At different points during the past pair of seasons, Richard Sherman, Patrick Peterson, Darrelle Revis and also Joe Haden all said they to be the finest cornerback in the NFL. (Come on, it"s Revis Island all the way!) also Dee Milliner said he was the best... Which to be a joke.

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Now, right here comes another boast — Mike Wallace states he"s the fastest male in the NFL and also the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver is ready to prove it.

"Without a doubt, I"m the faster player in the NFL," Wallace said the Pioneer Presson Tuesday. "If someone feels foggy around that, we can . I"m never ever going to earlier down from competition.""

We have a worthy adversary — Arizona Cardinals rookie vast receiver J.J. Nelson, that was selected in the 5th round that this 2015 NFL Draft, posted a sizzling 4.28 in the 40-yard dash at this year"s combine.

Can you save up v him, Mike? earlier in 2008, running back Chris Johnson additionally ran a 4.24 40. Wallace"s 40-yard time at the 2009 integrate was a 4.33 — but he insists the his personal best-ever clock-in was 4.21 seconds.

"I"ve run a the majority of routes and also I"ve obtained a the majority of miles on mine legs, yet I quiet feel that there"s no one who have the right to run v me,"" Wallace ongoing telling the newspaper. "I might have slowed down a little, yet I might still run 4.25.""

Hmm... Let"s placed up part cash for charity and also have Wallace and Nelson race. Why not? It would certainly be funny to watch.

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