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Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles Nacht Der Untoten

Nacht Der Untoten was the map that started the zombie mode on speak to of Duty. That was initially released on call of Duty civilization at war as an easter egg for completing the game. Then it to be re-released on black color Ops 1. Now, it has been remastered for the black Ops 3 zombie chronicles DLC content.

The level is basically the very same as it to be previously, however this time, players deserve to use gobblegums and get an ext perks. The map is very little compared come the brand-new zombie maps. Additionally, the zombie are reasonably slow for rather a while prior to they begin running.

The strategy outlined in this short article can job-related on solo or when playing v 2-4 players. However, the rounds will be much much longer when playing with much more teammates because an ext zombies will spawn and attack.


In order for this strategy to job-related optimally; you should not remove the barricade that blocks friend from acquiring to the second floor. It's good to eliminate the barricade the blocks the stairway in the surrounding room wherein the secret box is, though.

First and also foremost, obtain the many amount of point out by knifing the zombies in the earlier rounds. Shoot them through the starter pistol in the foot a few times, climate knife them for extra points. If there are any kind of gobblegums that you wish to use, then use the machine. After number of rounds, open up the door top top the very first floor the leads come the room through the an enig box. Usage the an enig box till you gain a kind weapon (when you have the time and points to spare).

When you have actually the points, remove the barricade from the stairs that are beside the an enig box. The KN-44 assault rifle is in ~ the peak of the stairs. The KN-44 is wonderful weapon to usage on this map because it's powerful, reloads fast, and also ammo have the right to be purchased for it.

Use the Der Wunderfizz machine that is ~ above the 2nd floor alongside the KN-44 weapon. The Der Wunderfizz machine is a perk-a-cola maker that gives the player a random perk. Try and gain juggernog out of it as soon as possible. Simply remember that you have the right to only have actually 4 perks unless you use a unique gobblegum. If you don't prefer the perk the the Der Wunderfizz gives you; don't take it it.


Camping Strategy on 2nd Floor

In the earlier rounds; it's easy to kill the zombies and barricade the windows. Eventually, however, the zombies will certainly become much more powerful and there will be many an ext that generate each round. Once you are ready or things become too difficult, go to the second floor that's over the generate room where there is one window by the staircase. As pointed out earlier, do not eliminate the barricade by the stairs, as the zombies will be able to run up the stairs.

This strategy entails standing beside the grenades or somewhere close to the home window and shooting every the zombies that enter the room. As lengthy as you don't eliminate the barricade native the stairs; it's difficult for zombie to assault from behind. They will certainly only attack from the other room and also the window.

If you're playing solo, you'll need to stand farther ago cause it might be too challenging to safeguard both the room and also the window. Yet if you're playing v multiple players, then one player can defend the home window while anyone else (1-3 players) safeguard the room from attack zombies.

Using the KN-44 is wonderful weapon for this strategy. If you run out that ammo, simply run to the various other room in between rounds to by ammo. Additionally, although over there is no pack-a-punch device to update weapons choose there is on other Black Ops 3 zombie maps, you deserve to use the gobblegum "wallpower" to usage an upgraded version of the KN-44 (upgraded ammo have the right to be bought for it). Crate strength is also a gobblegum that allows players to usage upgraded weapons. When crate strength is equipped, the very first weapon taken out of the mystery box will be upgraded.

To significantly increase your possibilities of defending the second-floor room, use the deadshot daiquiri perk due to the fact that it makes you target at zombies heads; death them lot faster. Also, speed cola and dual tap room perks that room vital. Avoid using weak weapons that are slow-moving to reload reason the zombies might push you ago and catch you in the corner. Usage upgraded attack rifles or a ray gun. The thundergun is great because it can kill and/or knock an entire group of zombies back. However you'll operation out of ammo conveniently with it; therefore, just use that if someone is down and needs come be restored or when there's a big group of zombies.

If you want to acquire all the perks, usage the gobblegums called On the House, Unquenchable, or perkaholic. This will boost your chances of making that to higher rounds top top Nacht Der Untoten.

In summary, use the KN-44 (better upgraded) with many (or all) the perks to protect the 2nd story floor. To buy ammo in in between rounds or move to one more weapon the reloads fast to ruin the attack zombies. Make certain someone defends the window (if you're not on solo) and also never remove the barricade top top the stairs by the window.

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Assuming you're making use of multiple perks and upgraded weapons, it's feasible to make it to round 30-40 (or higher). The deadshot perk will assist tremendously cause headshots come do way more damage. Shoot the zombies in the body will certainly make it almost impossible to make it through the greater rounds cause they will not dice fast enough & will most likely trap friend in the corner.

Hopefully, this helps you ~ above the black Ops 3 map Nacht Der Untoten


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