As quickly as you hear the "MyBaloneyHas a an initial Name" song, it"s certain to gain stuck in your head for hours. Yet what perform you yes, really know around the Oscar Mayercommercialthat influenced parodies on reflects likeThe Simpsonsso numerous years later? regardless of exactly how you order it, this sandwich meat has actually quite the marketing history.

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Oscar Mayer Jingle

The throwback 80s kids song, periodically spelled out together "My Bologna has actually a an initial Name," was component of a TV advertisement that came out in 1973. It featured a 4-year-old named Andy Lambros stop a fishing rod and also a sandwich -- presumably v Oscar Mayer bologna on that -- and singing, "My bologna has actually a first name, it"s "O-S-C-A-R"..." the went on to end up being one the the longest-running TV advertising in the country, easily eclipsing the Oscar Mayer wiener hot dog commercial.

Jerry Ringlien to be the creator that the "My bologna has a very first name" campaign, having functioned at the company for 23 years and also before coming to be Vice president of Marketing, according toAd Age. Fun fact: he also brought back the an extremely popular Wienermobile.

How walk the "My Baloney has actually a an initial Name" solder Go?

The "My Baloney has actually a first Name"song lyricsare together follows:

"My Bologna has actually a very first name,

It"s O-S-C-A-R.

My bologna has actually a 2nd name,

It"s M-A-Y-E-R.

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Oh, i love to eat that every day,

And if girlfriend ask me why I"ll say,

Cause" Oscar Mayer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A!!!!"

In the genuine song the brings earlier such an excellent childhood memories because that many, the lunch meat is obviously spelled the more traditional way.

What AboutTheSimpsonsRendition?

The SimpsonsTV show actually parodied the song twice: once in the fifth episode the the fourth season, "Treehouse of horror III," and again in the season 8, illustration 13 installment, "Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious."

In the an initial instance, Homer Simpson in ~ one suggest sings a version of the song but replaces the name of the renowned food brand through his very own name, "H-O-M-E-R," both for "Oscar" and "Mayer."

The second time featured a younger variation of the character Rainier Wolfcastle singing a very similar song come the initial in a commercial. Imitation is the sincerest kind of flattery, right?

As much as TV ads go, it"s absolutely one that the many memorable ones the end there thanks to this catchy jingle. What"s her favorite retro ad?

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