David Mora native Mexico is seeking to collection the human being record for the largest Uno collection. Just how big? as of the recent update, he at this time has 165 Uno games! We associated to re-publishing his Uno collector story. Read below for much more about just how he gained started collecting Uno games and how close that is come obtaining the human being record for largest Uno video game collection. If you collection Uno gamings (even if you can"t contend for the world record), contact us and also share her story. We"d love come hear around and potentially feature you in an article.

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Humble beginnings for a substantial UNO Collection

What began your desire to collection UNO cards?

My an initial UNO set was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, offered to me by mine mother and sister-in-law. I"m a large TMNT fan. That was the just deck I had for a long time, but then I discovered three different decks (Batman v. Superman Uno, Incredibles 2 Uno and UNOcorns) in a toy store, in ~ a very reasonable price, efficiently three for the price the one. What I delighted in the most around them to be the arts on the cards. I assumed that collecting Uno card games would it is in a unique and cheap understand (spoiler alert: ns was wrong about Uno collecting gift "cheap"). Now, I"ve purchased UNO decks from Germany, England, USA, Portugal, Brazil and also China.

Have you constantly loved playing Uno or is the a brand-new love?

I played UNO ocasionally ever since I to be a child and also had a many fun. It was a fast game the pretty lot anyone likes come play in family meetings. But my genuine love came around two years earlier when I started to obtain really passionate about collecting and hunting for different decks, and also knowing an ext about the game.

Why UNO collecting?

I think this is a very special collection because of how rare the is. You can discover lots the fans and collectors of number of things, such as Star battles or warm Wheels, but it"s rarely to find someone who is a "fan" the UNO and shows it v a collection. That provides me feel that I collection something yes, really special and also unique.

Hunting for the human being Record for biggest UNO Collection




When walk you decide to shot to establish a human being record for Uno collecting?

Most civilization own some 3 or 5 decks, and they don"t yes, really take good care of them. This make me curious around if there to be anyone the end there collecting UNO decks, just as i was beginning to perform so. Ns looked online and on the Guinness world Records and I found nothing. It to be on the last that I uncovered someone that has a human being record for owning the most traffic cones, with a complete of 98. I thought that was a very little number, due to the fact that at that time, ns had about 88 UNO decks, and also there to be some an ext coming.

Because that that, I made decision to apply for a Guinness people Record, even though my collection was type of little by also my very own standards, and since, as of today, there"s no world record for owning the many UNO decks.

What taken place with your civilization record application?

Months go by and I ultimately got an answer: My applications was denied since there to be someone else through a document for the biggest collection of play cards, it belongs to Liu Fuchang (from China), through 11,087 various sets of playing cards, together of 1 November 2007.

Of course, the didn"t seem prefer the exact same thing come me, therefore I replied that ns was make the efforts to collection a world record specifically for the biggest collection of UNO card game decks. Specifically UNO map games and no various other kinds of playing cards. They replied that in bespeak to be taken right into account because that such a record, I necessary to very own at the very least a thousand UNO decks. They invite me to apply for the UNO collecting world record again when I had reached together a number.

What is your next step? space you giving up ~ above the UNO collecting human being record?

That hasn"t lugged me down. Thanks to her website, which has actually the most finish list the UNO games online, ns realize currently there are over 420 various UNO decks. That"s not also close to the 1,000 UNO games that Guiness is questioning for. I freshly posted a picture of my whole UNO collection on social media , and I am questioning my friends come share it and also tag Mattel, Guinness Records and the Uno main account, to get the word the end and try to get them to make an exemption or, in ~ least, get some kind of acknowledgment from Mattel and also UNO together their best collector. Of course, there"s a chance we can find some an ext UNO collectors that I"d love come meet and also perhaps boost me increase to flourish my collection and also to profession UNO decks with.

How can people find girlfriend to connect with girlfriend and help you achieve your goal?

Find me on society media at:

Playing UNO and Choosing Favorites



Stacking is a an extremely controversial subject in the UNO neighborhood right now. Once you play Uno, what room your home rules?

#NoStacking is certainly a preeminence for me. In fact, us don"t beat with any kind of special rule or gameplay variations. We like to beat by the official UNO rules. Otherwise, the unique rules indigenous the themed decks wouldn"t work. I think it"s more fun to it is in surprised by each deck"s very own rules.

Do you have actually a team of fans to play and also enjoy Uno with in Mexico?

Well, the main human being I pat with are my mam Ruth, my brother Luis, and also my sister-in-law, Rocio. I also got some personalized playmats that I had made, come play with friends and also family. Several other people play UNO in malls, in downtown, and also in some comic book stores. However there isn"t really a team of fans that accomplish up come play, such as those in which girlfriend can arrangement Magic The gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh. Though, I"d favor to anticipate, exclusively for Uno Variations, the I"m plan to do a UNO playing group in Mexico City, and perhaps that can be a way to support the activity to acquire the people record. Unfortunately, every that has been placed on hold as result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is your favorite UNO deck in her collection?

That"s a tough question. If I had actually to pick one, it would be UNO upper and lower reversal (2019). It"s one of the newest decks that has numbers ~ above both political parties of the card. This is the one ns play the most with friends and also family, and it"s the many worn out. Despite I acquired another new deck of Uno upper and lower reversal that i don"t play with and keep simply for mine collection. I think the art is yes, really pretty and also the preeminence to upper and lower reversal from the "light side" come the "dark side" provides the video game some added excitement. Girlfriend never recognize where the game is gonna go. Besides, it"s obtained something worse 보다 the fearsome +4; it"s got +5...


What is your favorite Uno spinoff game?My favourite is UNO Flip with UNO Guy! This is together a fun video game with the catapult dynamic. The rules space quite comparable to the constant UNO but it bring a lot of excitement and laughs by complicated your friends come shoot and shot to gain the right target. Besides, everyone loves the UNO Guy.


Which UNO games have her favorite artwork top top them?

My favorite arts on UNO decks is top top Lion King UNO, Mario Kart UNO, Pixar"s cacao UNO and also The Legend the Zelda UNO.

What has been the hardest Uno video game to acquire?

That definitely has to be UNO Wild Tiles. Pretty lot none that the other decks has actually been tough to acquire, simply negotiate, pay and also pick castle up. It"s a bit more complicated to find them on virtual stores at a great price. However I uncovered this one ~ above Facebook, the seller to be from the state of Puebla, almost 100 mile from whereby I live. In ~ first, the price was yes, really high, but I kept in touch with the guy, in case I got the money. Critical year I had to go to Puebla for family members business and also I got in touch through the guy, he agreed to market it at a 3rd of the initial price and even ceded it at the lobby of the hotel ns was staying-at midnight! it wasn"t precisely mint condition, but pretty good.


How around the most expensive UNO game in her UNO collection?I started out just buying UNO decks under $2, but I"ve raised the budget and bought some gamings for end $20. The most expensive UNO deck I obtained is Mickey computer mouse & girlfriend Uno. It to be a gift from my sister-in-law, and it was 30 dollars also though that is relatively brand-new (2017).

Gotta catch "Em All: UNO Cards

Is your ultimate goal to collect all species of Uno cards and games or will certainly you stop at some point?

Of course! ns don"t think I"ll stop. My key hobby is video clip games, and also I haven"t stopped because I was 3 years old. Now I"ve found in UNO a brand-new hobby that ns really like and I can share with friends, family, my wife and, especially, my child child. I"m sure, somehow, I"ll acquire recognized together the best UNO collector someday.

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Any final words?

I"d like to give thanks to so many world that have actually helped in countless ways to construct up mine collection, one of two people by providing away some decks, spotting lock in stores or online, helping v the pictures and the posts, or also by bearing v me texting them the pictures of every new deck i get:

Ruth RojasLuis MoraRocio RojasLilian MoranArmando MoraMoran FamilyRosas Moran FamilyReyes Lira FamilyJesús DazaJibran JuárezSilentLeonLuis Alvarez (aka Dr. Light)Paris JuarezJan Muciño

A special thanks to David Mora because that being willing to re-superstructure his collection and love that UNO games with all of us.