After nearly a te struggling to make it job-related as a singer-songwriter, Shawn Mullins hit it big. His song, “Lullaby,” captured the ear of one Atlanta bowl jockey in 1998, then spread to radios stations throughout the country. Friend probably recognize at least the chorus: “Everything’s gonna be alright. Rockabye. Rockabye.”

The song and the singer were everywhere, native sold-out stadium concerts to the “Dawson’s Creek” soundtrack. High school youngsters tuned in to clock Carson Daly ~ above MTV introduce videos through Puff Daddy, Destiny’s Child, the Backstreet Boys and this brand-new guy: the shaggy blond-haired singer native Georgia named Shawn Mullins. And also then, just after the rotate of millennium, Mullins disappeared indigenous the country’s pop consciousness. Yet this is no one-hit-wonder story. Mullins has took pleasure in a job in music that many only dream that – touring frequently, writing songs for himself and other artists and also releasing a long string the well-received albums.

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His latest album, “My Stupid Heart,” nicely renders use the Mullins’ heat baritone voice top top catchy monitor that discover love and heartache. Go! speak to Mullins by phone newly as he to be preparing for the tourism that will certainly take him come the Snowy Owl theatre tomorrow night.

Go!: You were 29 year old when your monster hit, “Lullaby,” come out in 1998. You’d currently been functioning as a singer for several years. I have to imagine that it to be a bit surreal because that you, struggling for so many years and also then, suddenly, fame.

Mullins: It was surreal. That was prefer a weird small dream that I once had, and also I remember few of it. It to be cool. I had around nine year of being an live independence singer-songwriter an initial and I started out favor anybody else, or like most people, wherein a document deal is in your dreams but after two or 3 years that shopping my songs, ns knew that what ns wrote simply wasn’t hip in ~ all. It simply wasn’t what world were spring for. The was right in the middle of grunge. No one was interested in signing that sort of thing in the at an early stage ‘90s.

And then “Lullaby” came along top top the “Soul’s Core” record and also a local DJ right here in Atlanta called Steve Craig play it and brought it come Leslie Fram, who was a pretty significant program director at 99X in Atlanta. Leslie began spinning “Lullaby” 30 time a week and also loved it and also called me and also said, “Listen, if you’ll offer me a box of CDs ok send them about to civilization I know.” and also I mental her in reality saying the words, “Are friend ready, because your life is about to change?” fifty percent of me yes, really didn’t think it. But I had finally written something that hit residence with a bunch of people. Then it spread across the country. Therefore I had a radio hit and I wasn’t signed. I was running the end of records and also didn’t have much more money and also I required a label for the very first time and also a manager and also a booking agent and all that stuff. My wife at the time, Kelly, she was fielding the calls and also eventually there was a large bidding war and I signed v Columbia Records and also they basically took it and ran v it.

I go from feeling like a quasi-homeless person, living the end of mine van a most the time, and also then all of a sudden all of these labels are putting me up in the best hotels in brand-new York and also taking me the end to these crazy dinners. It was fun and also I love the ride, yet it likewise got to it is in too lot for me. Ns don’t think what ns really wanted to be was a popular music star. That’s not really my thing. I want to have the ability to write music and have a little of privacy so that I can observe and also write, and also that just wasn’t happening because that years at all. Ns remember cutting my hair and that assisted a lot since people couldn’t recognize me. I would certainly dress down, buy my blue jeans at Target, and also I love that emotion of no one understanding who i was and also I’ve sort of embraced that ever since. The a weird thing since I’m tho trying to it is in on the map together a musician and recording artist, but I always felt choose an outsider in the Hollywood scene. The weather is great and everything. I have the right to see why people like it, yet I simply never felt like I right in.

Go!: The pop music stars at the time were every so glossy — the young bands, Britney Spears, those slick laboratory videos. And also there you were alongside lock on MTV, this laid-back singer-songwriter.

Mullins: Yeah, there to be a most processed music, however there were also some really an excellent singers. Ns did a bunch of shows with the *NSYNC guys — radio shows once you each execute a pair songs, that type of thing. I went top top tour with Hootie & the Blowfish and also those guys have actually been friends ever before since. It was yes, really fun, but yeah, an extremely weird. I remember act the Madison Square Garden big Christmas show and it was right once “Lullaby” was about to be number one. Now, Madison Square Garden is a huge hall. I’m used to playing tiny coffee houses and also this location is simply packed through teen-aged kids. Ns didn’t even have a band v me. I can’t remember which young band the was yet they every repelled out of the ceiling and they were wearing astronaut suits. Then there was just me and also a spotlight and my job was basically just to gain out there and also play because that 20 minutes while they were setting up the Backstreet guys — or *NSYNC, i don’t remember i m sorry one yet I think it to be Backstreet boys — so that they could do their large repel down. And it went great, and I simply played my guitar in prior of every one of Madison Square Garden and I look back on that and just think, wow, the is miscellaneous that not a many of people can to speak they gained to do.

Mullins: Yeah, those boy band males were great. I remember Justin Timberlake back then and also how he had actually the existence that will Smith had. I met them right approximately the very same time and also they had actually the very same star quality where i was like, mine god, what a cool guy this is. He’s wonderful. He always gave an excellent eye contact when that was talk to you. He couldn’t have been more than 19 or 20 at the time. It’s just too poor he hasn’t unable to do anywhere, huh?

Go!: i know, bad Justin. So do you ever get worn down of playing “Lullaby” or talk to small-town reporters around it?

Mullins: No, actually I don’t. I’m yes, really thankful for the song. It brought me come the run in the feeling that I might make a life doing this. And it goes up and down every the time, however that’s OK.

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Go!: You’ve claimed this new album, “My Stupid Heart,” is her most personal yet. Will you phone call me about the writing process and how it come it be?

Mullins: I began writing for the record probably three years ago, but a many it really come out the my last breakup. That’s just how the muse happens sometimes. Sometimes it functions the ideal when you’re under a many emotional strain. A most writing came out of that, consisting of the tune “My Stupid Heart,” and “Ferguson” and pretty much the rest of the record other than for one song, dubbed “It all Comes under to Love,” and that one chuck Cannon wrote all by his lonesome around 16 year ago. He actually composed it right once my song “Lullaby” very first came out. The story is type of neat. He bought mine record and thought, “I desire to compose a song like that.” he’s a great songwriter but he wanted to try something like that talking point I did.

Go!: ns heard in an interview v Zac Brown that you were the one who came up v the PBR heat in his hit song “Toes.”

Mullins: Yeah, we’ve been friends due to the fact that he was about 14. He asked me come come by and also check the end what they were doing and I mental listening to the song and also I love it, however I called him, “You’re saying the you’ve obtained to go earlier to Georgia therefore the last chorus need to say something about your ass in the lawn chair, toe in the clay.” and also I said, “Instead of a mexico drink, say PBR ~ above the way.” and also he said, “That’s great man.” and what’s funny around that is you never ever know: go he ever actually go to Mexico or is he simply sitting there the totality time through the lake imagining it?