Greatest Bowling Alleys in America

Highland Park Bowl, developed in 1927, is the earliest bowling alley in Los Angeles.

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It’s been an ext than fifty percent a century since Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton that "The Honeymooners" escaped the drudgery of life on new York City’s bus routes and sewers through trips to Brooklyn’s Acme Alley together members of "The Hurricanes" bowling team.

To plenty of in our modern-day age, the American bowling alley may seem as antiquated together "The Honeymooners" (or even "Kingpin" or "The large Lebowski"). However while bowling is no much longer the renowned pastime that was during its heyday in the 1950s, the Acme Alleys the today have actually reinvented themselves together all-purpose entertain venues, illustration patrons as lot for dining and also gaming experiences, musical acts and laser light reflects as well-oiled lanes.

If "The Honeymooners" to be rebooted in the United states — which now has actually over 5,000 bowling centers— Ralph and also Ed could be found at Acme Alley’s karaoke lounge or nursing a "Hurricane" cocktail (or craft beer) at the full-service lounge, in in between hurling strikes (or gutter balls) top top the lanes.

Here’s a look at great American bowling alleys that would certainly make Ralph Kramden and "The Hurricanes" proud.

Rock 'n' bowl — new Orleans

If you like music, you'll love rock 'n' key in new Orleans.

Opened: 1941

Bottom line: As lot a music venue together a bowling alley, this well known venue in the huge Easy days to 1941 and also features live bands every night, v patrons known to dance in between the lanes.

Rock "n " Bowl also is recognized as the only alley in the nation that grinds its very own chuck. Past burgers and also fries, the menu attributes such Bayou specialties as shrimp remoulade and fried bread pudding po"boy.

The Goodnight — Austin, Texas

Fun is the name of the game at The Goodnight.

Opened: 2012

Bottom line: famed for its pet-friendly deck, elevated lounges and private karaoke room, The Goodnight is in the procedure of relocating to a brand-new Austin ar that will attribute a "new menu, tablet computer scoring, digital reality, karaoke and more."

Let’s hope the new location recreates the substantial mural of personalities from "The big Lebowski" and "Kingpin" the was a fixture that the ahead site.

JB’s top top 41 — Milwaukee

JB's functions glow bowling.

Opened: 1950 (formerly Olympic Lanes, renovated in 2012)

Bottom line: JB’s is just one of the thousands of U.S. Bowling centers and attracts kids and also adults alike with attractions such as glow bowling and special effects lighting.

It has actually a nightclub vibe ~ above weekends, an expansive arcade ("The rate Zone") and 25 Milwaukee-themed lanes that encompass lightweight bowling balls, dragon ramps and also automatic bumpers.

If you want to try your hand at a various sport, JB"s provides a summer volleyball league in its really own volleyball pavilion.

The Alley — Charleston, south Carolina

You can eat, drink and bowl in ~ The Alley in Charleston.

Opened: 2012

Bottom line: "It’s not simply a bowling alley" is exactly how The Alley introduces chin on its website.

In addition to that is eight lanes because that bowling, The Alley uses patrons three bars (one made of recycle bowling wood) featuring craft beers, retro 1970s arcade games and two 160-inch estimate TVs.

And if the bowling league doesn’t suit your tastes, you deserve to take a whack in ~ its ping-pong league.

Brooklyn key — Brooklyn, brand-new York

Great bowling. An excellent music. Great vibes. Brooklyn Bowl supplies a one-of-a-kind experience.

Opened: 2009

Bottom line: A mix music venue-restaurant-bowling alley in the Williamsburg ar of Brooklyn, wind-powered Brooklyn key is additionally known as the world’s first LEED-certified bowling alley.

Between games on its 16 lanes, bowlers can kick earlier on the alley’s animal leather Chesterfield sofas.

And the Bowler’s Lounge provides you a birds-eye see to the musical acts. Amongst the action it’s held are firearms N’ Roses, Kanye West, M.I.A. And also Snoop Dogg.

Rolling stone called Brooklyn key "one that the many incredible locations on Earth."

Pinz Bowling Center

The Pinz Bowling facility has been about since 1957.

Location: Los Angeles


Bottom line: located on LaLa Land’s famous Ventura Boulevard, Pinz attributes runner lights and also pins that glow in the dark on its 32 lanes.

Add turn disco balls and a laser light show to the mix, and you can feel as if you’re on the set of "Saturday Night Fever."

The alley has been a Los Angeles fixture since the 1950s.

Garage — Seattle

Garage has been a Capitol Hill favorite in Seattle for over 20 years.

Opened: 1996

Bottom line:The 40,000-square-foot night spot has actually been a well-known spot in the Capitol Hill ar of Seattle since 1996.

With 20 bowling lanes, 25 swimming pool tables, six bars and three personal rooms, the Garage is experience some changes as a new Bowlero (formely Bowlmor AMF) bowling center and also arcade.

No native on whether the brand-new dinner menu still will include local favorites favor seared ahi, Bloody mary sliders and a $14 huge pretzel offered with habanero beer cheese dip.

Red rock Lanes — ras Vegas

Let's roll.

Opened: 2007

Bottom line: because that the severe bowler who desires his or her alley to stay true to its roots, it’s difficult to to win Red absent Lanes, i m sorry was built for $31 million.

This luxurious 77,000-square-foot bowling facility is a bowler’s dream, through 72 Brunswick agree Anvil lanes, a state-of-the-art scoring system and also pinsetters. It"s also has a pro shop with certified coaches.

But as with many various other alleys this days, the amenities extend past the lanes, together Red Rock supplies a full-service lounge (with roadway service) and cosmic-themed arcade.

Uptown Alley — Surprise, Arizona

Uptown Alley has actually some pretty lanes.


Bottom line: v 40 high-tech lanes equipped through 15-foot projection HDTVs, Uptown Alley will certainly satisfy any serious bowler.

Beyond the lanes, however, there is plenty rather to savor in this 60,000-square-foot entertain venue, consisting of two-story laser tag and also a sporting activities theater through 10-foot forecast screens and an ultra lounge through 10 personal lanes.

Shenaniganz — Rockwall, Texas

Shenaniganz uses fun for all ages.

Opened: 2008

Bottom line: The 24-lane bowling basic (billed as "these aren’t her grandpa’s bowling lanes!") is just the begin of the funny at Shenaniganz, i beg your pardon has provided a five-star suffer in the Dallas area because that over a decade.

Other attractions at this full-blown entertainment facility include virtual reality, go-karts and "live to escape rooms" that will carry you into a "completely role play environment," such together Fidel Castro’s headquarters during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

After that, you’ll certainly want to unwind in ~ Rosie’s sporting activities Bar, with its an ext than 30 draught and bottled beers and also martini selection.

Flaherty’s Arden key — Saint Paul, Minneapolis

Flaherty's is still going solid after 80 year of operation.


Bottom line: A Twin urban fixture due to the fact that 1938, Flaherty’s is well-known as the earliest continuously operation family-owned bowling alley in the unified States.

It attributes 36 lanes the bowling and also a agree shop operation by a pro bowler v over 50 years of suffer in the industry

A Friday night DJ/MC keeps bowlers entertained, and bowlers can fill up in ~ the Irish-themed pub and grill.

Highland Park bowl — Los Angeles

Highland Park Bowl has actually a most history.


Bottom line: Los Angeles’ oldest bowling alley, Highland Park Bowl, which opened up its doors in 1927, is a throwback to its prohibition era root (with the exemption of that expansive cocktail menu).

This lavishly restored venue functions historic bowling pennants, long leather couches and also sawed-off pins that serve as bar lamps.

The cuisine here goes far past snack bar fare, with such offerings as chicken Milanese, calamari fritti and ravioli chocolate.

Silver dollar Saloon — Philipsburg, Montana


Bottom line: with its weird four-lane alley nestled between an old-style cowboy saloon, this large Sky nation venue uses a bowling experience favor no other.

If you should wait because that a lane to open up, you deserve to pass the time with billiards, table tennis, karaoke or pony approximately the saloon for a taste of one of its 100-plus soul (or a microbrew).

If that’s not enough, there’s a personal movie theater through a 14-foot HD screen.

Action & atom Duckpin bowl — Indianapolis

Are you all set for some 1930s-themed bowling? You've come the ideal place.

Opened:1928 (closed in 1957, revitalized and reopened in 1993)

Bottom line: maybe the nation’s most renowned location for duckpin bowling, this venue at the fountain Square Theater structure features 2 levels: a restored 1930s-era alley v eight lanes, a vintage billiard table and seating for 110 guests.

The Atomic key Duckpin is in the basement and also has authentic 1950"s and "60"s equipment.

Unlike the more popular 10-pin bowling, duckpin bowling (which was among Babe Ruth’s favourite games) functions smaller balls and pins, through players obtaining three tosses on every turn.

30 Strikes — Stratford, brand-new Jersey

30 Strikes has actually 80 lanes.


Bottom line: v 80 lanes, 30 Strikes ranks among the biggest bowling venues in America. It’s additionally one that the more family-friendly.

Its COOL cosmic bowling functions special-effects lighting and also pulse-pounding music. Galactic glow weekends offer bowlers a chance to experience glow carpets, scoreboards and even shoes.

National Bowling stadion — Reno, Nevada

There's no location like the nationwide Bowling Stadium.


Bottom line: recognized as the "Taj Mahal of 10 pins," the national Bowling stadion is as big and bold as it gets once it concerns America’s bowling alleys.

The 363,000-square-foot stadium, which opened in 1995, functions 78 championship lanes and a stadion Club v a full-service bar and the Kingpin Club, i beg your pardon caters to meetings and parties with 10 skilled lanes and also another full bar.

Thunderbowl Lanes — Allen Park, Michigan

For a true Americana bowling experience, Thunderbowl is difficult to beat.


Bottom line: known as the biggest bowling center in the country (topping even Reno’s nationwide Bowling Stadium), the legend Thunderbowl Lanes attributes 90 lanes and is home to the better Detroit Bowling Association room of Fame.

Thunderbowl, which has been hosting bowlers because 1962, additionally is a prime avoid for skilled bowling events, hosting the PBA tourism finals in 2018.

Though it may not have actually some of the bells and also whistles of various other alleys (it does encompass an arcade and also lounge), when it involves the bowling experience itself, Thunderbowl is hard to top.

Holler home — Milwaukee

Welcome to Holler House, the oldest lanes in America.


Bottom line: maybe there’s a reason Laverne and Shirley invested so much time bowling in between shifts in ~ the Milwaukee brewery wherein the tv duo functioned in the 1970s. This city doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its alleys.

Founded in 1908, Holler house is billed as the earliest certified bowling alley in the united States.

This location is together old school as it gets. Two lanes attribute original timber that is oil by hand, and neighborhood youngsters reset the pins through hand.

Stardust key — Addison, Illinois

The Stardust lanes have seen a lot of bowling bowls — and also they are still in great shape.


Bottom line: The biggest bowling facility in Illinois, Stardust freshly completed a multi-million-dollar renovation that featured upgrades to its 84 lanes and a new scoring/entertainment system.

As the alley boasts top top its website, "Stardust Bowl has actually been offer the ar for end 50 year — yet we’re no stuck in the ‘50s."

The center likewise features 4 lounges, including the nightspot "Galaxy Lounge" v 24 beers ~ above tap. There’s additionally a video clip gaming lounge.

Saratoga Lanes — Maplewood, Missouri

Saratoga Lanes has old-school flavor.


Bottom line: Billed as the oldest bowling alley west of the Mississippi, Saratoga Lanes celebrated its 100th birthday in 2016.

Housed in craftsman-style, red-brick building, Saratoga provides bowlers a workout prior to they even go into the venue, with 26 concrete steps causing the entrance.

Arrive early to grab among the eight lanes.

Rollhouse Wickliffe — Wickliffe, Ohio

Rollhouse Wickliffe hosted the 2019 NCAA women's bowling championships.

Opened:2005 (formerly Freeway Lanes, renovated in 2019)

Bottom line: an additional one of the nation’s biggest bowling centers, Rollhouse features 84 lanes that action, along with amenities such as as state-of-the-art video game room and also the Kingin exclusive Suite.

There’s additionally two premium bocce ball courts and also a full-service bar with a made-from-scratch menu.

KingPins — Beaverton, Oregon

KingsPins is a state-of-art bowling center.

Opened:1963 (formerly Sunset Lanes, renovated and also reopened in 2018)

Bottom line: more than 50 year old, KingPins is not among those alleys stuck in the past.

In addition to its 36 lanes the top-flight bowling action (including Monte Carlo and also cosmic bowling specials), this bowling center features a 3,800-square-foot, glow-in-the-dark laser tag arena.

And when you’re ready to kick ago after a day of fun, there’s the Taphouse Bar & Grill through its full-service lounge and sports bar.

Timber Lanes — Chicago

Scoring is excellent on file at the timber Lanes.


Bottom line: another one the the cool old-school alleys, wood Lanes has been a Chicago institution because 1945.

The family-owned, cash-only alley features eight standard wood lanes, hands-on scoring and also a full bar.

Legend has it that john Goodman worked on his bowling form at the alley when preparing for his function in "The big Lebowski," as did Barack Obama throughout his operation for the White House.

XLanes — Los Angeles

XLanes offers an entertain feast for her senses.

Opened: 2013

Bottom line: If you prefer entertainment, you"ll love this place.

Another height Los Angeles bowling venue, XLanes features 16 modern LED lanes, in addition to an arcade and billiards tables, all spread out over 50,000 square feet.

The sporting activities bar has 11 LED TVs and also three "immensely large" projectors, and there’s likewise private karaoke rooms.

Bryant-Lake key — Minneapolis

Bryant-Lake bowl is nicknamed BLB.


Bottom line: This historical venue combines bowling, dinner and a show to offer among the most distinctive experiences in America.

The alley functions its very own cabaret theater, with shows many nights. Because that the dining experience, there’s a breakfast and also lunch/dinner menus (with vegetarian, vegan and also meat options) and also an expansive tap list.

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Open because 1936 and housed in one old version T garage in the Uptown community of Minneapolis, Bryant-Lake Bowl has actually stayed true come its roots, v hand scoring and also above-ground sphere returns.