My friend is in the same course as mine crush, no me, and also she told him I choose him. In ~ lunch, he told me, “Your friend told me a secret that i don’t like.” In my mind, ns was favor “NO?!” What carry out I do?


Hey Guadalupe! ns so sorry your crush said that to you!! That’s such a bummer!

First things first, I’d say speak to her friend and also see what she said. Ns mean, if friend asked her not to speak anything to him and also she walk anyway, that’s no cool!

I’d it is in pretty MORTIFIED if Chloe or Zoey called Brandon I’m right into him (even though it’s about as apparent as the massive roach on mine Dad’s van!)

So you probably want to figure out what happened there, simply to save things cool with your friendship. Ns mean, you need to recognize that you can keep each other’s secrets!

If you men never talked around her not saying anything, she can say she was simply trying to help. And that’s great in part ways…that she to be looking the end for you.

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Still, if you’d fairly her ASK prior to saying something favor that, you should tell her so she knows!

Now onto the crush part….what he claimed was completely harsh! i mean, to just walk up to you and say the doesn’t sound really nice. Is he commonly sweet? carry out you know him pretty well?

On the one hand, if he’s no in her class and also you haven’t acquired a opportunity to gain to know him, probably he’s no as awesome together you thought.

Even if he WASN’T right into you, he didn’t need to be mean around it!

But it’s possible he to be talking around a different secret. Or maybe he didn’t say what he supposed to say. Or perhaps it simply came out wrong.

So the way I view it, you have a few options.

1. You deserve to be at sight bold and ask him, “What was the secret, and why didn’t you like it?”

OK, I recognize this one i will not ~ be easy. I might turn glowing red if ns tried to have this conversation v Brandon!! but if you perform this, at least you’ll know exactly what he intended so girlfriend don’t need to guess!

(I am SO poor at guessing what males are thinking…this one time I assumed Brandon was entirely mad in ~ me. Turns out that ate a poor burrito and also THAT to be why he had a funny watch on his face!)

2. You might have your friend ask that what he supposed in their class.

If you’re too nervous to lug it up through him again, you can ask her friend come ask for you.

The fence to this one is the you don’t actually acquire to hear it yourself. Also, this keeps friend in the habit of gift SUPER nervous approximately your crush and also not yes, really saying what you want to say.

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But the great part is that you obtain to discover out what he meant without having actually to hear it if he’s mean and rude again.

No matter WHAT he says, know that you awesome!!

Maybe the isn’t right into you due to the fact that he doesn’t know you yes, really well. Or the likes girls who space older 보다 him. Or whatever!

If he doesn’t choose you, the doesn’t mean you did something dorn or yes sir something wrong v you…it just means you’re not a an excellent crush match!