active cell
The cell at this time selected in the energetic worksheet.

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arithmetic operatorAn operator the performs addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or exponentiation.
AutoCompleteThe function that display screens text that starts with the very same letters as a previous entry in the same tower to aid make entering repeated text easier.
AutoFitThe attribute that changes the tower width or row height to screen longest or tallest entry within the shaft or row.
AutoSumThe switch that inserts functions to sum, average, or count values in a range, or uncover the minimum or maximum value in a range.
Backstage viewThe record tab that the ribbon, which provides accessibility to various display screens with commands that permit you to manage files and also Excel options.
borderA heat you can add along an edge of cell that prints.
cellThe intersection the a row and also a column.
cell variety (range)A group of cells in a rectangular block.
cell referenceThe column and also row ar that identify a cabinet within a worksheet.
chart sheetA paper that has only a chart that offers a visual representation of worksheet data.
clearingTo eliminate the data indigenous a heat or column but leaves the empty row or obelisk in the worksheet.
column headingsThe letters along the optimal of the worksheet window that determine the various columns in the worksheet.
deleteTo eliminate the data native a row or column and the row or shaft itself.
Edit modeThe setting in which friend can modify cell contents.
Flash FillThe function that enters text based upon patterns it finds in the data.
formulaA math expression that returns a value.
formula barThe bar located below the ribbon that displays the worth or formula gone into in the active cell.
functionA named operation that replaces the action of one arithmetic expression in a formula.
Name boxThe box situated at the left next of the formula bar that screens the cell referral of the active cell.
nonadjacent rangeA repertoire of separate ranges.
numeric dataAny number that have the right to be supplied in a mathematical calculation.
operatorA mathematical symbol supplied in a formula to incorporate different values, bring about a single value the is shown within the cell.
order that operationsA set of predefined rules offered to identify the sequence in which operator are used in a calculation.
range referenceThe cell reference of the upper-left cell in the variety and the cell recommendation of the lower-right cabinet separated by a colon that identifies the range.
row headingsThe numbers follow me the left side of the workbook home window that recognize the various rows that the worksheet.
scaleTo adjust the dimension of the worksheet ~ above the published page.
sheetA page consisted of in a workbook; have the right to be a worksheet or a chart sheet.
SUMThe duty that adds worths in a stated range.
syntaxA collection of rules the specifies just how a function should it is in written.
text dataAny mix of letters, numbers, and also symbols.
workbookAn Excel record that stores a spreadsheet; consists of a collection of worksheets and also chart sheets.

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worksheetA network of rows and columns in which content is entered.
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