PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Phoenix, the course, is known for that blazing hot summers, yet is it feasible to view snow here?

The answer may be a bit surprising come some!

Yes, it has actually actually snowed in Phoenix.

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The many snow Phoenix has ever seen to be one inch on Jan. 20, 1933, and then again in January that 1937.

In 1937, about an inch dropped in locations of downtown Phoenix and several inches fell in areas that were climate undeveloped locations of the Valley.

As you deserve to imagine, the didn"t last for an extremely long or accumulate much. But reports throughout the event stated the snow stayed for a couple of job in shaded areas.

We have the right to see better snowfall in the foothills and over the Superstition hills that sit at around 5,000 feet.

The many recent far-ranging snow was in 1998. In December of that year, .22 customs of snow dropped on the northwestern half of the Valley, follow to the national Weather business office in Phoenix.

So we don"t see it often, yet if you room really, yes, really lucky, you can see a white Christmas in Phoenix!

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Ian Schwartz

CBS 5 This Morning Meteorologist

Arizona"s very own Ian Schwartz anchors the weather throughout the weekdays because that CBS 5 This Morning. Read more about Ian.

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