Forget all that "new Julia Roberts" nonsense, MonicaPotter has actually now arrived as a genuine star in her very own right. Over the pastyear or for this reason the blonde actress, who bares a passing resemblance toHollywood"s beloved quite Woman, has taken every the comparisonswith an excellent grace. Monica - that is married v two young young - withstood a millionJulia questions and also rather than rock the publicity watercraft she conceded shedid look a little bit like the good one and even confessed to sharing a fewclassic Roberts mannerisms. That absolutely wasn"t Robin Williams" impression when hefirst experienced 27- year-old Potter amongst the hopefuls auditioning because that hislatest film Patch Adams. "There is no nonsense around Monica," states Williams."I uncovered her to be the breath of fresh air we"ve every beenwaiting for." High praise without doubt for a blossoming star who looks destined because that thevery optimal of the Tinseltown tree. In spot Adams - a standard Williamsmovie in which the plays a fun-loving physician with a heart of gold -Monica portrays a troubled medic that is encouraged that treating the sickdoesn"t have to be every doom and gloom. One of the sentimental tale"s cliffhanging plotlines is howlong will it take Potter"s personality Carin to lastly let she sternface crack right into a smile. Admittedly castle lay it on a little bit thick when ithappens throughout her birthday surrounded by streamers and also champagne, butit"s a magic moment. "My personality starts turn off being really cold in the direction of Patch,"says Monica ,"Because of she background, Carin has vulnerabilityshe doesn"t desire him to see and she desires nothing to through his oddways.

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"As time walk on she sees that is genuinely kind and that beginsto lug them together." In fact, together Williams joyously announces, "It"s greatbecause I obtain to loss in love through her". All Hollywood certainlyfell deeply in love with Julia Roberts a decade back after herbreakthrough duty as a tart with a heart in pretty Woman. So when shewas hailed as the following Julia, the astute multiple sclerosis Potter shortly fashioned itinto a compliment. "It"s OK, i really don"t mind being compared toJulia," she says, "but in ~ the very same time, I"m MonicaPotter. We are all unique." also if there room similarities, they space all physical.Monica"s under to earth lifestyle couldn"t be more different tothat the the emotionally unstable Ms Roberts. If Julia flits fromlover, come husband, to boyfriend, never quite controlling to settle down,Potter has got her personal life well and truly sorted. After tie the node at 19 she has been married for eight years toconstruction worker Tommy. They have actually two boy Danny, eight, andfour-year-old Liam. She has no doubts the her husband - that she fell in love with atfirst vision - will always be the man of she dreams. Monica recalls, "I was on a date with someone else and I toldthis man I to be going come the remainder room. I visited talk to Tommy and weleft to go to a party. That was it. I looked at him and also just knew.We"ve to be together ever since." it hasn"t every been plain sailing, though. ~ leaving hernative Cleveland, Ohio, Monica and also her brand-new husband relocated to sunny Miamiwhere she carried out a modelling career. Climate it was onto Los Angeles trying to find fame and also fortune in the exhilaration world. At an initial it wasanything but the Hollywood dream. Monica says, "I had actually a baby and also was pregnant and we to be livingin downtown LA surrounding by gangs and also gunfire - it to be hard yet it mademe push and work harder." All that perseverance paid dividends. Monica landed her an initial majorrole 2 years ago when she was cast as Nicolas Cage"s display wifein Con Air. Then she played the love interest in without Limits, thebiopic about Olympic jogger Steve Prefontaine. And also her acclaimed performance in the british comedy Martha MeetFrank, Daniel & Laurence cemented her up and coming star status. Now, through Patch Adams having already made $130million at theAmerican box office and comparable success likely here adhering to its UKrelease today, Monica"s future appears so gold she cannot withstand agentle jibe. "Who knows," she laughs. "There could even be someyoung actress around who they"ll shortly be calling the brand-new MonicaPotter."
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O"Sullivan, Kevin
The mirror (London, England)
Mar 12, 1999
Film review: spot Adams 12 (96 mins) Pleasantville 12 (124 mins).
Out takes.
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