Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. (born September 27, 1982), well-known professionally together Lil Wayne, is one American rapper. Lil Wayne"s career started in 1991 in ~ the period of nine, when he was discovered by Bryan "Baby" Williams and also joined Cash Money documents as the youngest member that the label, and half of the duo... More

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Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. (born September 27, 1982), recognized professionally together Lil Wayne, is one American rapper. Lil Wayne"s career began in 1991 at the period of nine, once he was uncovered by Bryan "Baby" Williams and also joined Cash Money documents as the youngest member of the label, and half of the duo The B.G."z, together fellow new Orleans-based rapper B.G., then recognized as Lil" Doogie. In 1996, Lil Wayne and also B.G. Join the southern hip hop team Hot Boys, with Cash Money label-mates Juvenile and Turk. Warm Boys debuted with get It exactly how U Live!, that very same year. Most of the group"s success came through their platinum-selling album Guerrilla war (1999) and the 1999 single "Bling Bling". For many years, he to be the flagship artist the Cash Money Records, prior to ending his long-tenured resolve the company in June 2018.
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Lil Wayne – Knuck If girlfriend Buck Freestyle Lyrics

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city 1:Young mane because that PresidentI'd most likely paint the white residence black if it to be my residenceBush ago in office some niggas feel that's irrelevantCuz they quiet pedalin' this medicine however anyway anydayI have the right to zurk turn off quick and make my semi spraySend some of my males your method just to punch yo guys awayStiff arm very tight bullets they prefer the penetrayYoung Money we outta school and we got chemistry!!(Young Money muthafucka)Young spitter, young mane, young cop, young mob, tez poleWe don't past the absent nigga we ball hogsMad sluggish in the escalade nigga y'all all fallJack yo fresh ass caddy and steal yo white wallzNigga us don't prefer y'allHell yeah we will fight y'allWe ain't on no Tyson shitWe ain't tryin' bite y'allKnuckin if girlfriend buckin most likely bustin' at yo couzinWe youngin's that's 'bout somethin'Y'all niggas ain't 'bout nuthin' (chyea, chyea)Verse 2:Nigga us bustin, and bussin to the bang'o bustNo we don't operation for the olympics yet the flame v usI gained that tussin' that scummy and also that angel dustSo choose yo high I will certainly supply and also correct alters was sup.We carry the bussin' us bussin' prefer this thang for usYou niggas is sleevless guy you can't hang with usI acquired a bitch that speak SpanglishShe keep her bangles danglin in the cocaine that's appropriate up in she anusOak Wayne is right up in the spot where he is intend toB obtained ova in ~ the game and also now the coachin'Me yet I've to be the champion happy together I ever beenLampin' in the hamptons favor what the posesthe is a hammockThe chef increase in the kitchen prefer what the crap is a sammichI'm prefer we gotta find middle floor we need balanceChallenge me lab beat to my advantageI'm impressive like standing external up in the twister and walking no damagedStanding outside up in the blizzard and also walking hot headedServing nicklebacks and also Iraq gambling I will certainly not panicSwerve the nickel black if i wreck gambling I will certainly not panicCop another one the next day and drive it crazierThe seats will be lazier shit'll be gravierNina Sarafina my girl for this reason then ns baby herWavin' at her at 2 crazy 4 gazee's I'm 2 brazee 3 brazee'sDeep we gained 380's and P 80 9's 9's M-10's and also M 1's and 12 gaugesShell cases money put up because that jail cases we'll do itMy momma to speak tuck yo chain boy they'll take it itI struggle em' with one of those stale deals with likeI'll be damned momma they understand who ns am mommaI'm still yo little boy however to castle I'm the guy mommaFuck wit yo boy man how hollygrove the hood niggaThrow that in yo face till you gain that understoodVerse 3:Niggas know I'm heavy with the coke with the cokeIn the Impala ss and also sittin' heavy on da spokesNeva am I broke man I'm playin with some changeI gain a nigga soaked prefer he playin in da rainAnd everywhere I walk a ho starin at my chainI'm the Most an useful Playa in da gameThese haters wanna rob meBecause i got much more kicks then niggas v black belts in karateKeep a redbone v a real nice bodyJust copped a 'Lac and a yellow MaseratiNiggas ain't fuckin through this doughWhen young money shoppin we don't leave nothing in the mallThese niggas ain't as well-off as us male ya rims to smallGet yo muthafuckin' inch upCuz i copped me a benz todayJust to walk on 106 and Park and also hand the secrets over to cost-free and aj