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once I met a happy little bluebirdI was simply as blue as I can beIn a little while I began to smileWhen he sang this merry tune to meJust permit a smile be your umbrellaOn a rainy, rainy dayAnd if your sweetie cries just tell herThat a smile will constantly payWhenever skies space gray don"t problem or fretA smile will lug us sunshine and also you"ll never obtain wetSo allow a smile be your umbrellaOn a rainy, rainy dayLet a smile be her umbrellaOn a rainy, rainy dayAnd if your sweetie cries simply tell herThat a laugh will constantly payWhenever skies room gray don"t problem or fretA laugh will lug us sunshine and you"ll never acquire wetSo let a smile be your umbrellaBe your big umbrella ~ above a rainy, rainy day
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