One in this murder secret series about an unassuming Maine mystery writer turned sleuth named Jessica B. Fletcher who provides her professional insight to help solve real-life homicide cases. In this episode, Jessica come in Cabot Cove to to visit a advantage concert organized by Seth in stimulate to conserve a local woodland from gift destroyed. Rock star Tommy Vaughn rehearses through his band and also the members argue amongst themselves, and guitarist Blue Maddox"s dad Jim arrives and spars through Seth, revealing that he is the one who wants to raze the woods for his new factory. Tommy breaks at the electricians as soon as they suffer technical difficulties, and someone take away a shot in ~ Tommy from afar, missing him yet mildly injuring Seth. Later, Rachel native the music store calls Jessica to inquire around Seth and lets slip the she is fairly taken by "bad boy" Tommy. Seth refuses come postpone the concert, and Sheriff Mort inquiries the band members around their enemies, discovering that castle previously had a stalker. The band continues arguing, v Tommy"s wife Udella accusing him of gift interested in Rachel, and Wylie do the efforts to save the peace, warning Tommy versus heading earlier to rehab.Mort concerns Tommy, noting that his stalker wore a distinct guitar-shaped pin. Later, Jim bribes Wylie into preventing the concert indigenous going ahead, thus enabling him to insurance claim the woods after ~ all. Tommy visits the music store and flirts with Rachel, it was observed by Rachel"s boss Hal and a i do not agree Blue. At an evening event, Jessica offers a decided in favor of maintaining the woods, and Udella clues Tommy tho chatting through Rachel together the unknown shooter lurks outside. Rachel privately tells Tommy the she does not care about his notorious reputation, and also he assures her the there is no love in between himself and Udella anymore. In ~ the same time, Wylie plots v Jim and also demands cash to avoid Tommy indigenous going onstage, citing Tommy"s damaged voice. Jessica assists Seth with his finances, as he has actually mortgaged his house to money the concert, and also Hal help to repair her damaged hi-fi. After Tommy"s voice falters during a rehearsal, Wylie urges him to give up the concert, yet when Tommy privately meets v Rachel, she urges him no to quit. That forcefully speak Wylie and also Udella the he will perform no matter what, and also Mort finds the etc pin in addition to the shooter"s covering casings. As soon as Tommy proceeds rehearsing through the others, however, his etc short-circuits and also he is electrocuted and killed.Dan the electrician discovers the Tommy"s amp has "been fooled with," and also they wonder if the shooter do the efforts another an approach of murder. Dan then goes to Jim and also demands money for protecting against the advantage concert, implying that he killed Tommy and also could carry out the exact same to who else. A distraught Rachel speak Jessica that Tommy called her about Wylie"s make the efforts to salary him off, and Mort and also Jessica wonder about Wylie"s potential guilt and Blue"s. Jim requirements his money ago from Wylie, who states that the killer have to now have it, including that Jim now has actually what the wanted. Elsewhere, however, Jessica convinces the various other band members to go ahead v the concert for Seth"s sake. Blue is climate arrested because that tampering through Tommy"s amp, however, and he insurance claims the proof was planted. Wylie is nabbed attempting to escape through Jim"s money, not having provided it come Tommy ~ all, and Jessica starts to put it together. She goes to the music store and confronts Hal, having actually recognized his wiring indigenous the hi-fi in the amp, and accuses him of killing Tommy. He pulls a gun on her, but Mort arrives simply in time, and Hal confesses, saying the he is in love v Rachel and killed Tommy out of jealousy, imitating his stalker to throw them off. Jim renders a attend to the cops, and Seth finds himself on the front web page of the newspaper, his initiatives having conserved the woods after ~ all. Advertisement deleted.


NETWORK: CBS DATE: January 11, 1996 8:00 pm RUNNING TIME: 0:45:44 COLOR/B&W: color CATALOG ID: B:46298 GENRE: Drama, mystery/suspense SUBJECT HEADING: Drama, mystery/suspense SERIES RUN: CBS - TV series, 1984-1996 COMMERCIALS:


Angela Lansbury … executive, management Producer David show … Co-Executive Producer Al Kraus … Coordinating Producer Bruce Lansbury … Supervising Producer note A. Burley … Supervising Producer Tom Sawyer … Producer Todd London … Co-Producer Jerry Ludwig … Co-Producer Laurence heather … Co-Producer, Writer Peter S.

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Fischer … developed by Richard Levinson … developed by William attach … created by Kevin Corcoran … director David thoreau … Writer Jeff Sturges … Music by man Addison … design template Music by Angela Lansbury … Cast, Jessica Fletcher Sam Anderson … Cast, Dan the Electrician Keith Coulouris … Cast, Tommy Vaughn john D"Aquino … Cast, Wylie Trey Megan Gallivan … Cast, Rachel Weldon Amy Hathaway … Cast, Udella Vaughn Whip Hubley … Cast, Cleve the Musician Ernie lively … Cast, Hal Palmer man Livingston … Cast, Blue Maddox Ron Masak … Cast, Sheriff Mort Metzger Madlyn Rhue … Cast, Jean O"Neill josh Taylor … Cast, Jim Maddox wilhelm Windom … Cast, Dr. Seth Hazlitt louis Herthum … Cast, Deputy Andy Bloom Lawrence Noel Larsen … Cast, Banker proceed searching the collection ➾