel too wet, as in sopping after the critical spin? that is spinning and fast and also I deserve to hear the sucking water into the drain. It"s around 2 year old and also this started around a month back on the rapid cycle. I have actually not caught it doing it on the perm press cycle. Favor I said it is spinning. I can"t discover a components blow up to see exactly how to gain the agitator out. I took the bolt the end of the center however when i pull increase on the it won"t move. Thanks tcrabtree37
Jun 03, 2010 Rating
stopped rotate after ripe years by: Abebe Zewdu I had my kenmore washer because that 9 years and also nothing was wrong through it till currently the washer quit spinning and also it will not gain the dirty water out of it. If girlfriend know how to solve this trouble then email me at azewdu3
may 19, 2010 Rating
Kenmore 70 collection model 110 by: Zewdu I had actually a kenmore washer and also dryer because that 9 years v no trouble at every intill now when the washer stopped spinning. And also stopped gaining the dirty water out. If somone knows just how to fix it please email me at Azewdu3
might 10, 2010 Rating
lint problem by: anonymous I acquire too much lint in the wash. How deserve to I solve this? i don"t have the manual, and also I"ve searched online however cannot find one. Kenmore hefty duty 70 collection model 110.92575110Thanks. Sandy

Apr 23, 2010 Rating
Great reliability by: anonymous I also have had actually a great experience through the series 70 washer and also gas dryer. Ns bought them brand-new in 1989 and they are still going solid 21 years later. Only thing I ever had to change are the washer water hoses from the back of the machine to the water connection.

january 27, 2010 Rating
Love my Kenmore 70 collection washer and dryer by: DCannon i bought mine Kenmore washer and dryer in 1992. I have actually raised 5 children all of whom play sports, and both washer and also dryer are still walk strong. Mine husband has actually tried to speak me into purchasing a brand-new set, to no avail. I"ve only had a repair male come once, as soon as the dryer wasn"t putting out warm air which cost very tiny to fix. I love mine Kenmore 70 collection and will save them as long as I possibly can!

Nov 27, 2009 Rating
reply to the human asking abou the mildew smell by: anonymous I also have this problem, and also today my husband take it it apart and also found the the wash basin, the part that hold the water, is rusting and also the water is dripping out now. He"s trying to fix it long sufficient for us to use till we deserve to get an additional one. He"s utilizing a rust converter that is commonly used on cars that have actually rust. We dont recognize if it will work, but it"s worth a try. Our set is end 25 years old, and also he"s maintained them himself. I think it"s time because that a brand-new set, but we arent going to just stick with the Kenmore brand this time. Good luck and hope your problem isnt as negative as our is.

Nov 03, 2009 Rating
Causing mildew odor by: cotton The bath tub inside the washing maker has a strong mildew odor. I have cleaned the top of the bath tub where lint and dust collect. Any ideas what can reason this issue?

Nov 02, 2009 Rating
Energy cost Per Year by: cotton follow to the yellow power Guide sticker the came through my heavy Duty 70 collection Model 110.82670110, the yearly cost to operate is $81 if offered with an electrical water heater, and also $35 if supplied with a gas water heater. Rather a bit an ext expensive 보다 the brand-new HE models!

Oct 04, 2009 Rating
stoped during rinse cycle by: cotton mine son just replaced a switch due to the fact that the machine stopped during rinse cycle. It to be $36 dollars for the part.Washer works fine now. Ns bought the unit second hand.It would agitate during the to wash cycle and also when switched to drainpipe it would certainly stop.Hope this helps.

Sep 23, 2009 Rating
Cubic Foot volume of Kenmore Washer by: anonymous I witnessed several questions posted here around the cubic foot dimension of this washer. Has anyone received solution or go anyone have actually an owner"s hands-on for the 70 series Model 11082873100? I need to find out what the capacity of my device is because it is broken, however no one appears to know and also no one has actually an owner"s hand-operated or specifications. I"ve do the efforts calling Sears/Kenmore yet they don"t have records on equipments that are over twenty years old. This has actually been a good washing an equipment and I desire to replace it through one the exact same size - but I don"t understand if it"s a 3.5 cr what capacity. If friend have any type of informtion, I"d really evaluate it. Friend can likewise e-mail me at soccer44ball
Sep 14, 2009 Rating
looking because that repair advise_Kenmore 70 series stopped working after to fill up water in second rinse cycle by: cotton mine Kenmore 70 series Model 110 stopped working (no drain, no agitate) after filling up water in center of the 2nd rinse cycle. Is over there anyone would certainly let me know exactly how serious the this problem is and also how much that could cost to repair? I have to decide if ns will uncover a repair or buy a brand-new one. Thanks for your advise.

Aug 05, 2009 Rating
worked well for 20 years by: cotton ns bought this washer in 1986 and it"s tho going strong after 23 years. Ns haven"t needed a repair male once and have had absolutely no trouble through this washer (or my Kenmore dryer bought at the exact same time). I am thinking it"s time because that a brand-new washer and dryer however I"m afraid they don"t make things to critical anymore. I"m skeptical around what brand to buy but keep leaning towards Kenmore since of my suffer with Kenmore products...what to do, what come do...hold on to my old tried and also true or take it a chance on a new machine.

Aug 05, 2009 Rating
how countless c.f. by: Sue G. I have actually been an extremely pleased through my washing an equipment over the years. But I just uncovered out this day that it needs a new water pump so i am going to buy a new washer. My problem is I do not know just how may c.f. The is. Have the right to someone aid me through this information?

Jul 18, 2009 Rating
Durable machine by: Cade Pros - optimal loading machine so the user walk not have to worry around his/her son crawling in to the machine. - 3 water level so the user doesn’t waste water and also laundry soap. Cons - older washing device It is not among the newer high efficiency units. - doesn"t have newer an intricate features such as heavy steam pretreating. As many Kenmore products are, this washer is definitely durable and it is a resilient machine. The particular machine I to be reviewing was first put in service in 1998 and has done numerous loads that laundry since then. The washing machine is a top loading washing maker and it has two speeds. The an equipment has four cycles. The cycles are heavy duty, permanent press, normal, and delicate. Additionally, over there are 2nd rinse, soak, spin, and also prewash cycles. The user may select from three water levels. There are 4 water temperature settings consisting of cold/cold, warm/cold, warm/warm, and hot/cold. Additionally, the user may add both the fluid chlorine bleach and also the liquid towel softener at the beginning of the washing cycle and the washing machine will automatically add them to the laundry in ~ the appropriate time in the cycle. In basic this is a good machine for either a busy family or a single person.

Jul 05, 2009 Rating
Kenmore 70 series bath tub size by: anonymous We"ve had our Kenmore 70 series for 16 years and also they"ve been great, but, now we"re likewise in the industry for a new set. I talked to a salesman at Sears, and he stated he believed the bathtub size top top this design was probably roughly 3 cubic ft. I"ve measured it myself, and also it appears to be close to the 3.5 models that they space making now. Being that Whirlpool is associated with many of the significant brands now, we"ll probably go v a "no bells and whistles" Whirlpool model.I expect this helps.

Jun 26, 2009 Rating
How numerous CU. FT???? by: Laura I very own a Kenmore hefty duty 70 collection extra volume plus. Version 110. 92575110 serial CE5175035.I to buy this maker from Sears right around 19 to 20 years ago. It has actually been a great machine and starting about 5 yrs back started to present signs of wear and also tare. I have had the cupplings replaced 2 or 3 times now and just last week the motor on the door broke down and it wouldnt rinse. Ns have had actually it fixed yet my repair guy said this an equipment is top top its last legs. I am looking at brand-new ones and am do the efforts to discover the same size together the one ns have however I do not recognize the CU. FT. Of thsi model. Have the right to anyone help? If so might you you re welcome e-mail me at lab1265
Jun 08, 2009 Rating
Keeps going! by: anonymous us have likewise owned the Kenmore collection 70 washer and dryer for 17 years. It has never broken down!!However, the washer is beginning to do funny noises so i am starting to look for a new Kenmore...does anyone understand the CU FT volume of the Kenmore collection 70? model 110 many thanks

Apr 22, 2009 Rating
How lot does it price to operation the Kenmore 70 Series by: cotton ns have had actually my washing machine for over 21 year too! an excellent machine but I think I"m ready to purchase a new machine. Ns was wondering how much it expense per year to run my old washing machine. Does anyone know?

Apr 14, 2009 Rating
Kenmore 700 series top loader washer by: anonymous my lady K 700 collection is 29 years old! it has actually been a wonderfulmachine from the porcelain bath tub to the porcelain human body this hefty duty wonder is every workhorse. It has gone from being used every single day come now just a couple of times a week. It has come thorough because that me v all the settings and also water temps. And the large capacity I elevated two boys and all their jeans on this washer. Fear to buy one more one native what I check out on the internet buying any type of of the new ones is a nighmare. Will certainly stick w/ the Lady K as long as she"s willing! Sears never had a far better washer 보다 this one.

Dec 05, 2008 Rating
Reliable!! by: Baddbonz we bought our version 110 70 series washer & dryer collection in 1992 indigenous a pair who were acquiring divorced. I searched the serial #s and found that both devices were made in July 1990.....so they room almost twenty years old! Both machines have been exceptionally reliable. This previous Summer we had actually our very first service ever on the washer, to change a leaking water pump, and have the agitator rebuilt. Complete cost was roughly $200....much much less than a brand-new machine! for the dryer, we had a gas-valve changed a year or so ago, together there was no heat. Ns think the was around $100 to fix.In short, both machines very reliable and durable!

Nov 23, 2008 Rating
Nice variety of options by: anonymous I"ve had this washing maker for end a year and I really like it. It has actually done a an excellent job at cleaning every article I have washed through it. It appears to obtain a load of apparel done quicker than mine previous washing machine. It has actually a nice variety of options, so girlfriend be sure that friend are gaining the exactly washer setup for the kind of fill you are doing. The just real complain I have actually is the it seems to acquire unbalanced more often 보다 my vault washing machine. That"s quickly fixed through rearranging the garments inside, yet it"s a pain in ~ times.

Nov 23, 2008 Rating
Just one problem by: cotton This is a supplied washing maker that was bought with the classifieds that my local newspaper. Also though that is old, that has functioned just fine for the year and a half that I"ve own it. That is not like the newer equipments with a digital display, yet it works good and gets the job done. The only problem is with bigger items like a comforter, it periodically gets lopsided throughout mid bicycle like many older makers do. Yet for the price and reliability, it is well worth it.

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Nov 20, 2008 Rating
Looooong lasting machine by: anonymous ns absolutely adore my old Kenmore heavy Duty 70 collection washing machine. I bought it practically a decade ago from an enlarge lady who gained it brand-new several year before. That means this an equipment must be nearly twenty years old! Nevertheless, this is the best machine hands down that i have ever owned, and I"ve owned several! not only has actually this Kenmore outlasted every other an equipment I"ve ever had, it"s one all-around far better machine together well. Lock don"t call it hefty Duty because that nothing! The bathtub on my Kenmore will easily hold numerous pairs the jeans and do a an excellent job of obtaining them clean. I deserve to wash my feather/down full-sized comforter in this beast. It will manage a full set of bedding (sheets, pillow cases, two blankets and also a mattress pad) in one load. It has actually three pack size selections so girlfriend don"t need to use much more water 보다 you need. From tiny to tool to large, with huge being really large, this washer has actually it.It has 5 cycles and I use them all. The many handy cycle is the Cotton/Sturdy cycle, with settings for heavy, tool or lightly soiled clothes. Next most used would be the Knit/Delicate cycle, then possibly the permanent Press, Pre-Wash and Pre-Soak cycles. The has five (yes, five!) water temperature choices, from Cold/Cold to Hot/Cold and everything in in between to make sure your clothing get the right combination to store them in shape and also color-fast.Combinations of these 5 cycles v the three fill sizes and the 5 water temperature choices carry out you v laundry ease. I haven"t done the research study to identify whether there"s a brand-new Kenmore to same the one I have now because I"m afraid to perform anything that can jinx "Old Reliable". For sure there have been enhancements in washing machines over the previous two decades, and those former loaders perform look tempting. However, I would be simply as happy to keep my faithful Kenmore for plenty of years come come.

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