Make The Girl Dance, a “Parisian” electro act led by Pierre Mathieu, who is ideal known in France because that presenting the TV present “Plus vite que la musique” ~ above M6.

Interview byDaniel Haim |January 27, 2010


Greg Kozo & Pierre Mathieu

Make The Girl Dance, a “Parisian” electro plot led through Pierre Mathieu, who is finest known in France because that presenting the TV present “Plus vite que la musique” ~ above M6. Their first single baby Baby Baby, captured the public’s imagination and also created a magnificent buzz top top the internet thanks to a daring video clip which involved three beautiful women walking naked v La Rue Montorgueil during mid day. Due to the fact that the relax Baby baby Baby has acquired a countless amounts of remixes that have the right to all be uncovered at the iTunes store.

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The track is really catchy, it will obtain stuck in your head because that a while and also not in a poor way. In addition to the buzz the track was likewise featured top top the Victoria Secret’s Miraculous press up Bra advertisement however, in the Victoria secrets ad, the girls are wearing apparel unlike the original Baby baby Baby video. This is no the very first French musicians which we’ve featured, and also when we asked Julie Budet, Yelle what it’s favor when world who listen the song, don’t recognize the language she responded that music is the language which everyone speaks. If you’re rapid enough, and obviously space staring at the women you will certainly able to read the English lyrics. The budget for the video was $800, the results were clean over 2 million ~ above YouTube, over 7 million on DailyMotion.. You gain the point? What’s next on the masters of famous videos?


Greg Kozo & Pierre Mathieu

I had actually the pleasure of interviewing Pierre & Greg, the male behind these bananas in bespeak to discover out all the necessary information the the entire web has been after, like: what was the individuals reaction in the street, is this video even real?? and where is the uncensored version of infant Baby Baby!?All these questions have been answered and in addition to the we discovered out the Mr. Mathieu holds earlier an uncensored variation of the famous video, “Baby infant Baby”.. Where? read below.

Daniel: have you been functioning on new collaborations? Any new projects?

Pierre: Yes we do. We room releasing our 2nd single ~ above February 2nd. Arrangements have actually been perform by toxic Avengeron this track. We room actually working v him and also with StereoHeroes on other tracks fot the album come come. We like very much collaborations. Us for example are working on a track v Bondo de Role, a great Brazilian electro band, girlfriend of CSS. Yet today we are focus on our second music video clip release the 2nd of February, hoping human being will talk around it choose they did v Baby…

Daniel: This is a concern that I favor to ask music in a international language – Music is a global language and also it’s quite safe come say that Baby infant Baby has traveled across the world and back. What carry out you think around your fans that room able to affix to your music even though castle don’t understand the language? (I noticed the you did put translation ~ above the boobs the the girl in the video clip clip.)

Pierre: that is really strange for united state this global success of Baby. Because the lyrics room in French and we functioned that track because that the French market. However I think that abroad, people like french, it’s sort of romantic also if you don’t understand. It’s similar to Brazilian for us. I don’t speak Brazilian (Portuguese) but I choose to hear it. But yes it’s monster to view Germans or English people try to song baby in French. Really funny…

Daniel: Talking around the video clip, i m sorry was yes, really sexy and also awesome – I’ve obtained too many questions to ask. Who brought the creative idea to the table? that directed it?

Pierre: We are 2 people in the band. Pierre and also Greg. Pierre had actually the idea and also directed that music video. That is the “video” male of the band…

Daniel: What to be the crowds reaction on the streets? How about the reaction from the audience the France after see that?

Pierre: It’ was very strange come shoot this video. Us were scared around having solid reaction in the street. Human being angry or trying come touch the girls… yet surprisingly human being were an extremely nice. Even too much calm… Some human being didn’t care at every to view a nude lady in the street, like if there to be 5 every work in that street ! we shoot that video clip in 4mn. One shot. So civilization have very couple of time come react… same for policemen…

The audience the the music video in France has been gigantic. 1 million people a day have actually watched it during the first 3 days. The has come to be a phenomena. We had been interviewed by every TV channel of the country, even an extremely serious one (like ours CNN). World reacted well. Castle didn’t discover it shocking. But just funny and courageous. It was the idea that the year and now we room a kind of referral for net buzz.

Daniel: What various other cities did you consider shooting the video clip clip at?

Pierre: There to be a lot of parody of ours clip. Some bands in Russia, Brazil, united state made the same video clip in other cities. So us don’t have to do that somewhere else. The original Baby is in Paris and will remain in Paris forever.

Daniel: where is the uncensored version, us are extremely interested in seeing the girls!

Pierre: I have one on my iPhone. And also you will never see it…

Daniel: The accolades is beginning to to water in, how does it feel to be positively taken on by this industry?

Pierre: It to be the most daunting part the the project. Come be welcomed by the industry and also the other digital artist. For that a video clip clip is not enough. You must play a lot and everywhere. It is what we’ve done…

Daniel: any kind of plans come coming and taking over new York City? Brooklyn? L.A?

Pierre: correct ! us just had the confirmation the we will play in southern By southern West festival in Austin Texas in March. For united state it’s some type of wonder ! we will also play in Miami in ~ Winter music conference and we are around to be booked in new York (Webster Hall) and Montréal… Some sort of us Tour preparing for march !

Daniel: The brand-new year was simply here, what to be your brand-new years resolution?

Pierre: To make a many tracks because that our album. Climate to play on stage everywhere in the human being again and also again.

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Daniel: What space your really hopes for 2010?

Pierre: having actually a infant in Paris and cheating on ours girlfriends top top tour.


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