The literary features and also devices uncovered in action 2, step 6 that Shakespeare"s Romeo and also Juliet encompass foreshadowing, antithesis, imagery, personification, and allusions to verses in the Bible.

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act 2, scene 6 the Shakespeare"s Romeo and Juliet should begin with a "spoiler alert." The an initial fifteen present of the step consist of sewage foreshadowing and other portentous referrals to imminent doom and also gloom for Romeo and Juliet.

FRIAR. So laugh the heavens ~ above this holy act That...

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Act 2, scene 6 the Shakespeare"s Romeo and also Juliet should begin with a "spoiler alert." The very first fifteen present of the scene consist of nonstop foreshadowing and also other portentous recommendations to impending doom and gloom because that Romeo and also Juliet.

FRIAR. So laugh the heavens ~ above this divine actThat after-hours through sorrow chide united state not!(act 2, scene 6, present 1–2)

Friar Laurence hopes that marrying Romeo and Juliet will placed an finish to the feud between their families, but he still has actually serious misgivings around marrying Romeo and also Juliet in together a hurry, and also he hopes that he won"t regret it.

Any audience members that weren"t do the efforts to uncover their seat at the start of the beat would have heard the chorus say:

CHORUS. From forth the fatal loins of these 2 foesA pair of star-cross"d lover take their life;Whose misadventur"d piteous overthrowsDoth, with their death, ask their parents’ strife.(prologue, currently 5–8)

Romeo and Juliet space going to die in the play.

The chorus states it one more time because that anybody who can not have actually heard the the first time.

CHORUS. The fearful passage of their death-mark"d love,And the continuance of their parents’ rage,Which, yet their children"s end, naught can remove,Is now the two hours’ traffic of our stage.(prologue, present 9–12)

If Friar Laurence reasons Romeo and Juliet"s deaths by marrying them—which he does, return it"s not entirely his fault—then that"s certainly something because that him to have cause to regret.

ROMEO. Amen, amen! yet come what sore can,It cannot countervail the exchange that joyThat one quick minute provides me in she sight.Do thou yet close our hands with holy words,Then love-devouring fatality do what that dare—It is sufficient I may yet call her mine.(act 2, step 6, present 3–8)

Ever the starry-eyed, romantic optimist, Romeo has no doubt that nothing, not even death, can ever diminish the love he has for Juliet or to decrease the joy that they"ll discover together as soon as they"re married.

Friar Laurence—never a male to say through a couple of words what he can say through many—expands and expounds ~ above his opened lines in the scene and compares what he believes is Romeo and also Juliet"s hasty ("violent") marital relationship to a fiery explosion, and, with antithesis, the compares your love-at-first-sight come honey, i m sorry is periodically "loathsome in its own deliciousness."

FRIAR LAURENCE. This violent delights have actually violent endsAnd in your triumph die, choose fire and also powder,Which, as they kiss, consume. The sweetest honeyIs loathsome in his own deliciousnessAnd in the taste confounds the appetite.Therefore love moderately: long love doth so;Too swift arrives as tardy as as well slow.(act 2, step 6, currently 9–13)

When Juliet lastly enters, Romeo and also Friar Laurence protect against talking around death and also destruction, and Friar Laurence says kind and loving words about Juliet.

Juliet is most likely out of breath from to run all the means from the Capulets" house to Friar Laurence"s cell—as might be inferred native her an initial two, really brief, out-of-breath lines in the scene—but Friar Laurence nonetheless remarks on how Juliet, "so irradiate a foot," shows up to fly across the stone path as if carried on gossamer wing of love.

Romeo provides Juliet a possibility to record her breath by acquisition forty-seven words to tell her the he"s yes, really happy to it is in marrying her and also to ask she if she"s yes, really happy to be marrying him, too.

ROMEO. Ah, Juliet, if the measure of thy joyBe heap"d like mine, and that thy ability be moreTo blazon it, then sweeten with thy breathThis neighbour air, and let rich music"s tongueUnfold the imagin"d pleasure that bothReceive in one of two people by this to ~ encounter.(act 2, step 6, present 24–29)

The poetic imagery is that Juliet sweetening the air approximately them with joyful music and words of love.

Having been provided a minute to catch her breath (while Romeo talks about her breath), Juliet responds same poetically but without answering Romeo"s question.

JULIET. Conceit, more rich in issue than in words,Brags the his substance, no of ornament.They are yet beggars that can count your worth;But mine true love is get an impression to such excess,I cannot amount up amount of half my wealth.(act 2, step 6, lines 30–34)

Juliet personifies "conceit" as a braggart and a beggar and also says, essentially, "I can"t even tell you exactly how much ns love you."

Friar Laurence seems to be growing impatient with every one of this tell-me-how-much-you-love-me business, and he hurries Romeo and also Juliet into the chapel with an allusion come the Bible.

FRIAR LAURENCE. Come, come with me, and we will certainly make short work;For, by her leaves, you shall not continue to be aloneTill divine Church incorporate 2 in one.(act 2, scene 6, present 35–37)

The allusion is come the Gospel of Mathew:

For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and also shall cleave come his wife: and they two shall it is in one flesh?(KJV, Matthew 19:5)

Friar Laurence"s line about incorporating "two in one" might be one allusion to one more verse in the holy bible and additionally a subtle referral to his enthusiasm hope the the marriage between Romeo and Juliet will end the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues.

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Wherefore they room no much more twain, yet one flesh. What as such God hath joined together, permit not man put asunder.(KJV, Matthew 19:6)

Their marriage does end the feud but not in the means that Friar Laurence hoped or intended that would.