About the author:Nirbhasa is initially from Ireland but right now lives in Reykjavik, Iceland. He is an enthusiastic multi-day runner, having actually completed 4 times the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile race - the longest gyeongju in the world.

Abhinabha Tangerman from just recieved confirmation from Guinness human being Records for the many one-handed claps in a minute - one astonishingly rapid 427! Abhinabha, a member the the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team native Holland, collection the record at the Impossibility-Challenger record breaking festival in Germany.

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Abhinabha is also a an extremely fast marathon runner, with a current finest of 2:27, and holds the current record for our 12 hour invitational walking gyeongju in April in ~ 65 miles. The document has gotten quite a many attention recently, which Abhinabha admits to being a small surprised by. The was introduced to the human being of document breaking through his girlfriend Ashrita Furman, also a Sri Chinmoy Marathon team member, who currently holds more Guinness world Records than any type of other person.

About the author:Tejvan organises short-distance running and also cycling races because that the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in his residence city that Oxford. That is likewise a very an excellent cyclist, having won the national hill climb championships in 2013 and also finished 3rd in the nationwide 100 Mile Time Trials in 2014.

Impossibility Challenger was an event founded in 1982 by Sri Chinmoy with the idea to give people the chance to transcend your limitations and also make an initiative to set a new world record or an individual best. The occasion is organised by members that the Sri Chinmoy center and, in the past few decades, has been held in numerous cities approximately the people The unique event attracts a diverse range of entrants who are keen to test themselves in the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of "Impossibility Challenger".

This year edition was organized in Den Haag, Netherlands, and also attracted a variety of record breakers from quickest time to deal with a Rubik"s cube and tests of storage - to physical obstacles such together the fastest to run whilst skipping.

Video the the event

Sri Chinmoy encouraged this event since he felt the the an individual effort and discipline of trying to much better oneself can give a much more meaningful knowledge of our latent capacities and this initiative to reach brand-new achievements would give a real sense the happiness. Sri Chinmoy often described this effort of challenging ourself as a approach of "self-transcendence".

Either forget impossibility’s challengeOr difficulty impossibility’s prideTo come to be truly happy.

- Sri Chinmoy

At this year"s event, one of the participants to be Ashrita Furman, who holds the Guinness human being Record for having the most human being records. In a record-breaking career, because 1979, he has collection over 700 Guinness Records and also currently holds an ext than 200. In ~ this event, he set a new record for cutting 59 kiwis in a minute and also - perfect 66 ring of juggling a burn torch, in ~ one minute.

The occasion attracted a variety of self-transcendence tasks - consisting of push-ups, file folding, skipping, bag racing and also fastest one-handed hand-clap. It additionally included an epic feat of poetry recital. American Mahiruha Klein recited, over a period of several hours, 1,000 poems of Sri Chinmoy from the poetry collection "The golden Boat" He later on commented the he recited from memory 965 absolutely correct, with simply a couple of slips in the various other 35 poems. For Mahiruha, the long duration of the recital to be not about the outer screen of memory, but a very profitable inner suffer to come to be immersed in a world of spirituality poetry.

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The occasion attracted considerable media coverage from the neighborhood Dutch press who spanned the unique difficulties of the event.