players of Monster Hunter: people should seek Monster Bone + to help upgrade armor and also weapons, and also here room the searches that could give it to you.

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MHW Rathalos & great Jagras
Monster Bone + has actually a variety of uses in Monster Hunter: World. It’s provided in the make of a number of different weapons and a number of armor sets favor the Gala, Bone sets, and also Ingot. Because that players wanting to achieve these an effective weapons or gather all of the armor sets, it’ll take fairly a few Monster Bone +s.

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The best way to perform this is to pursue quests that have actually a possibility of rewarding the player through Monster Bone +. There space 40 quests for the player to complete with part being far better than rather in this activity RPG.

MHW Paolumu (Special Arena HR)
part players space ok searching the Paolumu and also others dislike it. This repeatable quest has a 14% possibility of yielding a Monster Bone +.

MHW Tobi-Kadachi (Special Arena HR)
for killing the Tobi-Kadachi in this repeatable quest the player can acquire a Monster Bone + 14% the the time.

MHW Barroth (Special Arena HR)
After killing the Barroth in this repeatable search the player can get a Monster Bone + 14% of the time.

MHW Pukei Pukei (Special Arena HR)
This repeatable quest challenges the player to defeat the Radobaan for a 14% chance of getting a Monster Bone +.

The player have to kill the Anjanath in this repeatable quest and also gives a Monster Bone + 14% that the time.

In this non-repeatable Assignment search the player has an 18% opportunity of gaining a Monster Bone + for killing an Anjanath.

The player deserve to kill a Tobi-Kadachi in this repeatable quest and has an 18% chance of a Monster Bone + being the reward.

because that killing the Anjanath in this repeatable search the player deserve to kill the Anjanath for an 18% possibility of obtaining a Monster Bone +.

Upon death the Jyuratodus in this repeatable pursuit the player has actually an 18% possibility of being rewarded with Monster Bone +.

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This quest gives the player one 18% chance of gift rewarded through a Monster Bone + because that killing the Rathian.

In this repeatable search the player deserve to kill a Tobi-Kadachi for an 18% chance to acquire a Monster Bone +.

This repeatable quest provides players an 18% chance of obtaining two Monster Bone +s because that slaying the Anjanath.

This repeatable quest likewise has an 18% opportunity to price the player through two Monster Bone +s for killing the Rathian.

Players deserve to slay the Dodogama in this repeatable search for one 18% chance to get two Monster Bone +s.

This repeatable quest allows the player slay the Radobaan because that an 18% possibility to get two Monster Bone +s.

This repeatable quest have the right to be a bit difficult as the players should kill both a Rathian and Rathalos for a 19% possibility to acquire two Monster Bone +s. That Rathalos likewise has a 10% opportunity of dropping an additional Monster Bone + as well.

This is a non-repeatable search that gives players a 24% opportunity of getting two Monster Bone +s because that killing the Rathalos. The Rathalos also can fall a Monster Bone + 10% that the time.

This non-repeatable quest has actually a 24% opportunity of rewarding the player v two Monster Bone + for killing the Legiana. The Legiana likewise has a 10% chance of dropping a Monster Bone +.

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