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Lego bother Potter yellow Bricks places Guide. Red Bricks had too

How to uncover all Lego take care of Potter yellow Bricks Locations and Red Bricks Locations. These guide videos and also tips show you exactly how to obtain started collecting every 200 gold Bricks by revealing wherein they are situated in the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and also PC game. 20 Red Bricks are covert in the levels as well.

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This Page: yellow & Red Bricks locations Guide

There space some easy golden bricks tips:1 yellow brick for each level completed = 24 yellow bricks total.1 gold brick per level for true magician = 24 gold bricks total.1 gold brick every level because that each completed crest = 24 gold bricks total.

Gold Bricks locations Guide

There are 200 gold bricks scattered throughout the human being of Lego harry Potter. Here’s a few hints that should acquire you started and closer to that target of 200 and also remember once you reach 200 put the bricks with each other at Knockturn Alley (down the course from Diagon ally / across the street from the Owl Emporium) and also go right into the bonus level. As shortly as girlfriend enter, then you will certainly unlock the Dark mr himself, lord Voldemort, together a playable character.

This video shows wherein to obtain the an initial of the gold bricks in Lego harry Potter:

#1 – Location: toilet HallwayTo discover this yellow Brick, you’ll want to follow along the upper route (use RD). Ultimately you’ll come to a glass case. Enable the AI companion to clean the pieces out the the way. Traction the instance out and then smash it. Currently follow the snail the appears. And also you’ll have yourself one more Gold Brick to add to your cultivation collection.

#2 – Location: charms Underground Area Left (RD Required. Usage on Locker)Note that there is a game-halting glitch in this room if you try to leave once the video game is autosaving (via the dragon). To avoid this enter this room as the really last area you go into in the game. For this reason you could want to keep this together the critical Gold Brick together well. You’ll knife this yellow Brick by structure the Dragon. After jumping near him and also going ago up, you’ll earn a gold Brick for your escape.

#3 – Location: charms Underground Area ideal (Key character required)This gold Brick is easily discovered in the second room after ~ you exit the first area. All you should do is use LM top top the vines (that are holding onto the claws you view on the wall). Perform this and also you’ll earn this yellow Brick.

#4 – Location: Clock TowerTo earn this yellow Brick, you simply need to assault the painting on the ideal side. After ~ doing so, pick up the purple-colored Gear and place it through the various other Gears. You’ll be rewarded by the bell with an additional Gold Brick to add to your cultivation collection. Note: This gold Brick have the right to be glitchy and also may no appear.

#5 – location DATDA OfficeTo find this yellow Brick, merely use RD ~ above all 7 of the silver- items you see scattered approximately the room. You’ll uncover some of lock being held by Pixies. Perform so and you’ll earn you yourself a gold Brick.

#6, 7, 8, 9 – Location: Diagon AlleyTo find these gold Bricks you will should use RD on the lock the you find in the bar. After ~ that, head under the stairs and also you’ll uncover four statues. You need to construct these statues by beating all of the level in every episode. There is one statue equivalent to every episode, so four statues total. In enhancement to beating the level you must acquire True Wizard standing as well. Once the statue is constructed you’ll acquire a yellow Brick. So girlfriend can get one gold Brick because that each statue because that a total of four Gold Bricks.

#10 – Location: Dorm HallwayTo uncover this yellow Brick, all you need to do is hit each of the Hogwarts residence banners in the Dorm Hallway to knock castle down. Naturally, there room four, one because that each house (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff). Doing so will certainly make the gold Brick appear. You deserve to then collect it to include it to your collection.

#11 – Location: Dumbledores Office (Completion of every Story level Required)To include this gold Brick to her Collection, you must have completed all of the Story Levels. This will obtain you entrance to Dumbledore’s Office. Within you’ll find a treasure chest v a silver- Lock. Open up it and also you’ll include this gold Brick to her collection.

#12 – Location: Eelops Owl Emporium in Diagon AlleyTo discover this gold Brick, you’ll have to head inside Eelops Owl Emporium. As soon as inside, you’ll want to break every of the items inside. To her left you’ll discover a Sweeper vehicle that you can build. Constructed it and also then usage the Sweeper to move away all of the dust on the floors. Be sure to store SWEEPING over and also over and over. Sometimes you have the right to barely miss a spot. Keep doing it till you acquire a yellow Brick, which you will certainly earn for clearing away all of the dust. Note however that this gold Brick have the right to sometimes it is in glitched, and also after you’ve earned the it will be invisible! If it is invisible, you have the right to still collection the yellow Brick through running into it. It’ll be close to the Shop Owner.

# 13-#24 – Location: Eelops Owl Emporium in Diagon AlleyEelops Owl Emporium enables you come buy a full of twelve yellow Bricks. But in bespeak to perform so you will require a grand full of a whopping 6.6 million Studs! to buy them as you collection Studs throughout the game and eventually you’ll be able to add all twelve gold Bricks to her collection.

#25 – Location: spring CourtyardTo discover this gold Brick, use DM ~ above the fit of black Knight armor that you discover next come the owl. Then usage the Broom that appears. Currently you have to make certain you snatch every Blue Stud follow me the path. Execute so correctly and get every one of them and a gold Brick will be her reward.

#26 – Location: good HallThis majestic room where all of the house students conference is the ar of another hidden gold Brick. The keys to obtaining this one space the objects that eatery that you check out on the tables. You’ll discover six total, and also you need to hit every one of them. The objects are environment-friendly Cups and Green Jugs, you’ll discover five ~ above the student Tables and then one in ~ the Teacher’s Table. Hit them and you’ll make the gold Brick appear. Yet it will certainly appear above you and also be too high come reach. To acquire it, you’ll then must break the Plates in ~ the finish of the 3 tables. This will certainly magically produce a staircase of communication that permit you to reach the yellow Brick. Ta-da!

#27 – Location: great Hall EntranceAs with Gold Brick #21, to get Gold Brick #22, you’ll need to hit four banners. Girlfriend will uncover two the the banners located in the great Hall. An additional two of them are situated near the staircase that you entered the room from. Simply tear down all 4 of the banners. This will earn you one more Gold Brick!

#28 – Location: Gryffindor Dorm BedroomsIn order to find this yellow Brick, you’ll have to earn that by breaking all the top sections that the beds using Magic. This will cause the yellow Brick to appear. It will be hovering above one the the beds, for this reason bounce as much as snag that and add it come your growing collection.

#29 – Location: Gryffindor Dorm BedroomsThis gold Brick is easily found in the time Turner variation of this room follow me the wall surface on the north end. You’ll discover a treasure chest. Open it and also jump inside. You’ll fall down to a new area where you can collect this gold Brick.

#30 – Hagrids GardenYou’ll earn this yellow Brick by moving the scarecrow head, digging the ground, and also then busting the pumpkins. Currently pull the chain, then construct the fireplace. Finally, put the egg right into the fireplace. Gold Brick GET!

#31 – Location: Hagrids GardenKeep her eyes peeled in this section and also you need to come across a yellow Brick. Some world get that after the cutscene v Ron and the snake.

#32 – Location: Herbology ClassroomThis gold Brick is conveniently visible above the wardrobe at the ago of the room. To gain the gold Brick over it, merely leap indigenous the tree to the top of the wardrobe. Then jump from over there to the yellow Brick that’s floating above.

#33 – Location: Hufflepuff DormTo find this gold Brick, you’ll need to use RD top top the large lock (silver colored) that you’ll come throughout near the entrance. Next, WL the cake right into the painting and also you’ll earn this yellow Brick.

#34 – Location: Knockturn Alley (RD Required)You’ll uncover this gold Brick located inside Borgin and also Burkes at Knockturn Alley. Once inside the shop you’ll uncover it easily behind the key desk.

#35 – Location: LakesideTo discover this yellow Brick, you’ll an initial need to use WL top top the fishing pole in order to snatch some frogs the end of the pond. As soon as you’ve excellent this and also pulled out a fish, hop ~ above the fish and also ride it v the two poles the you check out in the water. Keep complying with until girlfriend earn yourself the yellow Brick.

#36 – Library second Room (Aging potion Required)This yellow Brick is earned by attacking three brown-colored sorcerer’s Hats hidden throughout the room. You’ll uncover one really difficult-to-see cap on the right-side communication atop a bookshelf the is level with you. You’ll find one more on the left-side platform atop the rail. You’ll uncover a final one at the back wall surface beside the huge door. Hit every one of them and also you’ll it is in rewarded through a gold Brick.

#37 – Lobby (beyond Dorm Hallway)To uncover this yellow Brick you’ll should lit 6 floating candles by hitting them. 2 of them will only appear when you’ve hit over the left door whereby the banner is. Struggle them all and the yellow Brick is yours!

#38 – Location: main Classroom EntrancesTo uncover this yellow Brick, you’ll require to build a large letter H near the entrance to DATDA by utilizing RD ~ above the silver piece. This will develop an pet tunnel. You’ll then require to relocate it through WL and finally usage an pet like Scabbers come go with the pet tunnel. You’ll earn a yellow Brick.

#39 – Location: relocating Staircase TowerThis is a fun little puzzle to get an additional Gold Brick. You’ll notice that there space three paintings, a middle, bottom and also top. The Quidditch Player in the bottom paint is the one you should hit first. He will then litter the round to the Quidditch Player in the painting at top. Go up there and also hit the painting. He’ll litter it to the Quidditch Player in the middle painting. Ultimately hit this painting, and also he’ll throw it to the dog at the top. Go to the dog and also you’ll discover that his bone has end up being this yellow Brick. FUN!

#40 – Location: external Hogwarts – Hagrids HutTo obtain this yellow Brick, you’ll have to use LS/WL ~ above the three stone slabs that you see laying around near the communication in the center of the room. Once you’ve offered LS/WL come lift the rocks up, use WL ~ above the brooms to clean them of dust. This will cause a gold Brick to show up on the facility platform. Go collect it!

#41 – Location: Owlery (Beyond the tiny Courtyard. An essential from Boggart Chest Required)This basic puzzle for a yellow Brick has you equivalent the color of the letter on the floor v their equivalent mail slot. There room three pieces, and also you should put every one right into it’s correct place. You’ll it is in rewarded with a yellow Brick.

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#42 – Location: Owlery (Beyond the little Courtyard. Key from Boggart Chest Required)To earn you yourself this yellow Brick, you’ll have to use WL top top the feather and also have it tickle the painting uncovered on the 2nd floor. Act this will certainly make some typical bricks appear. You have the right to then usage WL on lock to earn the gold Brick. Wooot!

#43 – Location: Pendulum RowIn order to find this gold Brick, you’ll have to use ns on some Pixies close to a coin. Doing for this reason will reason a treasure chest to come crashing down. Open it to discover this yellow Coin.

#44 – Location: Potions classroom – next AreaThe place of this gold Brick is the next area that the Potions Classroom, wherein you’ll discover it behind an aging obstacle in the center. Merely use the Aging medicine in the other room to gain access to the yellow Brick here.

#45 – Location: Quidditch ar EntranceThis gold Brick is pretty simple to get. Very first Dig where you view the dig Spot, then usage WL until the tape plays. Once this is happening and also the music is acquiring everyone funky, you’ll be rewarded v a yellow Brick.

#46 – Location: Quidditch field EntranceTo i found it this yellow Brick, you’ll should use WL on the tent the is beside a bench. ~ doing so jump on it and have her AI partner (or friend), lift friend up. Currently you have the right to reach the height of the tent. Operation along it until you watch a sphere that is stuck. Complimentary the round by utilizing WL ~ above it. This will cause the round to roll under the tent and earn friend a gold Brick.

#47 – Location: Quidditch maintain FieldTo find this yellow Brick, you’ll come across a endowment chest. Open up it up with RD and use the Broomstick to paris through every one of the rings the appear. Law this will certainly earn girlfriend a gold Brick.

#48 – Location: Ravenclaw Dorm BedroomsYou’ll earn this gold Brick by attacking 5 five Gold books that are located across the bedrooms. 2 of castle are found under bed while three of lock are found at the bookshelves in the ago of the main dorm. When you’ve struggle all 5 Gold Books, the gold Brick will appear.

#49 – Location: Rec Room (Beyond the moving Staircase Tower)This gold Brick is deserve by finding three bunnies therefore you deserve to ride the turn wheels close to the car. You’ll find the very first bunny in ~ the paint with the door. Follow that up by using WL ~ above the letter you find in the mailbox. The 2nd bunny is uncovered atop the scrap heap on the bookshelf. The last bunny is discovered by attacking the right-side television four times in a row.

#50 – Location: Slytherin Dorm BedroomTo knife this gold Brick, You’ll find a treasure chest in the ago that you have to attack. Doing so will pop objects out and into the fountain. Store doing this till you earn yourself one more Gold Brick!

#51 – Transfiguration Classroom side Area (RD Required)This fun Gold Brick is earned by transforming the dummies for each roadway into pets three time (in quick succession) making use of the red Transforming Spell. If you effectively do it fast enough then you’ll earn this yellow Brick.