It’s challenging to it is in a computer system technician nowadays, and more and much more of castle are shedding confidence in their very own profession.

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While the lot of world majoring in process preparing human being for a project as a computer system technician isn’t necessarily dropping, fewer and also fewer human being are applying to come to be computer technicians in the very first place and the workforce itself is feather grim.

With so many computer system technicians no longer sticking around, this begs the question:

What room they every doing now?

We to be curious, so we looked through the resumes the former computer system technicians to see what kind of jobs they to be moving right into after leaving the field. There were hundreds of answers, so we made the cutoff in ~ the height 100 jobs.

The complete list of those jobs have the right to be uncovered below.

Here’s a rapid look at the top ten most common jobs for former computer technicians:

These room all good jobs, every one of them either utilizing some skill that a computer technician would have or being a stepping rock to a various career.

Here’s the thing about these jobs though — together a list, they’re kind of boring together hell. They’re pretty much specifically what you’d suppose a lot of former computer technicians to do.

But offered that there space some really surprising and interesting item on this list, we’ve decided to highlight a few of those instead.

Here are few of the most interesting jobs the former computer technicians:

Network AdministratorInformation an innovation Specialist

Some of this items are admittedly more attractive 보다 one another as far as actually functioning the project goes, but one means or another, you’ve got to recognize they’re eye-catching.

How We identified the Most typical Jobs the Former computer Technicians

Using resume details from ours database of end 7 million resumes, we looked at all resumes that noted computer technician under their occupational history. Then us looked at which jobs showed increase on their occupational histories complying with their stints as a computer technician, sorting lock by their most frequent.

That’s how we make the early stage ranked list.

To do our list of most interesting jobs, we looked v the ranked perform to check out if any type of positions:

Showed increase in fewer 보다 1% of all new jobsAnd, to be not component of the 100 most common jobs in our database

That’s every for exactly how we did that — below you’ll find the full ranked perform of the most typical jobs of former computer technicians.

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Detailed Ranking the the Most common Jobs that Former computer Technicians

Job TitleRank%
Technical support Specialist13.34%
Systems Administrator22.92%
Desktop assistance Technician31.54%
Network Administrator41.36%
Information an innovation Technician51.31%
Information systems Technician61.31%
Network Technician71.27%
Field organization Technician81.25%
Information an innovation Specialist101.12%
Network Engineer111.04%
Technical assistance Technician121.04%
Information Technology/Support Technician130.87%
Help workdesk Analyst140.85%
Systems Engineer150.77%
Customer business Representative160.77%
Help workdesk Specialist170.7%
Information technology Manager180.69%
Information technology Consultant190.68%
Field Technician200.59%
Infrastructure Analyst210.54%
Systems Analyst220.54%
Sales Associate230.54%
Assistant Manager270.41%
Desktop assistance Analyst280.39%
Service desk Analyst290.38%
Desktop assistance Specialist300.37%
Service Technician310.37%
Information modern technology Analyst320.37%
Electronics Technician330.37%
Technical assistance Representative340.36%
Desktop assistance Consultant350.36%
Team Leader360.35%
Project Manager370.33%
Lead Technician380.33%
Technical assistance Engineer390.31%
Senior solution Engineer400.31%
Information technology Administrator410.31%
Desktop Engineer420.3%
Field Engineer440.28%
Technical Analyst450.27%
Security Officer470.26%
Support Analyst480.26%
Senior Technologist490.26%
Technical Specialist500.26%
Systems assistance Specialist520.24%
Repair Technician530.24%
Support Specialist540.24%
Senior device Administrator550.24%
Software Engineer580.23%
Business Analyst590.22%
Engineering Technician600.22%
System Technician620.22%
Data Analyst640.21%
Services desk Technician660.21%
Desk support Technician670.21%
Information security Analyst680.21%
Computer Consultant690.21%
Web Developer710.2%
Computer assistance Specialist720.19%
Information solution Administrator730.19%
Information an innovation Director740.19%
Senior Network Engineer750.19%
Senior Analyst770.18%
Computer repair Technician780.18%
Technical Consultant790.18%
Director the Information800.18%
Substitute Teacher810.18%
Sales Representative820.17%
Installation Technician830.17%
Technician assistance Tier840.17%
Test Technician850.17%
Customer service Trainer860.16%
Network support Technician870.16%
Administrative Assistant880.16%
Programmer Analyst890.16%
Computer Operator910.16%
Pc assistance Technician920.15%
Warehouse Associate930.15%
Senior desktop Support Technician940.15%
Computer assistance Technician960.15%
Machine Operator970.15%
Windows mechanism Administrator980.15%
Help workdesk Administrator990.15%
Office Manager1000.15%

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