throughout the movie when he very first meets Korg we view Thor still grieving the loss of his father. He is on his knees as soon as he begins to quote a details poem around the brave beginning Valhalla. It appeared to be a city that he"d possibly flourished up reciting. Together he to be quoting that Loki climate appears. What go Thor actually say in the poem?

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Without having seen the movie, I doubt that the prayer Thor is reciting is one regularly attributed together a "Viking prayer because that the dead" together follows:

Lo, There do I see my Father, and Lo, there perform I view my Mother, and also Lo, There do I see my Brothers and my Sisters and also Lo, There do I see my people earlier to the begining, and also Lo castle do speak to to me, and also Bid me take my place amongst them in the halls that Valhalla, where the brave will live forever.

Or a comparable version:

Lo, There carry out I check out my dad Lo, There do I check out my Mother and also My Brothers and my sisters Lo, There carry out I watch the line of my people earlier to the begining Lo, castle do contact to me they bid me take it my place amongst them in the halls of Valhalla wherein thine enemies have been vanquished wherein the brave shall live Forever no one shall we mourn however rejoice because that those the have died the glorious death

However, this to be basically developed for the movie The 13th Warrior, which to be an adaption the the Crichton publication "Eaters the the Dead". Here is the city as it appears in the book:

Lo, i see right here my father and mother. Lo, now I see all my deceased loved ones sitting. Lo, there is mine master, that is sitting in Paradise. Heaven is for this reason beautiful, therefore green. With him room his men and also boys. That calls come me, so bring me come him.

Now, Eaters is based partially on a truthful account, and also partially ~ above Beowulf. The city as tape-recorded by Ahmad ibn Fadlan (Who walk actually take trip north) is:

Behold, I watch my father and mother. I check out all my dead relatives seated. I watch my understand seated in Paradise and Paradise is beautiful and also green; with him are men and also boy servants. The calls me. Take me to him.

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Additionally, this was no recited by a warrior, however by a slave girl before she to be ritually executed complying with the fatality of her master. Friend can find a break down of this at this website through a couple of other web links as well.