b : a challenge (as in tennis or volleyball) completed once one player or side wins a specified number of sets or gamings

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b : a prospective (see prospective feeling 2b) companion in marriage would do a an excellent match for any man
d : to administer funds complementary to employers may match the employee contribution— D. J. Müller
2 : a quick slender piece of flammable product (such as wood) tipped v a flammability mixture that bursts into flame as soon as slightly heated through friction (as by being scratched against a stormy surface)
matchable ˈma-​chə-​bəl adjective

Synonyms for match

Synonyms: Verb

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Verb This shade matches her skin tone. She was wearing a beautiful skirt, yet her pullover didn"t match it. The optimistic music matched she mood. she skirt and sweater matched perfectly. The pillows top top the couch all match. her socks don"t match each other. His story doesn"t match the facts.
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First well-known Use that match

Noun (1)

before the 12th century, in the an interpretation defined at feeling 1a


14th century, in the definition defined at transitive feeling 1a

Noun (2)

1549, in the meaning defined at sense 1

History and Etymology for match

Noun (1) and Verb

middle English macche, native Old English gemæcca mate, equal; akin come Old English macian to do — an ext at make entry 1

Noun (2)

center English macche, mecche candlewick, native Anglo-French meche

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The first known use of match was before the 12th century

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