I to be going out through this guy. I am really confused. I am 21 and also he is 22. The is a really nice male asnd ns am really in to him. After we went the end for about a month a strange point happened. Us went the end to a bar and also were drinking climate I taken place to an alert something. He wet his pants. I didnt say any type of thing at very first but then us went back to his place and also finally i did due to the fact that I simply couldnt host my toungue any longer. He stated he no realize that did. I asked him if the should adjust and he said it didnt matter and spent the rest of the evening in wet pants. He even drove me house without changing. Because then he has actually done this a couple of times. Whats much more when he does this that starts talking favor a baby before he walk it. Finally I required to challenge him about it. When I pressed the issue he started crying. He told me that he didnt know why he did it. He additionally told me that he liked to whereby diapers too. He likewise told me the he to be attracted to girl in diapers or girls through wet pants. Since the night he has been wanting me come wear diapers because that him. The tries to acquire me to wet my pants by tickling me or pressing on mine bladder when I need to pee. He even bought some diapers and also plastic pants and also wanted me come wear them. I offered in and did.Since climate I have been dealing with him an ext like a child. I have actually kind of fallen into this mother role and the this child role. I have to admit that I sort of like it cause we dont execute it every the time. Ns am very attracted to him and we have a very an excellent sex life. I likewise have to admit that find it very cute to view him in a diaper and acting choose a 4 year old. Outside of every this that is a really normal guy. I understand this every sounds really strange. Carry out you think anything is wrong v this?
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by Hermaine » sun Feb 03, 2008 7:18 am

I"ve red an post once around a woman who"s do it she bussiness come accomodate some people"s need to wear diapers and also act prefer babies. She also has a big cot and also specialy made baby pyjamas. She stated it"s usualy men with high pressure jobs. So her boyfriend is absolutely not alone. I reckon most human being wouldn"t have the ability to cope with it, but if it doesn"t stroked nerves you and you it seems to be ~ to also like it, don"t worry around it.

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by satanstoystore » sun Feb 03, 2008 7:19 to be

As long as it doesn"t interfere with continual life, and you and also he both favor it- ns think the fine. Although it must be something the checks out if you 2 decide to have actually real babies. I"m not certain they would certainly understand.
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by Annabell » sunlight Feb 03, 2008 10:53 to be

Hi maryjane1 Are friend comfortable v it? One top top hand, you to speak you prefer it, but on the other, there is something around your write-up that renders me feel you"re not particular whether you"re OK v it.
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by PoppyGoodWill » sun Feb 03, 2008 7:08 afternoon

I would set limits because that him around peeing his trousers in public, for instance. If you"re going come play this game, be certain it"s private. But I speak indulge his kink. It"s quite harmless in the grand scheme of things. And also start thinking about how you"d choose him come indulge your kinks!
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by MisterMedley » Mon Feb 04, 2008 12:43 afternoon

I think it"s a little ridiculous that by questioning you to wear diapers, he"s asking you to help him normalize his behavior. If this is a fetish you"ve taken into consideration before, that"s one thing. But I"m getting that the thought of wearing diapers didn"t go into your mind until he proved up. If you"re both having actually fun, heck, have actually fun. But if any kind of tinge that doubt or discomfort mirrors up, it"s finest you have actually a talk v him about the prominence of gift able to enjoy sex because that what that is. When you deserve to enjoy sex as simply sex, that"s when I think the kinks have the right to be thrown for the extra spice...Also, ns say normalizing the behavior, no to do a judgement ~ above the act, but since he cried once you challenged him about it. If he cried, it"s apparent something is bothering him about it deep down. And by him asking you come encourage this, he"s not managing the worries that reason him every the tears.
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by PsyChris » Mon Feb 04, 2008 6:01 pm

You cite a very vital word.. "I provided in"Obviously when you realized this to be happening your alternatives were to provide in or to try to change his behavior. That is not for me come say even if it is this is a good or bad thing. If the inhibits the -- favor urinating in publicly than ultimately it is not a desirable behavior for him.
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by petitmal » Fri Feb 08, 2008 3:42 am

I think this is something that you could accomodate short term in a brand-new relationship yet in the long term,its a no starter. If this is a genuine write-up then think around it. This guy had no ideal laying this on friend the means he did. The must gain some kind of thrill about wetting his trousers in public. Perhaps its some type of control/humiliation thing,either method you space on the receiving end of it.I"d recommend that you relocate on.
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by alexd181 » Fri Feb 08, 2008 4:33 am

This is typical behavor of someone that does miscellaneous psychologically damaging, feels guilty, climate asks another person to carry out that thing additionally to "fix" his guilt.I don"t think you need to find out to it is in ok with it, I also don"t think you need to discontinue the connection (providing this is the only major issue). I perform think he needs to watch a psychologist to recognize the root reason of this behavor, I would certainly guess something taken place in his previous that lead him come act this way, and now this behavor is not healthy and balanced for that (even if he doesn"t check out that).It"s something you might think about encouraging that to attend to by talking to someone (qualified) about it, if girlfriend truly have actually his ideal interests at heart.
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by katherin » sun Feb 04, 2018 12:24 pm

If it was me I would certainly treat him prefer a toddler/young child.Make the wear a pull up diaper as soon as out and also he has to tell you when he demands to urinate by saying "mummy I need a wee wee". You then decide whether -1) you take him because that a wee wee to a publicly toilet, pull down his pull up, sit the on the toilet, traction his pull up earlier up, wash his hands and yours.or 2) execute nothing and he will certainly wet his pull up. The then has to say "mummy i did a wee wee in my pull up".You can also, from as soon as he claims "mummy I need a wee wee" popular music a dummy in his mouth, till -1) 10 minutes after toiletor 2) 20 minute after he says "mummy ns did a wee wee in my traction up".Also provide him his a fake when an altering his wet pull up and also do this in public if you have the right to or in a public toilet.
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by quietvoice » sunlight Feb 04, 2018 12:49 afternoon

^^^^^^ simply wondering if you believed that you to be providing an answer to the initial poster. This object is ten year old.
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by Dlgirl67 » Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:30 afternoon

I personally enjoy a man Putting me in a diaper and returning the favour it"s brought me and my husband closer with each other both physically and also sexualy. Us don"t must wear them yet we gain it we both agreed not to usage them because that fecal matter yet Will happy wet them because that each other but depends on what transforms you on try everything as soon as that"s what I"ll say.

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by CaptainLuvs » Mon Jun 29, 2020 6:24 am

katherin wrote:If it was me I would certainly treat him like a toddler/young child.Make that wear a pull up diaper when out and he has to tell you once he requirements to urinate by saying "mummy I require a wee wee". You climate decide whether -1) you take it him for a wee wee to a windy toilet, pull under his pull up, sit the on the toilet, pull his traction up ago up, to wash his hands and also yours.or 2) do nothing and he will certainly wet his traction up. He then has to say "mummy ns did a wee wee in my pull up".You might also, from once he states "mummy I need a wee wee" pop a fake in his mouth, until -1) 10 minutes after toiletor 2) 20 minutes after he says "mummy ns did a wee wee in my traction up".Also offer him his a fake when an altering his wet traction up and also do this in windy if you have the right to or in a publicly toilet.