just how to Winterize strength Tools and MachinesThis video explains how to correctly winterize strength tools and also machines because that winter storage, increasing the life and performance the seasonal tools.

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How to replace the Fuel filter in your Outdoor power EquipmentThis video will assist you troubleshoot your fuel-line instead of repairs.

spring to see if over there is a bag that i can add to this mower because that collecting grass clippings or leaves
Hello Mike, thank you for your inquiry. The component you explained does not show up in the parts list for this model. Please reach the end to Murray at 1-800-800-7310 straight to achieve the part number you must order. When you have this information, you re welcome feel complimentary to check ago with us for pricing and access information. Say thanks to you.
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Hello 1152170,If friend look at page B items number 5, over there is a fuse part number 054212MA. It is wired in between the solenoid and switch. That is the just fuse I deserve to locate ~ above this machine. -WJA
On mine Murray the 15 amp fuse is located near the steering column. You have to take turn off the plate situated on the tin shroud in ~ the steering wheel. That is additionally where the selonoid is located. I simply replaced mine today. I had actually no juice at the starter
Picked increase a totally free 40" Murray speak mower that has actually been stored for 2 years. I changed the battery, waiting filter, fuel filter and also plug. That will turn over and is obtaining spark come plug however simply no start?? any ideas? Im thinking fuel pump.. But not that knowledgeable top top them.

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Try taking off the fuel line running from the tank come the carb,if the fuel going right into the carbohydrate doesn`t operation out then you must replace the heat or your is a restriction within the tank.
Hello,After sitting unused for such a long duration of time, the carburetor might have created a lacquer form build up within of it. You may want to see if you can acquire a rebuild kit because that it and thoroughly clean that inside and out. Friend will first need to discover the to produce of the engine (Which ns think was Briggs & Stratton) by locating the manufacture bowl or sign on the engine, i beg your pardon would have the model and also all the other numbers pertaining to the engine. Then you should have the ability to look increase a a components diagram because that the parts needed.-WJA