ns a newly divorced Cancer and also he"s a Scorpio who"s married come a Pisces. We"ve to be seeing each other for 3 years now. We have actually the exact same interests and also can read each other an extremely well. What began out simply for funny has changed gradually come something else. Us dont talk about it and also im fear if i perform i will lose him. I heard that Scorpios are loyal. Would certainly he ever leave her for me?

(junction city, ohio) by: cotton Scorpio married to Pisces lady. By reading your articles, girlfriend dated with a Scorpio male who is married. Ns think he never ever leave his previous connection to one more no issue what and if he has actually children, that is certain NO!! He rather let she pipeline him. You can take a chance and observe with a Scorpio male to check out the result. This male must it is in in love with Pisces; Pisces is also mellow in the Zodiac sign. Also, I believed that Scorpio favor to control over the weak will certainly one. If friend read an ext about the 12 Zodiac sign carefully and compare to the human who to be born on the separation, personal, instance sign, you have the right to see the Scorpio mind. In my opinion, Scorpio likes come play a follow or video game to do someone hurt and because that desires/crave because that sex never enough. His languages are largely abuse since he feels no secure and becomes JEALOUS. That is your decision whether to uncover a single Scorpio. There are plenty and also nice men out there. Ideal wishes/good luck!Virgo Libra.
scorpio male leave a pisces woman...never wow really your v a married man? by: anonymous FYI date a married scorpio...his partner a pisces, he"s only into you because that sex probably since his valuable pisces has been damaged. Most most likely a short-term situation. This is one male who will go to good lengths to restore his love. That is truely loyal not always faithful however forever loyal. A pisces woman is most likely the many forgiving sign in the Zodiac come a error even, yet never mistake she forgiveness for weakness. If she ever before finds out about you, you will obtain one warning, ONE if you proceed to persue or even communicate with she scorpio, she will certainly probably speak to upon the cosmic energies the be and also YOU will never recover from the rath she will contact upon friend if you even survive it. As well as you currently called misfortune down upon yourself when you opened up the door to a married man. Wow karma will handle you she neednt do a thing really. You see the cosmos love the 12th/last authorize of the zodiac it encompasses all the preceiding signs and also a mrs pisces is like having paid the price for everything benifecial and suffered the price she is the mother of every the signs, without she none that the others could exist so yes, really the cosmos protect her in ~ the expense of every others & ultimately so will certainly her scorpio. Many true pisces space not yes, really vindictive but when the pressures that be watch her pain and also take rath on it watch out since she to know in her heart it will certainly be to her justice the you have suffered perhaps will continue suffer until you somehow make it right. Leaving that man alone You have Been Warned

FYI dating by: anonymous that is sad, also though the Cosmic energy in the cosmos unables come vibrate in by those damaged chakras to it is in heal. They should fix it and also i"m sure they have actually their own intellect for your body, mind, and soul.

I have confidence with mine Scorpio by: anonymous I"m fall in love really hard-not straightforward as friend think with any kind of sign yet to the Scorpio man, it type of that i am straightforward as the puzzle the goes v to to the right in the missing space. As they said, Scorpio is a cheating man and also want who to have sex or usage as a pleasure, and will dump come the trash. This is therefore ridiculous and shameful to the Scorpio or both.I simply don"t know why is man and woman wants to have other relationship next to their marriage if they understand that the is not correct to do that. However, their need to be something wrong in their ex relationship that is why he determined to perform that. Every world have your oneself intellect to depend and also to think prior to taking one action. I"m a Virgo adult and always very true come myself and constantly before I can be true come the others. Scorpio is the an initial person that i welcome into my life. Ns am in charge and take a duty if I gained the dorn person, that is going to exactly it because that me? I have actually my own destiny and also someone that is versus the Scorpio sign. Remember, no all the indications are an excellent and bad. Whatever, ns don"t breath because that a Scorpio yet just to clarify and I knew it is mine weakness for I"m love him. He is his very own master.

Scorpio husband and also wife by: Rumio My date of birth and my wife"s day of bear is same 04/11.I mean we space both Scorpio.We love each various other a lots and also we are really happy in sex as well.I just want to say,we are finest sex couple in the world.But the trouble is,we fight and also do debate everyday and sometime both gets upset a lot.Sometime that likes she is walk to death me and me too.We never listen to one an additional during our fighting.Every time i think i am right and also sometime she thinks she is right.And ultimately I will say,I got much more problem 보다 her.I cant tolerate she will record my right and also wrong.Please advice me that how we will certainly be happy in our conjugal life.Thank you in development for her Generosity.RumioLondon

HELL NO!! by: cotton Listen an extremely closely, if he"s married come a Pisces woman there is NO method he"s leaving she for you. He"s currently found his true love. When married, this match can"t walk wrong unless among them betrays the other. Also, he probably wouldn"t even trust friend nor have respect for you being that you"re a homewrecker. When he"s probably been having difficulties in his marriage, temporary problems at that, yes, that feels choose he has an escape because that a while. But, trust me, the will cast you aside choose the cheating trash the you are. Scorpio men are an excellent at this. They do you feeling loved and wanted however under particular circumstances prefer this they will NOT respect you.Last,but not least, YOU are WRONG!! and KARMA WILL concerned YOU TEN wrinkles WHICH will BE approximately THE TIME HE division IT down TO YOU that HE WON"T leaving HIS lovely PISCES!

Refer to a Pisces that dated a married man by: cotton According with FYI, the is as well silly for Pisces; who is dated a married Scorpio. I have seem a broken one never do that. What carry out you think??? have the right to a Scorpio settle a damaged wing? Hell, no! i think Pisces is a very smart person and also beautiful-how come she open the door come the married man?? Maybe among her seven Chakras blocked for part reason. That might be leading her to do mistake. The is poor Pisces, however not all, mine Boyfriend that is Pisces also as and I"m a Virgo lady who studied him for years; he is terrific Pisces-the dad of the zodiac(12sign) any way, that cares?? the Pisces must be feeling under Scorpy spells to blind her. Every body has actually his or her very own intellect and the thought.What have the right to FYI carry out to aid that Pisces????

pisces in love v (living with) scorpio by: cotton I"m done because that I"m pisces female broken with virgo! and in love with yet fighting not married but living through scorpio. What should I do I"m miserable

pisces female broken virgo in love with living with someone scorpio who has actually children!!! by: anonymous I"ve recently split with virgo and also I to be in love through a scorpio red hot blooded male ns haven"t slept through him even and also I"m confused! I know I need to not have anything to execute with him but I"m attracted to him, I have actually told the so plenty of times over the critical 6mths the it every little thing it is is over but after a pair of conversations i agree come keep interactions open and even once I end up it I"m together miserable as hell !!!!! Please help should I finish it for great or reap while that there?? One screwed up fish!!!

Pisces mrs & Scorpio masculine a an excellent match by: cotton to be married to a scorpio masculine for much more than 20 years, it"s a complement that works!Unless her scorpio broke up her last partnership I would say continue to be in it because that the journey you can end up v a dream marriage.

whoa, whoa whooaa...

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by: anonymous Man! i am a woman Pisces. Deeply in love with a male Scorpio. My Scorpio has actually a close female friend that is a Cancer. Man! This is a crazy one due to the fact that I offered to it is in jealous reason they do have a really great friendship. Me and my guy talked around this lot of of times. I nearly left him since I nearly thought that he had more intimate feelings for her. However its acquired to the suggest where we are all like family now. Also her family members is ours. She"s no his type anyway. I will never let my man have actually a woman friend unless she"s gonna be my girlfriend too. YOU room WRONG. And also trust me if that Pisces finds out, among you will absolutely regret the situation. Pisces and also Scorpios relationships space DEEP. Neither among us will move to anyone rather unless one of us hurts the various other intensely. Yet and still, there"s an excellent chances of us coming ago to one another because our love is too solid and too deeply emotional for eachother. And when us actually fall in love no issue who that with, us love HARD. Ns love my baby and I understand he loves me! No issue what other female come along. Mature Scorpios really don"t respect house wreckers quiet unlike most men. Once they love, they love for real. Be careful girly. ; )

?? so confused by: cotton why room all the comments saying it"s OK because that the scorpio guy to CHEAT top top his pisces woman and also the pisces mrs will save clinging on come a cheater?are you every implying the pisces woman is therefore low the she"ll save accepting a cheater right into her bed??i"m amazed in ~ you all. It"s favor you all are accepting the a cheating man.he will save cheating on the pisces wife since she"s that stupid. And has NO respect because that her.

scorpio and also pisces krap by: anonymous he will certainly cheat however come back.....imagine the bullbutter?? a couple with a deep connection will never ever cheat top top each. I am see a pisces woman who has damaged off a 4yr marriage with a scorpio. Scorpio harms pisces a lot she had enough of him. She hated the sex, there to be no communication. I recognize a lot of scorpio males they all care about themselves secretly above anyone else. For those of girlfriend who think your scorpio male is loyal execute you follow him approximately 24.7??just becareful that aids if i were you...

Spineless ladies talking of karma by: cotton My boyfriend is pisces yet I simply can"t stand pisces women.This is no the first blog wherein I"ve read them talking around karma crap and using the word " home wrecker" together if they space virgin mary themselves.I have actually a married scorpio friend who keeps sulking and complaining about his poor marriage through a pisces woman.They to be high institution friends and also she acquired married to some other man.They maintained in touch and had one affair( so lot of your acting innocent bullshit).Her husband found out and divorced her.Now she to be clinging to my scorpio girlfriend saying it all happened due to the fact that of him and also how her son was fatherless.He readily available to marry her the end of guilt and also now she has made his life hell.She"s suspicious of him and checks his cellphone.The case isn"t any far better as that keeps texting me when every two weeks.To be ethical he go flirt through me sometimes however calls me angel and also has never been disrespectful.So pisces ladies think it"s match made in sky infact they are so much in love v themselves lock think she have the right to be dream lover/wife of any type of man.It"s no true!Other ladies aren"t dead.They are unbelievably stupid.You"ll notice they always want praises and when no one will certainly praise them then they begin praising themselves He"s seeing other women,looking because that sex outside and also yet these women say ohh so what it"s match made in heaven.I think they don"t mind your husbands sleeping about as long as he returns ago to she at night.Why blaming the cancer woman for gift " home wrecker " you every NICE pisces female? Why not contact the scorpio man associated with her a characterless a-hole?I view none of friend commenting on the CHEATING SCORPIO MAN.See because that yourself exactly how biased you are.Insulting the cancer mrs one after one more as If you every were married come him and also he cheated on friend all v her.So freaking funny.How about lecturing her cheating spouses about karma?? Why god will spare the man and only punishment this woman??No wonder they gain bashed increase by your husbands and boyfriends ( kris Brown and Rihanna,Mel Gibson and also Oksana Grigorieva) due to the fact that even If her guy murders someone she"ll blame that on the dead person.Respect youself and also stop chanting the karma.You pisces women aren"t the best of the finest that god ever produced on this earth.As for the cancer woman associated with married scorpio, If he"s yes, really happily married then you should find another solitary scorpio ( castle are more fun and also crazy lovers than married ones).This one might be keeping his cake and also eating it also ( and his wife will certainly be a stupid bimbo choose the ones right here who"ll cling to her husband no matter what that does outside).He knows she weakness and also he exploits it fully.Or rather fire the concern at him directly.That way you"ll know how ( manipulative)clear he"s on leaving his wife or being through you.

pisces the best stuff ~ above earth. by: anonymous I check out a comment about pisces no being the best thing ~ above earth...I had actually to laugh. When it pertains to a scorpio male pisces female and also a an excellent friendship as a foundation, for the scorpio male, his pisces is the finest thing on earth.. I median really after all it is the critical in the zodiac and also is so for a reason. Several of every various other sign the comes before it is incorporated in the pisces. Along with sensitivity, intuition and a enormeous volume for forgivness. By the method in comment to the female date a married scorpio, Pisces deserve to be jealous too yet usually we will just remove the object of his affection if it is not us. Take that as a warning due to the fact that I would say the all fish swim versus the existing at some allude in there lives and also they learn how to make it through the very an overwhelming stuff. Likewise many might think that is the scorpio in charge of the relationship yet the reality is, the is what we pick to allow them believe since they need too in order to feel in control. Personally due to the fact that I recognize I want to spend my life v my husband of 22 years, if an additional female endangered that, i would offer one warning climate she either move like the end of state and also never make call again or she end up in ~ the bottom the the deep blue sea...What have the right to I speak I"m maintaining whats mine. Funny thing is i feel no guilt or remorse at the idea of remove a mrs trying to reduced in top top my activity but make no mistake the would have a dear price to pay together well, just not likely death.

Match make In Heaven??? by: Cancer Libra rising Pisces are meant to be unassuming, humble, yet from the write-ups written here, they important think they are God"s gift to any kind of man, particularly a Scorpio!!!Forgetting of course, that not just do Pisces/Scorpio relationship suit, however just as much do Cancer/Scorpio relationships!!!So when this Scorpio is married to a Pisces, cheating v a Cancerian...there is every possibility He will certainly swing either way, as he has done because that 3yrs!Simply because, both the Pisces and also the Cancerian are provided this Scorpio finish fulfilment, likewise what is forgotten, is exactly how some Scorpio"s choose to dabble in a unconventional means with sex...this male has persuaded himself the he is faithful, to both the Pisces and also the Cancerian!He would certainly love nothing an ext that come live in the same residence with both of you...one happy family!So no, the Scorpio won"t leave his Pisces Wife, but he likewise won"t leaving his Cancerian Lover...they room one come him now.

Cheaters will acquire what lock Give by: Hope daniel You"re a home-wrecker, he"s a cheater. If the married her, he loved her. If the cheated ~ above her, he doesn"t respect her. Why would you want that, anyway? Pisces and also Scorpio are supposed to have actually the deepest link of the entire Zodiac, and yet friend think you deserve to magically adjust the human being he is? If he"s cheating top top his wife now with a PISCES, friend bet your silly small ass he"ll cheat on girlfriend too. In mine book, you room nothing but a sloppy-seconds seeking, desperate mrs who has to break down a marital relationship so she deserve to pick increase the pieces. Ns don"t know you personally, however I have zero respect because that you, and also that Scorpio male goes residence every night come his WIFE, no to you. That have to sum the up. Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon, Scorpio Rising- I"m one passionate chick.

To anyone of you ugly women bashing by: anonymous I have to agree v the over comment, why are you every attacking the cancer woman and also basically saying the the scorpio man is just being that "a scorpio man"? What? deserve to NONE of you check out his error in this? the takes 2 to tango...and 3 YEARS and also this wife who is intend to be god provided (lmao) has NO clue?? the is her husband and also if she to know him AT every then why hasn"t she recorded him and also further used her god offered "POWERS" to punishment the both of them favor you all room claiming that she would being this 12th sign? She is level out STUPID together with ALL THE remainder OF friend P. WOMEN!! that"s why!!
Cancer lady...I"m not going to bash on you..obviously friend came right here for aid NOT critisism girlfriend arw human afterall just like all of us! From mine exp with scorpio guys they generally wont leave their marriages also when they are unhappy..especially if they have children..they room stubborn! They in reality (in an unhappy marriage) would quite wait that out and let the mam walk out of the marital relationship to conserve face....and i don"t care what authorize his mam is, a true scorpio will never and I repeat never ever cheat top top a woman when he is truely in love with her unless she cheated very first and in which instance he would have what he required to leave which is what he yes, really wants due to the fact that he is cheating. Currently does that median he will come to run to you? only you deserve to really know because if that loves girlfriend he will and if the loves you then you currently know that does due to the fact that there is no hiding it...you will simply know. You have to ask you yourself if waiting for every one of this come transpire is worth it because it may not ever and also he will never leave if he has to be the blame.

Let"s sum it up by: cotton Let"s develop a bottom line here. I"ve done some research and would speak that depending on where the details came indigenous women space 23% likely to cheat and also men room 60% likely to cheat and also another study says women 25% and also men 9% but the reality of the is no all cheating males are scorpio. And not every cheating women are anything but pisces. Anyone either without conscience or under the wrong circumstances is capable of infedelity. I occur to it is in a pisces mrs married come a scorpio man. I doubt he has actually cheated 3 time never can prove it, he refuse it. Therefore the bottom line to be to ask him if he still loved me and wanted to invest his life with me. He stated he go tat was the bottom line. Without evidence I mean real evidence like one std or photos or capturing him in the act, my partnership with that was too deep too solid too otherwise fulfilling i was willing to forgive and fight because that what to be mine. I"m 43 and also we have actually been married 22 years together for 24 years we have a daughter 21 a child 19 and a kid 16. This is my family I will certainly fight to save it. Oh and also I am no a saint ns don"t proclaim any kind of special power and I am not pathetic since I stayed. I agree with the other post regarding the deep blue sea. By currently I would love come hear native the one who originally started this short article to find out just how things are going and what she decision was just how she finished up handeling the situation.

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