Don’t you hate it when you really get into a tv series, and then it gets canceled? Yea? fine me too. Television series get canceled for numerous reasons. Sometimes the plotline simply isn’t good, other times the budget just isn’t worth it, but that doesn’t make your connection to the show any less important. It’s quite frustrating once shows you really enjoy acquire canceled, however you find out to attend to it….most that the time.

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There was a display that I delighted in a lot that was canceled during the second season. Ns was upset because it to be the first show that i watched that had actually an actual consistent storyline to follow. The news to be made that they would end up the series with one 8 illustration season for the third season. That show goes through the name of Make that Or rest It. make it Or rest It premiered top top ABC family (Freeform) in 2009. The collection starred Ayla Kell, Josie Loren, Cassie Scerbo, and Chelsea Hobbs as 4 gymnasts working in the direction of their dream that winning yellow at the Olympics. The collection lasted 3 seasons, although it to be really more like 2 and also a half.

A small Background Info

Let me break it under on exactly how their periods worked. Make that Or break It complied with a similar format for their seasons that a lot of drama collection have. The an initial two seasons contained 20 illustration split in between two parts. Castle would have a mid-season finale and a season final. The season 2B finale the Make it Or break It was all around the girls competing at the people Championships. I average them doing good at the world Championships is a kind finale right? Wrong! The human being Championships room not the Olympics and the entirety goal the the collection was to check out the gymnasts victory gold at the Olympics, therefore something needed to be done. Abc Family, in ~ the time, believed they walk something to ease the fans, but they make a mistake. There was an impressive setup that they did no take benefit of.

Let The valuation Flow

Season 3 of the display premiered in in march of 2012, nearly a year ~ the season 2 premiere. This season concentrated on now the 3 girls, Payson, Kaylie, and also Lauren, at the USA training facility working in the direction of making that onto the united state Women’s Olympic Team. I’ll admit that seeing them train and manage new and old relationships and dynamics among a new group that athletes was interesting. However, the means they closed the series was not.

With the last illustration of season 3 premiering in might of 2012, there to be a gap in between the critical episode and also the beginning of the 2012 Summer Olympics in July. Normally, the very first half the a season premieres in the summer if the second half premiers in the following spring. V season 3 premiering in the spring, there was an possibility for reality to enhance up with fiction.

Personally, ns feel like the showrunners should have actually kept the first half of season 3 together is however make the an actual midseason finale instead of the collection finale. This would display Lauren, Payson, and Kaylie making the Olympic team right before the actual Olympics. The display would climate come earlier during the autumn lineup, mirroring the girls competing at the 2012 Summer Olympics and whether or not they won gold. It to be perfect, however I gain that there are other elements that get in whether or, not a present stays top top the air. Ns understand but that doesn’t do it any kind of less frustrating. Season 3 to be a huge let down because of exactly how rushed the was. Plus, Lauren sort of acquired the short end of the stick due to the fact that this season kind of focused on she character arc, yet they only had 8 illustration to play with.

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A Make the Or break It Reboot?

Reboots have actually been popping up almost everywhere the location on different networks. Perhaps that’s what Make the or rest It needs, a reboot to assist tie the strings together so we, the fans deserve to know what our favorite Rock gymnasts space up to and whether or not they are Olympic medalists.

Did you watch Make it or rest It? If so, were you simply as frustrated as I was through season 3? If not, what was one display cancellation that had actually you every in your feelings? re-publishing in the comments!

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Londonflyy says:

The critical time ns watched this show was once I was in high school. Now watching again in ~ 24 ns pissed! Where’s episode 9 indigenous season three lol! i didn’t dedicate mine time and my tears and my anger into this show to currently see them success Olympic 2012 lol please lug it on the back! Plus I desire to watch what occurred to Wendy evil self