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Mr. Big StuffWho carry out you think you are?Mr. Huge StuffYou're never gonna get my loveNow because you wear every those an intricate clothes (oh yeah)And have actually a big fine car, five yes you do nowDo girlfriend think I deserve to afford to offer you mine love (oh yeah)You think you're higher than every star aboveMr. Big StuffWho do you think you are?Mr. Big StuffYou're never gonna acquire my loveNow I know all the girls I've seen you withI know you broke their mind one after another now, little bit by bitYou make 'em cry, many poor girls cryWhen they tried to save you happy, they just tried to save you satisfiedMr. Huge Stuff, tell me, tell meWho do you think girlfriend are?Mr. Huge StuffYou're never ever gonna get my love
I'd rather provide my love come a poor guy that has actually a love that's true (oh yeah)Than to it is in fooled around and get pains by you'Cause once I offer my love, I want love in return (oh yeah)Now I know this is a lesson Mr. Big Stuff you haven't learnedMr. Big Stuff, call meWho execute you think you are?Mr. Large StuffYou're never gonna acquire my loveMr. Huge StuffYou're never ever gonna rest my heartMr. Large StuffYou're never ever gonna make me cryMr. Big Stuff, tell meJust who execute you think friend are?Mr. Big StuffYou're never ever gonna acquire my loveMr. Huge StuffYou're never gonna rest my heartMr. Huge StuffYou're never ever gonna do me cryMr. Huge Stuff, tell me, phone call meJust who execute you think friend are?Mr. Huge StuffYou're never ever gonna gain my love

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