I'm walk crazy through this guy! I've died about 10 times trying to beat it and also the difficulty level just seems unreal compared to whatever I've done so far. I haven't passed away once up until this suggest and I've to win KH as soon as it was originally released, for this reason Im getting really frustrated v this.

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I have actually no problem jumping up on the table and also getting turn off a 3 struggle combo. My problem is when he lamp his pole on fire and also starts hurling fireballs at Mach 1 speed. I can reflect the an initial three shots maybe, yet I simply can't keep up through the barrage. Dodging them is impossible since they space homing fireballs too. Wtf?!? i feel like I'm on hard mode, but I to be in truth on "final mix" i beg your pardon is an alleged to it is in easy.

Any advice anyone?


I constantly attacked with my keyblade nothing special, just mashed X and jumped to shot and lug him down. I think your simply having negative luck...

I'm not certain that will certainly work. He's therefore tall the you have to jump off of the table to assault him. In ~ this allude though, ill give your technique a shot.

You recognize if you use blizzard on the spot under the fire that can't light his rod on fire, right? I passed away 10 times till I accidentally locked onto the spot and used blizzard.

I knew there had actually to be part stupid trick favor this and also I can't believe I didn't think to shot that. If the works and also I beat the jerk, I will name mine firstborn "Rypug, sage of r/kingdomhearts".

I think I passed away 2 or 3 times fighting the on regular difficulty, I simply kept spamming x and dodge rolling. Side note, it's so an excellent to skip the reduced scenes.

When he is throw fire in ~ you, usage the chair/table come block all of them. Line of sight them (Where you cant check out the fireballs, since of an item in former of you.)

I tried that last night and also his fireballs went around the chair to discover me favor homing missiles. I virtually think possibly this one details fight is bugged in ~ the hardest an obstacle for me.

I constantly hid top top the side of the fireplace when he started to launch the fire balls. Ns honestly had no strategy. I just kept moving and also getting in as countless combos together I could! just head back into wonderland and also lvl increase a bit? That never hurts!

You've got a few options.

Level up till you get the guard ability.

Hide until he stop firing, operation out and shot and obtain in a quick combo if he's light them increase again.

Try and lead him away from the fireplace, then save close come him. He has tendency to swing in ~ you an ext than shooting if you're close. Shot to obtain him in a spot whereby you can obtain to his height quickly, since the quicker you can swing at him, the faster you'll stagger him and be able to unleash your Keyblade-bearing rage on his stroked nerves ass.

It is a challenging fight, it take it me a when to work-related out a strategy. My straightforward plan was pretty much "Hit him prior to he can hit me, obtain behind something if that starts shooting."

What ns did ~ above proud setting was simply jump and also do 1 combo. Then earlier off and avoid his attack. Rinse and repeat till he sets his weapons on fire. Then back far away and also when that throws fireballs at you struggle them earlier with a correctly timed attack. For this to work (since we don't have block yet) you must be locked top top him and after each attack, usage the little window prior to the following fireball come in variety to step earlier to your original position (because attacking moves you forward and also eventually you'll be too close and also won't be able to hit lock back.) that's exactly how I did the on proud mode. An excellent luck!

Hats off to you teacher for deflecting those fireballs. I discovered the an initial two or three to it is in manageable, however it seemed favor they gained progressively much faster with every shot. After the 4th fireball, ns couldn't save up and I acquired lit up.

if you were on last mix mode, it shouldn't be too hard. Ns flattened him out no trouble on my very first run. Despite i would certainly make fire and thunder faster way spells versus the trickster.

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I uncovered the best way to beat him on proud was to stand appropriate in prior of him (but not also close) when hes firing dual fireballs in ~ you, then acquiring close until he does his sweep attack, then jump and also hit that in that tiny window that time. Once he fires the big ball the fire, dodge roll forward through it instead of away or come the side.


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