As is often the situation with these types of holy bible trivia questions, the precise amount of times an animal is pointed out in the Scriptures counts on the version of the bible being read. Because that the objective of identify the pet that is discussed most often in the scriptures we will usage the brand-new International Version. Us will likewise list the 10 pets most frequently mentioned in the Bible.

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The Most regularly Mentioned animal In The Bible

Sheep (212 times)

Regardless that what variation you use, lamb are by far the animal mentioned most regularly in the Bible. A search on the word lamb turns up 212 mentions, which is good enough to claim the most commonly found animal in the Bible, however counting the lamb doesn’t prevent there.

Lamb, Lambs (203 times)

You will find the native lamb or lambs a complete of 203 times. A lamb is simply one more name for a young lamb that is listed below the age of one, thus we shall slip these pets into our sheep count as well.

Still Counting lamb – Ram, Rams (162 times)

The sheep aren’t finished simply yet. Rams, which space male sheep that are still intact, are described 162 times. Therefore technically speaking sheep are discovered to be discussed in the holy bible a full of 577 times once we include the total number of times sheep, lambs, and also rams are referred to. Now that us can finally stop counting sheep, let’s move on come the remainder of the animals.

The second Most regularly Mentioned pet In The Bible

Goat, Goats (172 times)

Goats room the second most frequently mentioned animal in the Bible. While not even close come our lamb count, castle still get a good amount the mentions at 172 times.

The remainder Of The peak 10 most Common animals In The Bible

3. Bull, Bulls (171)4. Donkey, Donkeys (154)5. Horse, equines (166)6. Lion, Lioness (145)7. Ox, oxen (98)8. Camel (71)9. Dog (42)10. Eagle (30)

What Domestic pet is Not mentioned In The Bible?


On a next note, what famous domestic animal is not stated in the Bible?

It has been stated that man’s best friend is a dog. While that statement is debatable, it is true that dogs are discovered in the Bible around 40 times. Cat are discussed none.

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Our feline friends aren’t the only animals that can’t be uncovered in the Scriptures, however cats space the most well-known domestic pet that is not discussed in the Bible.