Carolyn CooperI freshly heard an alarming interpretation of the an initial line that Bob Marley"s tune Who the lid Fit. The proverbial statement, "man to man is for this reason unjust", is now being decoded together a blame of masculine homosexuals. Or, to use the politically correct term, males who have actually sex with males (MSM). Incidentally, the "homo" in "homosexual" go not mean "man". It"s not Latin; it"s Greek. And also it means "same".

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So, technically, "homosexual" describes both men and women; and, more recently, come all other genders who have sex v each other. This days, sexuality is no a straight-forward company at all. Queer sex is not constantly a straightforward case of "same" sex. Some sex-related combinations cross multiple lines. And brand-new sexual positions require sophisticated acrobatic an abilities - both literally and psychologically.

Bob Marley knew his words can be distorted. In an interview published in Everybody"s Magazine in 1981, this is what that said around the Kaya album: "You need to play it and also get your own inspiration. For every song have actually a different definition to a man. Occasionally I sing a song, and also when people explain it to me, i am astonished by your interpretation."

Some motivated interpretations do absolutely no sense. There"s no proof in Who the lid Fit to assistance the "same-sex" translate of that opened line. The tune is not around sexuality. It concentrates on trust, hypocrisy and also deception. Admittedly, these problems do come increase in sex-related relationships throughout the board. Yet the song is not about condemning guys who have sex v men.


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Jamaica is back in the news because that our irrational homophobia, as confirmed in the astonishing misinterpretation of Marley"s song. UK Channel 4 has actually done one exposé on outcast youths who space living underground. Here"s one excerpt from the promo because that the documentary which aired last Friday:

"Jamaica has a call for intolerance of homosexuality. Masculine gay sex is punishable by 10 years" difficult labour and violent hostility is entrenched in the island"s culture. Unreported world meets one team of gay and also transgender human being who are now living in a gully, i m sorry is normally designed to bring flood water and also rubbish native the city.

"It"s hot, crowded, infested and also filthy. However it"s the only location these 25 world are may be to contact home. There space no facilities: cooking and washing-up room done in the gutter. Water originates from a damaged pipe under a roadway bridge. And it"s not in a poor part of town, yet in the center of new Kingston, the capital"s business district."

This is a finish disgrace. Not on the homeless who have taken refuge in the gully; yet on all us who live somewhere! we cannot self-righteously save on to sing the exact same old Sankey native the publication of Leviticus. We need to move previous the rhetoric that abomination and adjust our inhumane mindsets to queer people. We cannot continue to actors them into outer darkness.


We also have to challenge unjust gay-rights activists as soon as they misuse their collective power and also victimise others. The recent termination that the contract the Professor Brendan Bain, manager of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS local Training (CHART) initiative, is a complicated case of competing rights.

The push release issued by the Office of the Vice-Chancellor the the university of the West Indies states: "The concern in inquiry arose about two years earlier in a high-profile case in Belize in i beg your pardon Caleb Orozco, a gay male in Belize, tested the constitutionality of an 1861 legislation that criminalises men having sex with males (MSM).

"Professor Brendan Bain provided a declare on instead of of a team of church seeking to maintain the 1861 law. Many authorities acquainted with the quick presented think that Professor Bain"s testimony supported disagreements for retention the the law, thereby contributing to the continued criminalisation and also stigmatisation that MSM. This opinion is shared by the lesbian, gay and other groups who are offered by CHART."

I speculate that numerous of Professor Bain"s detractors have not read his now-infamous statement. There, he plainly affirms that he was "given no accuse by any party". He makes no reference to the disputed law. Professor Bain offers well-documented scientific proof on public-health problems relating particularly to males who have sex through men.

The UWI press release involves a psychic conclusion: " ... That has become increasingly apparent that Professor Bain has lost the confidence and also support the a significant sector that the neighborhood which the chart programme is expected to reach, including the lose of his leadership status in PANCAP , thereby undermining the capacity of this programme to effectively supply on the mandate." That"s no a great reason for firing Professor Bain.

I perform support repeal of the Belize regulation that criminalises "carnal intercourse against the bespeak of nature with any kind of person or animal". However I to be appalled through the decision of the UWI administration to bow to belligerent gay-rights activists, bringing down disgrace ~ above a distinguished academic who has actually done so much to defend the health and wellness of MSM. Male to male is therefore unjust. That di lid fit, mek dem undertake it.

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Carolyn Cooper is a professor of literature and cultural studies in ~ the college of the West Indies, Mona. Visit she bilingual blog at Email feedback to columns and karokupa