i was just wondering i heard that Jericho had actually a finisher called the liontamer that was prefer the wall surfaces of Jericho deserve to someone you re welcome tell me what is the difference in between the 2 thanks
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He had actually to adjust it to the walls of Jericho so he could use to to bigger males like Kane.This is from as soon as I met him in ~ a publication signing. He said he will certainly talk about this in his second book.

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i like just how the liontamer is differenti don"t like just how he never ever uses the elevated boston crab anymore (like in the clip and also a couple of years ago) and also instead simply uses a regular boston crab it"s favor taking a action back
The wall surfaces of Jericho is weak. Human being use it together a straightforward submission. The Lion Tamer look at much more painful, making those who submit come it no look weak.
Well, one is an elevated boston crab and the various other is a weak version of a boston crab, so, yeah, there"s a large difference.
You space right. The Liontamer is basically whereby he puts push on the neck (Elevated), and the walls is more pressure on the ago (and the wall surfaces is a basic Boston Crab). Am i right?(Id like the Liontamer though...
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I"ll constantly prefer the Liontamer, together it watch much much more effective than the Boston Crab, err, walls of Jericho.

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The funny thing is, people say he adjusted because the Liontamer to be harder to apply on a huge guy prefer Kane.Ever notice how negative the walls of Jericho would certainly look when used to Kane? i don"t think it"d matter much, simply a issue of who"d agree to take much more pain native what.
liontamer is so lot betterthe "walls of jericho" is simply a boston crab the doesnt even look prefer it hurtsim glad that he"s kind of happen the liontamer earlier though. Its about time guys start making use of submissions that actually look prefer they space painful