13.1 last Heart Pieces

Progress in ~ this pointTotal LifeHeart PiecesCharts
New in this sectionCharts:#46 (HD)Pieces the Heart:#43, #44

After completing the Wind Temple, there are now two optional Sunken endowment chests that we have the right to uncover. Among them has just some added rupees while the 2nd one includes Piece of love #43.

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-Treasure graph #05 – Thorned-Fairy Island – item of heart #43

-Treasure chart #35 – Islet of steel – 200 Rupees

Now that we have the Hookshot, we have the right to collect the last overworld sweetheart Chart in addition to the final Piece of Heart. Warp on over to Windfall Island and also then set sail come the eastern for Pawprint Isle. Over there is the main island here, along with a series of smaller sized islands. On one of the taller islands, over there is a mystery underground cavern that link can explore.

Link must an initial climb onto the smaller island adjacent and there are two methods to perform this. Attach can usage his Hookshot if on the King that Red Lions come latch top top the Palm Tree, or he have the right to use the Deku Leaf and also soar on over from the main part of Pawprint Isle. Use the Hookshot to reach the higher island and also then autumn down into the underground cavern.



Inside that the underground cavern, link will confront off with a series of Wizzrobes. Castle will repeatedly summon opponents for connect to fight. You have the right to defeat this enemies yet the Wizzrobes will proceed summoning an unlimited amount the them. Usage the Bow and also Arrow to loss the Wizzrobes in the room. Once all of them have actually been defeated, open the treasure chest that shows up to obtain Treasure graph #46, i m sorry leads link to item of heart #44.



-Treasure chart #46 (HD only) – Two-Eye Reef – item of heart #44

13.2 The Ghost Ship

Progress at this pointTotal LifeHeart PiecesCharts
New in this sectionCharts:Ghost delivery ChartItems:Triforce Shard #1 (HD), Triforce chart #1 (Gamecube)Locations:Diamond Steppe Island

It’s now time to obtain the Triforce the Courage! The first part that this quest requires locating the Ghost Ship and in bespeak to carry out that, girlfriend will require to obtain the Ghost ship Chart.

Our next location is over at Diamond Steppe Island. Warp end to Outset Island and also then sail top top over. While on the King the Red Lions, usage the Hookshot to grab ~ above the tree in ~ the basic of the island. Proceed to use the Hookshot until you with the optimal of the tree. Fall down the secret grotto.


This secret grotto resembles that of one old ship and also the area is interconnected through a series of pots. To walk forward and also fall right into the purple pot to with a brand-new area. Over there is a pot immediately surrounding to the one that you simply came through. You have the right to use a fire arrowhead to burn the wood plank on height of the pot, seize a stick indigenous just around the corner and light it using the torch, or merely jump assault the pot. Jump into the pot and also head ~ above through.

There are a pair the floormasters in this room and some torches. The pot the we desire to travel v is top top the other side of the room happen the floormasters, but versus the same wall surface where connect entered this area.

This next area is ~ above the yes, really pirate ship and there are three much more pots to go through. The one we want to go through is ~ above the other side of the ship and also its on the left. This leads to another greater wooden plank through a treasure chest. Open it increase to acquire the Ghost ship Chart.

There is one other treasure chest in this area. After ~ going through the early pot, you can swing around the edge where the Wallmaster is and that pot will result in an area that has a endowment chest with a joy Pendant. Take it and exit this cavern.

Now the you have actually the Ghost delivery Chart, open up it as much as take a look. The Ghost delivery only appears at night time and will only show up near certain islands, relying on what phase the moon is in top top that given night. You can see the Ghost delivery Chart below.


Crescent Moon IslandFull Moon
Diamond Steppe Island3/4 Moon come the Left
Bomb Island1/2 Moon to the Left
Mother and also Child Isles1/4 come the Left
Five-Star Isles1/4 come the Right
Star Belt Archipelago1/2 Moon to the Right
Greatfish Isle3/4 Moon come the Right

Playing the Ballad that Gales and also then conveniently sailing over to among the islands through the Ghost delivery is frequently times too slow. The work moves quite quickly and also by the time you see the Ghost Ship, daytime can break and you can not have the ability to board the ship.

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Instead, the ideal strategy is to walk to any of the places where the Ghost ship is present and also then simply play the tune of Passing till the Ghost Ship shows up in the location where girlfriend are. When you find the Ghost Ship, sail right right into the ship v the King of Red Lions and also Link will instantly climb top top board.