Final Form (ファイナルフォーム, Fainaru Fōmu?) is the last of Sora"s Drive creates in Kingdom understanding II, which unleashes the Keyblade"s true power. Sora profit the capability to acquire Final kind after Sora defeats Roxas at The human being that never ever Was.

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Unlike obtaining other Drive forms that are derived through story progression, Final kind is obtained through gameplay. After beating Roxas in The civilization that never ever Was, there"s a (3x)3%<1> opportunity that Sora will activate Final form after trying come activate an additional Drive Form. There are a pair of methods to obtain Final form easier than hoping because that it to show up randomly. The only prerequisite is that Sora should be in combat in order come unlock last Form.

Kingdom hearts II last Mix, to add the irradiate & Darkness ability, which rises the opportunities of Final form appearing when choosing one of the other drive forms, just if Final type has yet to be unlocked.


While in most worlds, Final kind turns Sora"s garments turn white and also a white wave patterns the sleeves and front of the pants. Sora hovers over the ground, and two fading whisps float about Sora when his Keyblades hover and spin overcome behind him. His clothes likewise pulse through a white glow nevertheless of what human being he is in. Once moving, Sora leans contempt forward.

When jumping, Sora does a front flip while he supplies his hands to guide his Keyblades under him together he ascends, till he the cross his arms. Lock spin around him interlocked in ~ the hilt below his hands, and also toward his feet until the height of his jump. In ~ the height of his jump, Sora uncrosses his arms and the Keyblades rest apart together they proceed to spin about him. Throughout his decent, he grabs the handle of his Keyblades, throws lock downward, and also they return overcome behind him favor wings as he the cross his arms yet again. When he lands, his Keyblades sweep the ground approximately him as he spins as soon as counterclockwise.

While hovering, Sora slowly descends to the ground, and holds his arms the end at his political parties while his Keyblades spin gradually parallel come each other in front of him.

While gliding, Sora is parallel to the ground together his Keyblades rotate in front of him; he slowly descends closer come the soil in lower-levelled creates of Glide.

In Halloween Town, Sora"s clothes remain unmodified aside from gaining the white pulsing glow and the pumpkin mask, i m sorry turns into a crown.

In Christmas Town, Sora"s Santa cap gains a white wave, while the ago of Sora"s coat gains 2 white waves shaped choose wings.

In space Paranoids, the panels ~ above Sora"s outfit space white instead of black, and the blue circuit lights turn black.

In Timeless River, Sora doesn"t adjust appearance, yet his health icon profit a white tint.


In final Form, Sora has the capacity to wield 2 Keyblades, and float across the ground, which is faster than to run in his initial form. His ground combo consists of 3 parts:

The an initial part has actually Sora rotate counterclockwise when his Keyblades hit roughly him diagonally in an x.The second part has Sora rotate clockwise when his Keyblades hit about him diagonally in an x, then has actually his Keyblades move ago and soon in front of him, striking any kind of enemies in his way.The third component is a finisher. If opponents surround Sora, the performs last Arts. If over there is only a single enemy, the performs last Arcana.Using the Combo to add abilities allows Sora come repeat the very first two components of the combo.If there is a single enemy, using a Finishing Plus ability allows Sora to include Final Arts come the end of his combo. Then adding multiple Finishing add to abilities outcomes in Sora alternative between final Strike and Final Arts until the combo is completed.If there room multiple enemies, utilizing a Finishing Plus ability allows Sora to add Final Strike come the finish of his combo. Then including multiple Finishing to add abilities outcomes in Sora alternate between final Arts and Final Strike till the combo is completed.


His aerial combo consists of 3 parts:

The first part causes Sora come spin in a front diagonal movement while swinging his Keyblades alongside him.The second part makes Sora spin and swing his Keyblades counterclockwise then strike his Keyblades increase in one x.The third component is the finisher final Strike.Using the Combo add to abilities enables Sora come repeat the an initial two components of the combo.Using a Finishing Plus capability allows Sora to interrupt last Strike after ~ the second part to perform final Arts.Using a second Finishing Plus ability allows Sora to do a complete, extr Final to win after last Arts.

Magic is it is provided up v the ability Crime & Punishment. Healing magic is unaffected, yet the rest of Magic is changed.

Fire: three stacked rings surround Sora as his Keyblades spin approximately the bottom ring and also are also collection ablaze. Size relies on the level that Fire.As a combo finisher: 3 stacked ring surround Sora while the bottom most one is composed of six huge fireballs.Blizzard: Two huge ice crystals room shot together as Sora is propelled slightly backward. Size relies on the level that Blizzard.As a combo finisher: 4 alternating big ice crystals space shot, then two large ice crystals are shot next by side as Sora is pushed backward.Thunder: Three large bolts of lightning rain under on the enemy in a triangle formation.As a combo finisher: Eight huge bolts of lightning rain under on the adversary surrounding Sora.Reflect: exact same as common Reflect, however Sora stop his hand together, lifting them upward while his Keyblades spin approximately him, hitting bordering enemies.As a combo finisher: Mechanically the same as a constant Reflect, however Sora performs a windmill and the Keyblades spinning about him go farther.

Using this Drive kind costs 5 journey Gauges and also the usage of two party members till Sora has actually reverted ago to his original form. If a party member is unconscious or there aren"t two party members in the party, Final kind will it is in unusable--with the exception of the Cerberus Cup, Cerberus Paradox Cup, and also rounds 31-40 that the Hades Paradox Cup. V no safety ability, prevent is minimal to Reflect magic, and various motion with the assist of Auto Assault. Prefer all various other Drive Forms, final Form"s abilities cannot be unequipped, all action and movement abilities execute not carry over to last Form. Sora loser 10 points toward Antiform every time that transforms into last Form.

Final ArcanaHandling the Keyblade with an excellent skill, unleashes a powerful finishing combo relocate to a solitary target.Sora spins through the Keyblades prior to he hurls them toward the target as they spin and then bash in ~ each various other three times before returning to his back.

Due come being prospered by last Arts, which reasons Sora to come to be airborne, using Finishing to add abilities won"t reason Final Arcana come occur much more than when per combo.

Final StrikeWhile spinning in midair, transaction a powerful finishing combo relocate to a solitary target.Final Strike consists of 3 parts:Sora spins his Keyblades handle-to-handle parallel to him clockwise.Then Sora bring his Keyblades to his sides while he turns counterclockwise together his Keyblades relocate up and also down rapidly while they rotate roughly him.Then Sora does a couple of backflips if his Keyblades connect to his shoes till he grabs them and also spins favor a drill downward.
Final ArtsUnleashes a powerful finishing combo move to eliminate several targets in ~ once.Final Arts renders Sora"s Keyblades spin in a spiral external from his body. Climate Sora zips roughly in the circle, hitting enemies within it, till the Keyblades spiral earlier to the facility where Sora catches them.

This reasons Sora to come to be airborne. Last Arts have the right to interrupt the second portion of last Arcana at any point, and must interrupt third part of final Strike before it occurs.

Auto AssaultThe Keyblade automatically unleashes attacks in assorted situations.Jumping: The Keyblades attack as lock twirl roughly Sora together he rises, and also snap in prior of Sora together he falls.Gliding: The Keyblades rotate in prior of Sora as he glides.Hovering: The Keyblades spin progressively parallel to each various other in front of Sora.Fire: The Keyblades spin and also surround Sora in tandem v Fire.Reflect: The Keyblades spin and also surround Sora.Landing: The Keyblades sweep the ground in front of Sora.Getting Air-tossed: The Keyblades spin toward the enemy, then back toward Sora.Using an item: The Keyblades rotate upward approximately Sora.
Crime & PunishmentA Keyblade organized in every hand unleashes powerful magic spells.
Mobile ActionActions will certainly be enabled while moving.
in midair come ride the wind at too much speed. Keep the switch pressed down for much longer action.
Synch BladeEquips a Keyblade in each hand. The ability of the left hand weapon becomes obtainable as well.
MP HasteIncreases MP reconstruction speed by 25% after ~ MP is completely consumed. Equip much more to boost the effect.It takes around 40 secs to restore Sora"s MP completely.

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For every Nobody defeated in final Form, 1 allude of experience is gained. This way areas with many weaker Nobodies such as Creepers and Dusks are ideal for leveling.