In order come get much better weapons in Kingdom Hearts, it definitely pays to know exactly how to farm as numerous Blaze Gems as you can in the game.

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Kingdom Hearts cave of wonders Treasure Room and Synthesis menu
among the greatest time sink in the Kingdom Hearts series is the should grind for particular materials the are needed to produce the much more powerful items and weapons in the game. In the instance of the original Kingdom Hearts, one of those items is the Blaze Gem, one of three Blaze items that can be acquired by beating Heartless throughout the miscellaneous Disney worlds.

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if Blaze jewel aren"t the hardest materials to come throughout in the game, they have the right to be difficult to uncover if players are not conscious of which opponents drop them upon defeat and also where those enemies are most commonly found, leading to many players just running from human being to human being in a vain attempt to uncover even one of them. Together such, here are a couple of handy advice to help you get accessibility to every the Blaze jewel you could possibly need in Kingdom Hearts.

Sora picking up a Blaze Gem in Agrabah in Kingdom Hearts
regardless of their surname indicating that they would certainly be connected with fiery enemies like the Red Nocturne, this isn"t actually the instance as those certain enemies will just drop Blaze Shards, among the an ext common synthetic materials, quite than the Blaze jewel or Blazing Stones compelled to make an ext powerful items. Blaze Gems likewise can"t it is in synthesized from Blaze Shards, a attribute that is often usual in RPGs with comparable mechanics and can just be acquired from defeating specific enemies, the drop price of i m sorry changes in between the initial PS2 release and also the succeeding 1.5 last Mix versions of the game.

Sora fighting Bandits in Kingdom Hearts
In the original Kingdom Hearts, Blaze gems are many easily derived from Bandits and also Fat Bandits, which have actually a drop rate of 6% and also 10% respectfully, when White Mushrooms also have a opportunity to drop them as soon as Fire spells are supplied on them, having a 20% chance to drop once the final spell is the correct spell and 60% as soon as all three hits space from the exactly spell.

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In 1.5 final Mix, the same enemies can be provided to uncover Blaze Gems, however the drop prices are significantly lower v Bandits and also Fat Bandits only having actually a 4% and 8% drop rate while White Mushrooms have actually a 10% drop price regardless the how countless correct spells are supplied on them. Thankfully, both the original release and also 1.5 last Mix both permit the usage of the Bambi summon for a much more consistent means of recognize Blaze Gems as well.

Sora summoning Bambi in Kingdom Hearts
The ideal place to farm yard for Blaze jewel is any type of world with an abundance of Bandits and Fat Bandits, making both Traverse Town and also Agrabah the most accessible areas beforehand in the game if players room looking to synthesize every items quickly. These locations are prime spots because that Blaze jewel to drop. Since the Bambi summon finds both Blaze Shards and Blaze jewel in Traverse Town once its summon strength activates, this human being is the best for agriculture for many Blaze Gems making use of Bambi, despite the variety of Bandits that spawn in Traverse town is fairly low compared to Agrabah by comparison. If football player would fairly fight the old-fashioned way, Agrabah"s cave of wonders area spawns countless Bandits and also Fat Bandits that deserve to make agriculture a little an ext consistent and also less reliant on utilizing Bambi if players haven"t obtained the summon power yet.

Hidden chest in Agrabah in Kingdom Hearts

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when the drop rates for Blaze gems are diminished in 1.5 last Mix, the areas where Bandits and also Fat Bandits show up don"t adjust all that lot and permit for lot the exact same farming approaches as in the initial release. However, if the original Kingdom understanding didn"t have actually a guaranteed drop for several synthesis items, final Mix does allow the player to discover a Blaze Gem within a chest in human being Terminus.

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In the Agrabah region of civilization Terminus, over there is a chest hidden overhead in the Palace gates area that can be missed reasonably easily. Merely use the surrounding sector stall roofs as jumping platforms to with the highest suggest where a chest can be found containing a Blaze Gem. If players room lucky, the enemies that spawn in this area encompass a Fat Bandit which may also drop a Blaze Gem.

In the initial release, Blaze Gems have the right to be used to synthesize powerful healing item such as Mega Potions and also Mega Elixirs, as well as powerful accessory items such as the Ribbon and also Rune Armlet. In 1.5 last Mix, they are no much longer able to produce Mega Potions and Mega Elixirs, but they are instead able to create AP Up, a very powerful item the is advantageous in just about every scenario, an especially at later levels in the game.

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